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Common Mistakes to Lookout for While Painting Your House


There is no other way to enhance the value and beautification of your house than getting a fresh coat of paint. And, whether you want to paint the exterior part of your home or interior, it is important to have proper knowledge about home painting. 

There are mainly two things that you need to know before painting your house. First and foremost, you need to acknowledge the painting shades, patterns, or designs that you want to put. And on the other hand, it is crucial to know about the tools and equipment that are required to get a beautifully painted house. 

But, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid while painting the entire house by yourself. Moreover, hiring professionals will be the best possible solution to avoid mistakes and get high-end outcomes. Thus, If you are looking for expert advice then Dubai Fixing is there to assist you with prompt home painting services at your doorstep 

Major Mistakes that You Had to Keep an Eye on

As you start painting, you might face some major difficulties. As you are not a professional home painter, it is quite likely that you can make mistakes while painting the interior and exterior walls of your residential buildings. 

Thus, here are common mistakes that you need to work on to get the perfect lighting, texture, shade, colour, measurement, and so on. 

Mistake 1: Lack of Preparation

Before painting the entire house, you must have a proper strategy. And, without having a proper plan while painting the entire house, it will lead you towards major problems. So, design a to-do-list to start the entire painting process.

And, being an eminent house painting service provider, Dubai Fixing suggests that you start by scraping the existing wall paint. Peel the coating first and then opt for cleaning the walls, if you are just going to paint the interior walls. And, for painting the exterior walls, it is highly important to remove the debris and stains first before painting it with a suitable colour. 

Mistake 2: Inadequate Use of Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape provides professional-painting results. And, without taking proper assistance, you might face faculty to take proper measurements. And, in-home painting, measurement plays a vital role. It helps to put the right shade of colour in proper measurement. So, if you are using the painter’s tape, you need to consider these following tips to get an outstanding painting result, such as:

  • Make sure the tape is positioned in the right direction.
  • You have to check if the tape is sealed along the surface of the wall.
  • And, if you notice the paint has started to dry, remove the tape carefully. 

Mistake 3: Inadequate Knowledge about the Cover Materials

Before you opt for painting the entire site, it is essential to cover up the surface with a cloth or lightweight plastic sheeting. Also, apply these covering materials on the floors as well to safeguard your favourite furniture and other essentials. 

Or else, you might end up having spills, drips, and sprays all over the floors and walls of your house. So, move all the furniture, use tape if required, remove the tapestries or wall paintings, before starting the painting jobs. 

Mistake 4: Don’t Forget About Primer

When you are painting the entire home alone, it might be difficult to manage the entire painting job by yourself. Because starting to choose the right colour, choosing the tools and equipment is quite a hectic job. 

And, with the professional assistance of Dubai Fixing, you can now complete the entire task easily and quickly. But, in case you are handling every aspect by yourself, don’t forget to put the primer before painting it with your preferred colour. Apply the primer before painting to provide a beautiful and flawless finish. 

Mistake 5: Don’t Opt for the Mismatched Paint Colour

Choosing the right paint or shade is the most difficult part of home painting. And, an improper or mismatched colour can ruin the entire outlook of the house. So, you need to be extra careful while choosing the type of paint, sheen, and the quality that is required to paint the entire house. 

Mistake 6: Inadequate Knowledge about the Painting Tools 

The tools and equipment are the most important things when it comes to getting an outstanding home painting. And, you need to get high-quality bruises, paint tray, sandpaper, rags, paint roller extension pole, paint brushes, painter’s tape, and putty knife as well. Additionally, you need to mix the colours in the correct ratio using a wooden paint stick. 

Mistake 7: Painting Technique Problems

There are some major mistakes that you will make if you don’t have proper knowledge about the painting materials and technique, that is required to get perfect home painting. And, some of the major mistakes are, over brushing, leaving the lid off the paint can open. Adding the second coat of paint, before drying. Thus, to overcome such hurdles with the professionals. 

Mistake 8: Staring from a Wrong Side 

Don’t start the posting job from the walls or corner edges. Moreover, the professionals associated with Dubai Fixing always opt for painting the ceiling first to avoid messed up situations. Additionally, this will help you to get a freshly painted surface if the painting work starts from the top down areas. 

Mistake 9: Avoid Painting in the Wrong Season

Make sure, the environment is favourable while completing the entire house painting job. And, it is suggested not to opt for any painting project in the rainy season. Additionally, try to avoid summer or winter, if you are planning to colour your house. Because it is almost impossible to dry out the paint colours in the freezing or extreme heat environment. 

Mistake 10: For Not Seeking Help the Professionals

A perfectly painted job looks better when it is performed by professionals. And, Dubai fixing, being the best painting services in Dubai, has joined hands with dedicated professionals who have immense expertise in handling the painting jobs. Irrespective of the type of residential buildings and size of the room, you get an imperial result. 

So, Get the Best Assistance Now….

Are you planning to paint your house? Dubai Fixing can be your ultimate partner to guide you with suitable paint colour, shade, and texture. Get a marvellous and high-quality home painting services by hiring our professionals. Simply, mention the type of interior design and paint shade you want, and experts will arrive at your mentioned place. Call 042480518 for further details.

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