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Basement Finishing Service

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A perfectly finished basement enhances the usable space in every house. Additionally, one gets to transform the dark and dreary space of the house into a playroom or recreation area. Furthermore, a touch of basement remodelling can also enhance the intensity of the living experience.

Apart from this, with the help of leading Basement Finishing service, you get to add value to your existing house. With no further plan to shift into a new apartment or any other residential buildings, a proper basement is a must-have. 

Thus, being one of the best, we offer superlative basement finishing service across Dubai. We thrive to offer our customers high-quality service. And, based on the size and type of the basements, our dedicated professionals offer you with excellent Basement Finishing service Dubai. 

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Types of Basement Finishing Services

Being one of the renowned Basement Finishing service providers in Dubai, Dubai Fixing has acquired extensive knowledge in serving with you a top-quality service. And, based on the chosen service package, our professionals will assist you with on-time professional guidance. Whether you reside in an apartment, villa or bungalow, we can offer you with notable finished basement works. Furthermore, our team consists of verified and authorized experts to do the work.

Masonry Wall Basements

Build a concrete basement with Dubai Fixing. You get to add value to your house by just finishing the existing masonry wall basements. Basements provide extensive space for several purposes. And, you can even change the basement into a family room, entertainment center, and even into an office. Moreover, our professionals make sure the masonry wall basements are safeguarding from water seepage while offering you an effective finish basement service. 

Precast Panel Basements

The precast panels are the best suitable choice for building a basement. Additionally, this type of basements is built to provide better insulation. Thus, if you are looking for getting the precast panel basements, get in touch with Dubai Fixing. We have the best and trustable professionals to finish your existing basements. With the help of the required tools and kits, our professionals undergo easy and quick finish works. 

Poured Concrete Wall Basements

These types of basements are the most recognised ones for basement construction. Because of its additional benefits, the residents of Dubai choose to build the poured concrete wall basements in their houses. These basements are fire-resistant and can resist excessive water pressure. And, we assist our customers with impeccable finishing work. You get to install an additional bathroom, bedroom in the existing space of the basement. 

Being a recommended name in Dubai, our professionals carry out the Basement Finishing service and remodelling without any hassle Additionally, when you are opting for a basement service, it increases the resale value of the house.


How to Find and Hire Basement Finishing Experts?

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To get the best and skilled Basement Finishing service agents in Dubai, you just need to mention the type of basement that you have. Based on that, we help our customers to connect with the suitable professionals who will undergo the finishing works to utilize the blank spaces of the basements. 

Read Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings provide an extensive idea about the quality and the type of service offered. So, find out why we are one of the most rated and reputed names across Dubai. Moreover, we have gathered only outstanding reviews and ratings after accomplishing Basement Finishing service Dubai. 

Call 042480518 and Clear Your Queries Before Appointing 

Before hiring the professionals, it is important to get an extensive idea about their expertise. Dubai Fixing strives to offer you with marvellous basement works with the help of the vetted, flexible and determined professionals. Moreover, you get an opportunity to sort your queries. Ask:

  • Are the professionals experienced enough?
  • Do you offer emergency service?
  • Can I book your professionals at any time?

Now, you get to compare the free quotes and request for a sample or references. This will help you to acknowledge our quality of service and the professionals. 

How to Get a Finish Basement Service Experts Near Me?

Dubai Fixing helps you to engage with the experts, near your location, who can effectively handle all the works associated with Basement Finishing services in Dubai. And, in terms of accuracy and reliability, we are considered to be the best across Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dubai Fixing is widely known for offering an affordable Basement Finishing service. Additionally, irrespective of the size of the basement, we offer a budget-friendly service to every customer across Dubai. So, renovate your basement with the leading professionals. 

Connect with Dubai Fixing to get the best and top-ranked professional for fishing the basement works. Moreover, all the professionals registered with Dubai Fixing are highly qualified, trained, and experienced in this domain. 

The professionals at Dubai Fixing have acquired years of excellence to serve you with perfect basement finishing services as soon as possible. And, the professional team can even perform simple to complex works with ease that are involved with remodelling the basements. 

Our Dubai-based company offers comprehensive basement waterproofing services, utilizing advanced techniques and high-quality materials to prevent water seepage and safeguard your basement.

Basement waterproofing is essential for preventing water damage, mold growth, and structural issues by protecting the foundation of your home and ensuring a dry, secure, and long-lasting basement space.

The most significant cost when finishing a basement typically involves the construction and installation of additional rooms, such as bedrooms or bathrooms.

Basement refinishing is a challenging task that requires addressing moisture issues and ensuring proper waterproofing to create a dry, stable environment before any remodeling work.

Moisture-resistant vinyl or ceramic tiles are the best flooring options for basement cement floors in Dubai, as they withstand humidity, ensuring durability and comfort.


“The professionals of Dubai Fixing renovated the basement of my house. I feel glad that I opt for their finished basement services and would definitely recommend them.”

-Ayesha Yonus

“The professionals changed the entire outlook of my basement. Moreover, they carry out the entire process smoothly and professionally. I am very much amazed by the quality of service.”

-Zeeshan Ahmed

“Amazing service! And, they perform the entire project without any hassle and with ease. Great workmanship! I would love to recommend them to everyone I know!”

-Alif Ahmed

“Thank you. Dubai Fixing for such an outstanding finish basement works. And, the professionals are incredibly good.”

-Yakima Begum

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