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9 Handy DIY Tips on Home Renovation and Maintenance

Home Renovation

Are you bored with the same interior and exterior of your residence? How about some pricing up your home without availing expensive materials and maintenance services? Sounds impossible? No, it is possible with some effort and spare time of yours.

With the following handy DIY tips you can renovate the look of your house to a great extent. Additionally, you are going to fix the faulty things surrounding you, as well. So, it is going to save your money and provide an instant renovation to your home. 

Let’s check out what you can do to maintain the beauty of your home.

  • Paint the Walls

Your home will seem automatically monotonous if the walls have faded up. So, get some paints, brushes, and sandpaper to brighten up your wall with a colour that suits your choice. Bring back the potential of your house with vibrant or cool colours around your home.

For instance, you can paint up the living space with a warm tone or shade. On the other hand, you can choose a calm tone such as blue or a tint of purple for your bedroom. The choice is totally up to you. 

However, you can avail maintenance companies in Dubai for painting such as Dubai Fixing. The painting will be carried away by the painting professionals.

  • Add in Some Wall-Paintings

In case, the walls are seeming more than empty then you can try different wall paintings in your living space. Moreover, if you have renovated your home recently and old paintings look backdated then it’s time to hang up new ones. 

Choose such paintings for the drawing space that matches the colour of that space. Moreover, the painting should not contrast with the theme and layout of your living room. For example, an antique painting won’t match with your modern theme of the living room.

Additionally, when you are considering a wall painting or more than one, make sure that the painting gets enough light. Otherwise, the painting might look dull. So, work on lighting to make the walls more vivid and crisp.

  • Renovate your Staircase

You need not replace the flooring or hand-rails for a quick renovation of the staircase. Do you want a budget-proof fix for your staircase? Then, we java a brilliant idea. Just purchase some colouring stair stickers and provide a complete makeover to your stairs. The stairs would look more bright and visually appealing to your guests. 

Another hack is that you can use a carpet on the steps of stairs or on the entire stairs. Customize the staircase as per your choice. Moreover, you can also opt for flooring installation and other maintenance services from a reputable maintenance company in Dubai near you.

  • Dejunk

Look around your home. We are sure that you have found something that you don’t use anymore or is of no use. Then, don’t keep those clutters in your home. Rather, declutter your house by removing all these junks.

You can ask any maintenance company in Dubai to take away your junk materials or upholstery. Otherwise, you can donate all these to a needy or a charity. Once you clean the space of your home it will seem more neat and clean. And, you can apply your imagination and innovation to utilize that space.

  • Renew Cupboards and Cabinets

There are hardly any homes without cabinets and cupboards. But, your home won’t look refurbished if you don’t renovate the cupboards and cabinets. Dark and dirty cabinets might give you the vibe that the rooms are smaller. Whereas after a retouch of paint on the same cabinets the room will look bigger, guaranteed.

So, again grab some paint-brushes, paint and sandpapers. But, first of all, take everything out of the cabinets and clean the shelves. Then, use the sandpaper to scrub off the old paint and repaint the cabinets and cupboards with the shade you want. 

Avail Dubai Fixing, one of the best maintenance companies in Dubai, for such painting and maintenance services if you want a mess-free solution. 

  • Fix the Dent on Wooden Floors and Furniture

Has the hardwood flooring got a dent recently? It’s better to repair the dent rather than hiding under a carpet. The process is pretty easy. Soak a towel in water and squeeze out the excess water. Put the wet towel on that affected region. Let the water get soaked into the wood to some extent.

Afterwards, warm up your iron to its maximum temperature. And, place the iron over the damp towel. Press the iron and circulate it to some extent. Do this until the towel gets dry and the wood soaks up the water and heat. Gradually, the wooden area would get back its original form. You have to repeat the process until you get satisfactory results. Get maintenance services if you have to renew your hardwood floors.

  • Avail Natural Light at your Household Premises

Does your house have big windows? But, you don’t like to keep them open as it is exposing your privacy. Thus, you can’t avail natural light. Whereas natural light can uplift your mood and lower the electricity bills, as well. 

Hence, we have a brilliant idea that will let you use natural light around your home without compromising with your privacy. You have to choose the right window treatments for your home. For instance, you can avail frosted window film that allows enough natural light to enter your home. 

And, you need not be concerned about your privacy. Customize window treatments with the help of a maintenance company in Dubai if you need a touch of professional such as Dubai Fixing.

  • Deep Clean your Bathroom

A dirty bathroom doesn’t go with a renovated home. So, put on your gloves and grab cleaning agents to make your bathroom look fresh. First things first, dust everything in the bathroom and you can use a vacuum cleaner too. Then, mop the belongings in the bathroom with the cleaning solution. You can use the vinegar-water mixture as a cleaning product, as well.

The toughest part of bathroom cleaning is to deal with the dirty grouts. Try steam cleaning to loosen up the dirt. Clean up the mirrors and shower-glass with a soft cloth. Such maintenance services will definitely brighten up your bathroom.

  • Give Your Furniture a New Life

Are you thinking of upgrading old furniture by replacing with new ones? Think again; why would you invest your money in purchasing furniture on a big budget when you can revive your furniture? 

You can give them a repaint. After repainting they would look elegant as new. Moreover, you can replace the knobs of the cabinets.

But don’t forget to try and test the paint product that you are going to apply on furniture. If not treated, it can ruin your furniture. And, don’t miss the size of your furniture and upholstery. Make them more space-optimizing by adding more shelves or so. Avail carpentry and maintenance services from one of the finest maintenance companies in Dubai, Dubai Fixing.

Summing Up…

So, you can see that you can turn your boring home into a renovated home with some simple but effective maintenance services tips. If you don’t want to interfere with such handy DIY projects then you can hire a maintenance company in Dubai. 

Dubai Fixing has got excellent professionals with years of experience and essential skills. They are ready to take over any kind of maintenance services at your home. So, hire a professional from the best maintenance companies in Dubai, Dubai Fixing, just by calling at 042480518.

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