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How Professionals Can Help You to Decorate Your House For Diwali?

Diwali is the festival that unites everybody together. No matter, whether you are with your family members, or away due to work, surely you wish to enjoy every second at the time of Diwali. We all know Diwali is all about lighting, but do you know there are numerous ways you can decorate your house for Diwali. Like, putting up fancy decorations with flower decoration, torans, rangoli, as well as other changes, that will look your home attractive. Moreover, there are lots of ways you can prepare your home for the Diwali festival.

However, it’s always a good idea to use a professional service- such as holiday decoration service. It can provide your house with a completely different look from the regular decoration. 

Celebrate your Diwali in Style

If you opt for a professional service provider, you can celebrate your festival with custom home decor. Reliable professionals such as holiday decoration service in Dubai offers you several options including:

  • On-Call Maintenance & Inspections
  • Pre-installation Design Consultation
  • Takedown & Storage Services
  • Professional installation services

How Professionals help you to give your home a fresh look?

When it comes to decorating the home lighting, professionals basically focus on two crucial aspects. These are :

  • The unique beauty of the light
  • Careful planning, as well as post-installation management for multiple lighting products.

Apart from this, if you rely on a reliable and trustworthy service provider like us, you will get additional advantages as well like:

  • You will get the option to select color, as well as you can choose the style of the lights
  • When you need help, professionals will be present at your services.

Now, let’s check how the professionals can really help you to decorate your home.

  • Survey and Planning

At first, the professional service provider will send a team of specialists who have years of experience with the home decoration lighting to your house. The specialists will then research and prepare a plan for the lighting. 

Apart from this, before presenting an estimate, the professionals will check your property including the specific measurements of the architectural features. Apart from this, based on the architectural style as well as dimensions, experts will provide you with comprehensive lighting design.

  • The Installation

After preparing a plan, the professional will thoroughly inspect the electrical wiring connection, before starting the installation procedure. Besides, they come with advanced tools and ensure that while fitting the lights there will be no damage to the walls, ceiling or any other permanent structure. For this, the professional uses several intrusive clips. 

After completing the installation procedure, team members will thoroughly check the entire decoration. These include, minor to major issues- such as inspect for any loose connection, a faulty bulb and so on.

  • Decorate DIYAS & CANDLES

If you wish to give a new look to your home for Diwali, you can’t ignore the importance of diyas and candles. You might think that it’s an easy task and you can easily do so. However, you are not right all the time. To improve your house’s look, you might have to use waste cans in order to make it a candle holder. 

Also, with colored paper, you should wrap this can. Now, you can accomplish the task easily. However, to attract the guest’s attention, you should place these candles on the exterior wall. Only professionals know the correct pattern and how to place candles on the walls without damaging it.

Apart from this, if you own a garden, then professionals can decorate your garden with candles & diyas without harming the plants. Besides, experts can choose the perfect diyas for you.

  • Flower Decoration

We all know that flowers make our home beautiful & fill every corner with fragrance. And for Diwali, you must use some great-smelling flowers to decorate your house. We advise you about that, you must hire a professional expert. As experts know how to decorate the flowers on the stair railings, stair handless, as well as at the entrance of the house. 

Also, to increase the beauty of your decoration, professionals attach string lights with the floral garland. Apart from this, within a water bowl, they will put rose flowers and then place it beside the living room table or dining table. Professionals know all the tactics about the decoration — they make a beautiful flower vase and with some aromatic flowers, arrange it and make it as the central attraction of the house.

Little Things you can add

You can also add some basic decoration to make your house impressive- like, you can draw several rangoli themes. Mangal Kalash, lighted Deepak, OM, Swastik are the most common rangoli themes for Diwali. 

Also, in order to increase the beauty of the rangoli, you can draw a lighted Diya at the rangoli center. Besides, you can draw flower petals surrounding the rangoli. To add sparkle, you can add some gold, as well as silver glitter on the top of the rangoli.

Apart from this, we advise you to buy new home items like new furniture coverings, bed-sheets, floor carpets. Also, using curtains around your house will surely bring a new feel to your house. In case, you have a tight budget, then wash these sheets in warm water with a quality detergent powder, and then iron them. 

Also, before Diwali, if you don’t get sufficient time to repaint the curtain, then wrap the curtain with a cotton decorative sari and your job is over.


You can also apply some other useful tactics such as using a traditional and amazing Pooja thali rather than using a normal thali. However, remember that Diwali is not just a festival, it’s an emotion. And for Diwali, surely you don’t want to compromise. Hence, it’s always a great idea to hire a professional expert. For this purpose, we advise you to join with Dubai Fixing and take help from the experts associated with the holiday decoration service and let’s make your Diwali memorable.

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