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Transform Your Ideas into Reality with Our Top-Notch Apartment Renovation Services

Your apartment in Dubai deserves a luxurious feel and aesthetic look which is exactly in your mind. At Dubai Fixing, we can help you realise your dream with our sincerely curated apartment renovation services. Now, you can make more space and create a better living for your family with our dedicated apartment remodelling services in Dubai.

From minor cosmetic updates to major renovations, we do it all. We closely work with renowned apartment renovation contractors that bring your apartment visions into physical existence and that too in affordable ways. Additionally, our production and design teams make sure that every project meets quality standards and it should remain unique.

After all, everyone has a different taste and we understand that. From selecting quality materials to eye-catching finishing details – you can count on our expertise for apartment renovation services Dubai. We strive for excellence and quality craftsmanship; that’s why we can deliver vibrant results in the promised timeframe.

Get a modern living room, luxurious kitchen updates, a completely renovated bathroom, or everything at once with Dubai Fixing. With our enriched portfolio of thoughtful designs, we are sure that our designers have something for everyone. So, call us today and book a consultation with our apartment renovation services near me team.

Versatility Guaranteed with Our Apartment Renovation Services Dubai

Apartment renovation services can be a broad perspective. A renovation can indicate a repainting service, rearranging the existing furniture or upholstery, adding more appliances or decorative items, rewiring the electrical system, changing the interior layout, or even enlarging the space. 

So, renovation can indicate repair, refresh, and recycle. Now, your apartment fittings can start looking outdated over time. Perhaps, your apartment’s appliances and layouts don’t align with current technological advancements and design trends. In addition, your apartment might lack comfort and functionality.

For example, you might require extra storage solutions, adequate lighting, smart solutions, and more. Only apartment renovation services near me can fulfil your desires. Fortunately, Dubai Fixing can handle all your painting, flooring, wall treatments, light fixtures and new appliance installation services.

Don’t you know what kind of renovation you are looking for? Contact our apartment renovation services Dubai team and our experts will assess your property. Thus, they can tell you where and what type of renovation is needed. Next, our designers will suggest you the best outlooks for your space.

Overall apartment renovations take a considerable amount of time and expenditure. However, don’t freak out as our initial analysis will tell you what to expect. Let’s check out our primary privileges as part of our apartment renovation services and bathroom renovation dubai :

General Apartment Renovation

Are you not satisfied with those lighting fixtures or flooring? Or, maybe, you want to bang some walls to extend your living room space but you worry about permits for construction, electrical, and mechanical staff. Luckily, Dubai Fixing has got you covered for every type of apartment renovation.

From touch-ups on walls to smart home transformation, we are the safest bet for your apartment. Get slip-free flooring installation along with soundproofing if your downstairs neighbours complain a lot about noise. Rest assured, you will get quality materials and tested designs from our suppliers and the Dubai Handyman team.

In addition, our apartment renovators can offer the following services:

  • Repainting walls
  • Wallpaper installation or replacement
  • Entire interior design
  • Baseboard replacement
  • Switches replacement
  • Lighting fixtures installation
  • Doors and windows installation
  • Smoke detectors installation
  • Smart home implementation
  • Laundry appliance installation and plumbing

So, our carpenters, electricians, and plumbers can help you achieve the renovation you crave. For interior design, you can choose from our portfolio of trendy designs and layouts, such as:

  • Rustic
  • Transitional
  • Contemporary
  • Boho
  • Industrial 
  • Traditional
  • Scandinavian
  • Art Moderne
  • Modern
  • Shabby chic
  • Eclectic
  • Coastal and more

Hence, transform your bedroom and living space with our futuristic approach. Be it flamboyant or minimalistic, our apartment renovators can be both. So, share your ideas with our experts to reap the best results you could ever ask for.

Kitchen Renovation

A modular and functional kitchen is on everyone’s checklist now. However, bringing new smart appliances might not renovate your kitchen completely. It requires painting, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical services to remodel your kitchen and transform the space. 

Dubai Fixing offers small, medium, and major kitchen renovation services if you want to change the outlook. From installing granite or marble countertops to building new walls and installing tiles on them – our professionals can do everything. Here are some services we offer for cosmetic updates to major upgrades:

  • Backsplash replacement
  • Storage expansion
  • Garbage disposal installation
  • Appliances (cooktop, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, etc.) installation and their wiring
  • Plumbing system recreation with sinks, faucets, water filters, etc.
  • Lighting fixture fitting
  • Switches replacement
  • Cabinetry refreshment
  • Countertops replacement
  • Flooring installation

Practically speaking, chances are endless when it comes to your kitchen renovation. Join our apartment renovation services near me team and discover new opportunities to unleash more functionality with your kitchen.

Bathroom Renovation

Don’t forget the sacred corner of sanity in your apartment. If your bathroom appears to be outdated, we bring you the best apartment renovation services Dubai to remodel your bathroom and bring it back into style. 

Most bathrooms suffer from waterproofing issues. Our professionals can fix that along with adding a new vanity or making some extra space for your favourite shower so that multiple persons can use the bathroom at the same time. Or, the ceiling might be scuffed or there might be mould growth on walls.

With Dubai Fixing, you can get rid of all those issues. Redecorate your bathroom with a new stylish bathtub, jacuzzi, or heated seat toilet with our in-depth bathroom renovation planning and execution. Besides this, our renovators can help you with the following installation and additional services:

  • Toilet installation
  • Shower and hand shower installation
  • Shower drain fitting
  • Overall plumbing system building
  • Lighting fixture installation
  • Doors installation
  • Bathtub replacement
  • Switches replacement
  • Vanity creation
  • Medicine cabinet installation
  • Floor and wall tile installation
  • Lavatory sink installation
  • Voice-controlled lights, music system installation
  • Accessories (toilet paper holder, grab bars, towel bars, etc.) installation
  • Taking care of proper ventilation
  • Resizing and reshaping the bathroom

Contact our apartment renovation services Dubai team to consult your idea with them and get the right layout and remodelling for your bathroom. Our specialists pay extra care during demolition so that unnecessary damage to underlying structures and apartment systems can be avoided.

How do Our Apartment Renovation Services Dubai Work?

Apartment renovation services can be thrilling as well as hectic. Turn your overall apartment renovation services near me into fun with Dubai Fixing’s outstanding approaches. Indeed, we strive for an attractive and modern living space look that suits your preferences and lifestyle. Here’s how we make it possible for you:

Book a Consultation with Our Renovation Specialists

Allow our renovators and designers to inspect the corners you want to remodel. It’s important to decide on the colour palette along with checking out the renovation needs where it’s actually mandatory. So, request a consultation with our apartment renovation experts by calling us.

Discuss Your Requirements with Our Professionals

After a complete analysis of your apartment, our expats will suggest the places where renovation is required. Then, they will recommend the designs, layouts, hues, etc. you can op for. Additionally, they will consider the design elements and materials for the best outlook. You can share your design ideas and preferences too and our experts will utilise them.

Relax and Enjoy the Transformation

Our renovators will propose you an overall contract for the remodelling. Then, they will start working on the renovation project. Our professionals prioritise every project no matter how small or big it is. We will keep updating you on every step. In addition, our staff will take care of post-service clean-up as well. So, you don’t have to take any headache. Make your apartment more space-saving, energy-efficient and gorgeous with our apartment renovation services in Dubai.

Reasons to Choose Dubai Fixing for Apartment Renovation Services

Dubai Fixing is the name you can trust for a wide range of household repairs and relevant services. Apartment renovation is one of our expertise areas and we are flourishing with the following advantages:

  • Our team of licensed and certified professionals have years of wisdom and experience in apartment renovation. So, they can offer quality craftsmanship that wins our customers’ hearts while maintaining building codes.
  • In addition, our team delivers committed services and prioritises finishing the project within the promised deadline. Thus, you can get fast results. Feel free to provide your feedback so we can keep your preferences reflected in the renovation.
  • Dubai Fixing is very serious about the safety of its customers and staff. Our specialists follow every necessary protocol and use industry-standard equipment for the safest environment. 
  • Last but not least, we offer easy-on-budget renovation services. Our professionals take special care of your budget accountability and bring out the best possible outcome within the set limit.

Book a Consultation with Our Apartment Renovation Services Experts!

Apartment renovation services Dubai can be a rewarding experience if you choose the right partner. With Dubai Fixing, you can never go wrong. So, consider expert intervention rather than a DIY project as a renovation involves more than building, replacing appliances, and finding the right construction materials. So, update your apartment or upscale its resale value with our dedicated handyman services near me.



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-Saif Ahmad Al Ghurair

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