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5 Best-in-Class AC Coil Cleaners in 2020

AC Coil Cleaners

Air conditioners are undoubtedly one of the most used electrical appliances, especially during summer. Due to exposure to dust and dirt, the coils of air conditioners get accumulated with debris. And, if you overlook the cleaning of the AC coil, then it can draw more power to cool the surrounding. Thus, you can notice a hike in monthly electricity bills.

Moreover, it can affect the status and longevity of the air conditioner. The room can’t be evenly cooled, and eventually, the AC can experience a breakdown at any time. So, avail AC coil cleaning at your home to extend the life expectancy of the air conditioner. You can also boost the happy quotient in your life, with Dubai Fixing.

What Do the AC Coils Perform?

Air conditioners acquire two different coils, and they are evaporator coils and condenser coils. The evaporator coil blows away the cool air by extracting the heat. Then, the air is passed through the condenser coils before it reaches you. Both the coils are essential for the AC to be working effectively. 

If the coils become dirty and full of grime, then the AC can’t pass cool air around your home. Additionally, the coils can’t perform their tasks with maximum efficiency. Moreover, it can cause an issue to the drainage system of the air conditioner. 

Thus, the AC might require more power to cool the surrounding air. As a result, the dirt build-up on AC coils can reduce the air conditioning system’s life expectancy.

What to Look for in an AC Coil Cleaner?

The AC coils can’t be cleaned thoroughly without an effective AC coil cleaner. So, before you check the best AC coil cleaners, you must know the qualities that your AC coil cleaning product should have. 

Ease of Use

Check out if you can use the AC coil cleaning product easily. Since you have decided to go DIY, you should search for such a product that mitigates the efforts. Look for such cleaning products that can be sprayed or in the liquid state.


Acid-based cleaning agents can be corrosive on AC coils. Most of the cleaning products contain acid as their base material. Acid can remove the grime and arrogant dirt easily, but it can lead to corrosion, too. So, opt for an alkaline-based AC cleaning product rather than going neutral that is with only water.

Authorized or not

When you have to decide among commercial AC cleaning products, check out for authorized commodities. After all, it is about your AC system and your health, too.


Apart from the AC coils, the cleaner would be more useful if it can be used for other appliances. Check the product before you make the purchase. Because you are not going to buy cleaners for the AC coils daily.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals

Read the label of the cleaning product before you make your final decision. If it contains harmful additives, then discard the product. Also, if the product hasn’t disclosed its ingredient to 100% then the same applies to the product. Consider cleaning products that are ozone-friendly as well as human-friendly. Or, you can simply tackle all this by availing a cleaning service from Dubai Fixing. 

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5 Best AC Coil Cleaners so Far in 2020

You can carry away the AC coil cleaning process on your own with suitable products and techniques. Just pay extra attention while cleaning or reassembling them; nothing should break. 

If you think that it can prove quite tricky and risky, then you can opt for AC cleaning and repairing services from Dubai Fixing. They have got the right professionals with the right equipment. However, here’s our top pick for cleaning AC coils.

  • NU-Calgon 4291-08 Nu-Brite

This alkaline-based cleaner creates foam when it comes in contact with dirty AC coils. If you are looking for a shiny and spot-free AC coil then this is the one. Moreover, this product is in liquid form, so it becomes easier to spray the cleaner over AC coils. All you need is a spray bottle to pour the cleaner inside it.

The product recommends the use of 1:4 mixing with water. It means that the cleaner would last a longer period of time. Don’t keep the product too long on AC coils because it is quite corrosive. However, you can use the same cleaner for cleaning radiators. 

  • ComStar Coil King Condenser Coil Cleaner

In case you don’t like too much foam, then you can select this coil cleaner. Furthermore, it is less corrosive in nature. The alkaline-based cleaner is best for eradicating grime and dirt from metal coils. And, you need not worry about the corrosion.

Before you use the cleaner, you need to dilute the cleaner with water. You can customize the diluted solution as per the dirt build-up on AC coils. But, we have noticed one con for this product. The cleaner can peel off the metal coating to some extent. Thus, you need to use it carefully. Other than this, it’s quite affordable.

  • Nu-Calgon Evap Foam No Rinse Evaporator Coil Cleaner

If you want to clean it with one swipe, then this product will win your heart. This cleaner is safe on metals and will prevent corrosion to metallic coils. You can undoubtedly use this cleaner near the food processing sectors, as well. Additionally, you can smell a lime freshness after using the product.

It can eliminate oil, grime, and dirt from the AC coils. You need not spray or rinse the product with water. Just mop with a cloth and you are done with the cleaning. Moreover, you can easily spray the cleaner out of the can. 

  • DIVERSITECH PRO-GREEN 880591 Professional strength Coil Cleaner

We have got another no-rinse AC coil cleaner for 2020. You can clean the evaporator coils with this cleaner when it has accumulated enormous dust and debris. Additionally, it freshens the air and can be used on evaporators, fan cutting edges, too. 

You have to mix one part of the cleaner with three parts of water. So, it’s going to save you money. Being non-toxic, it can prevent corrosion to a considerable extent. But, leaving the cleaner for excessive duration of time can lead to mild corrosion.

  • WEB WCOIL19 Coil Cleaner

This foaming cleaner would mitigate all those stubborn grimes and dirts from the AC coils. Moreover, the cleaner is biodegradable, and you can use the cleaner without worrying about your health. This cleaner is also a self-rinsing agent and comes with an aerosol formula.

Moreover, this easy-to-use cleaner is appreciated for its quantity; 360 sprays per bottle. Though the cleaner is indifferent to moulds, it’s an excellent deal. You can prefer AC coil cleaning with this cleaner every month for the best results.


Now, you can decide which AC coil cleaner would be the safest bet for your AC. Don’t miss out on the instructions on the AC coil cleaner bottles and packaging for the best usage. Avail AC servicing from Dubai Fixing if you think that you need professional assistance for your air conditioning system. After all, it’s all about your satisfaction.

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