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10 DIY Money-Saving Hacks to Spruce Up Your House Nice & Easy!

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Having a perfect house has always been everyone’s dream at some point in life. We always tend to want things our way, so no matter what kind of a house you live in, there is always something that we’d want to present in our ways. More so, styling your house is just as expensive as buying a bunch of branded and fashionable clothes at once. 

But what if you could style your house exactly your way without having to spend a lot of money? Well, it is possible since you can use DIY hacks to spruce up your house. But, at the same time, you must not ignore the importance of a professional, who can help to sort the things at the earliest. Read more to find out!

Easy DIY Hacks to Style Your Home Sweet Home

Do you have a dream to style your house and make it look attractive when your friends and family come over? Then, following are the DIY hacks that are cheap, easy, and effective in sprucing up your house:

1. Decorate Front Door

When you go back home, or when your friends and family come over, the first thing they come across is the front door. If you can make your front door look attractive, it will easily put them in anticipation of finding more creativity and style inside the house. If you have an unused mirror, you can hang them or you can simply decorate the door with catchy posters, DIY mailboxes, accessories like fake leaves, and flowers. 

2. Design Furniture

Do you have furniture that looks boring, old, and faded? Then, you simply color them in your own way.  Use single spray paint or more than one spray paint to color the furniture. You can also design them using a small brush and contrasting colors. It can be a table, cabinet, or chair. You can also use chalk to make creative notes and designs on your cabinet. 

3. Design Your Walls

Using the same paints, you can get a wall painting job done all by yourself. You can choose a whole wall to paint or a section of the wall. Using a big flat brush apply paints of your choice or use a crumpled paper towel to make textures on it. If you want to make any aesthetic art then use colorful spray paints to make graffiti, design, or abstract patterns. 

4. Add Accent Lighting 

A room is not the same when you add lighting to it. Depending on your choice, add lighting. For instance, if you want to highlight an area, then instead of ambient light, get directional or area lights. You can hang them from the wall or you can place them near the main areas like couch, dining table, wallpaper Dubai, or fireplace. You also can add some string lights around the ceiling or house plants in accordance with a light color. 

5. Add Life to Your Bathroom

Even though bathrooms are underrated places for decoration but if you do it the right way, you yourself would want to spend more hours in the shower. Choose a theme for your bathroom based on the tiles or you can change the tile and repaint. Now, take some unused accessories and decorate the bathroom. Reorganized everything inside and kept things of a similar color as the walls to add preciseness. Add contrasting wall painting colors of linen shower curtains and rack up the towels. 

6. Decorate Your Table 

If you’re working from home then you realise that your table is a very important part when you spend most of the time in a day. To make sure it does not make you feel bored, reorganize everything around the table and keep the essentials like notepads, pen stands, and lamps. But, there is one more thing you can add to more volume and those are postcards. Get a bunch of postcards and keep them on your table which can be a good distraction when you’re bored. 

7. Redecorate Decors

Do you have old showpieces lying around in the house? Then, you can relocate them and put them up in the house. Most of us have an old ornament, showpieces that look faded and old. To bring life back in them, use silver or gold spray paint that shines. Or, you can use acrylic paints of your choice to paint them or seek help from wallpaper Dubai services.

8. Use Mirrors 

Mirrors are one of the most underrated home decors that are cheap and radiates a good vibe. If you want to decorate your house in your own way, then simply visit your nearest craft store or a utility store and get a bunch of small to medium-sized mirrors. Now, choose the section in your house where you want to put them up. Using a strong adhesive, put them up according to your wish. 

9. Use Travel Artifacts

If you are travel junkies then you probably have souvenirs in the house. So, why not dedicate one entire section of the wall to them? You can also put them up on your bookshelf. Take all your artifacts and souvenirs and place them in one corner. To add more details, take sticky notes and write the names of each country or city under the souvenirs. 

10. Use Photos 

Pictures are what keeps our memories alive. You can use them to make your home attractive. Take a piece of cardboard and stiffen it. Now, either paint it or wrap it with a color paper. Take these pictures or print them out and stick them to the board in a design of your choice. After that, hang it on the wall and add string lights around it if you’d like. 

What’s Next?

Now, that you know how to use a DIY hack to spruce up your home, get started! But wait, often DIY rules are not applicable if you lack the knowledge and experience. Do not ruin the experience, seek help from Dubai Fixing. Call 042480518 to book a service. Go through the customer reviews to know what makes them highly recommendable in Dubai.

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