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5 Pro Strategies for a Beginner Handyman

Beginner Handyman

A handyman commonly known as a handy worker or fixer or a handyperson is a skilled person who can help you with a wide range of repairs around your house. Handymans can maintain their workflow both indoor and outdoor. 

Now, a lot of people try to perform the repairing task on their own and for this, you do not need to be a professional. If you are a beginner then simply learn the basic tips from an experienced handyman. 

So, today we are about to reveal the strategies that a professional handyman uses. However, if you note that the process is quite hectic then contact the handyman service Dubai.

Basic Guidelines for the Handymans

We all know that everyone is dealing with the COVID-19 threat and in this situation calling someone to fix your problem can be a risky approach. Therefore, we advise you to check and repair the small things in your house on your own.

  • Pull the Switch on the Garbage Disposal

Broken garbage disposal can be a serious problem. Now, before you start fixing it, you have to unplug the disposal unit first. In case, you are unable to see the unit, you are advised to flip the circuit breaker which provides power to the disposal. 

Once, you have successfully powered off the disposal then go to the sink and search for the button. This is nothing but a reset button, press the button. Once done, you will hear a sound indicating that the task is done.

Furthermore, inspect the disposal and check if any debris is stuck over it. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t turn on the device. Wipe down all the debris and then turn on the power and see if it’s working properly or not. 

However, if not, you can manually remove the stuck particles. For that, you need an Allen wrench /hex key. It’s basically a small socket that is located in the middle of the disposal unit. Turn On this key to remove dust.

You are advised to turn On the key four times to ensure that all the remaining particles are removed. Plugin the cable and then turn on the device.

  • Stop the Constantly Running Toilet

A constantly running toilet can not only loosen the nuts but can waste your money as well. So, if your toilet is constantly running, keep reading the guide.

In the beginning, you need to turn off the water flow. Basically, there’s a knob that you can rotate to disconnect the water supply. The next thing that you have to do is to lift up the top of the tank. Then, you might notice that the flush valve or flapper has a problem that can leave the tank empty.

In this circumstance, you might have to completely replace the interior parts. If you are a beginner handyman it can be a challenging task. Therefore, call the handyman service Dubai and let them complete the repair on behalf of you.

  • Tips to Fix a Dirty Drain

A dirty drain can be the most frustrating thing. But, with the gel drain cleaners, you can fix most of the clogged drains. However, if you’re not comfortable with it, we advise you to prepare a potential mixture.

Therefore, at first, with some t plunger tool, you can try to plunge the drain. However, if cleaning the drain with the toilet plunger tool does not work for you, try to search for the clean-out plug on the main pipe. When found, take a flexible and tough toothbrush, after that scrub it on the dirty area. 

Unfortunately, if still, nothing happens, you can drop a cup of dish detergent to the drain. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes and prepare hot water. Next, pour the water in the drain and your job is over.

  • Know the Basic Homemade Solution

Before you mix the industrial chemical solutions, you should know a few things first. Also, here are the products that you should try to avoid as these cleaning solutions have side effects.

  • Toilet/bathroom cleaning solution
  • Glass cleaners
  • Chemical drain cleaners
  • Multi-surface cleaners

Apart from this, there are lots of bleaches that don’t contain any chemical solution. Further, there are a lot of homemade cleaning solutions that you probably never heard of before. Like, mixing up 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda can clean the clogged drain. Hence, you are advised to mix them to 50/50 ratio and apply it to the drain. 

  • Tactics to Repair a Drywall Hole

Drywall holes are a common problem and can be fixed quickly. You just need some advanced tools, sandpaper, scrap wood and compound. After this, first, take a retractable razor blade and cut out the extra material that is hanging out.

Go to any house improvement store and take a self-adhesive patch. Then, attach it to the hole. Wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes and let the place dry.

Stir some drywall components. After that take a taping knife, you need to spread the compound around the screen. Ensure that the compound is thick enough so that it can completely cover the patch.

Afterwards, you should add another layer of a mixture onto the patch and completely cover the first coat. Now, take a wet rag and combine the outside of the spot. Once the spot is dry, match the surrounding wall, you can paint and prime it.


These five techniques will surely help you to establish a reputation as a handyman. Besides this, you can also avail Handyman services Dubai from Dubai Fixing for home or office purposes. They have been in this domain for more than a decade and know how to use the right fix. So, grab all the best handyman service and get to know about the techniques that can fix a major problem easily.

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