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Looking for Reliable Cabinet Refacing Service Dubai?

Cabinet refacing is one of the effective ways to replace the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and knobs. And, once the shifting process gets over, a new veneer is applied in the exterior parts of the cabinets. By just refacing the cabinet, you get to save the cost of installing and reconstructing the entire cabinet.

Moreover, cabinet refacing is not even labour-intensive. It can be done in less time with few professionals. And, being one of the top-ranked cabinet refacing service providers in Dubai, Dubai Fixing assures you to reface the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom. 

Additionally, you get a plethora of advantages with our prompt assistance. Change the existing layout of the cabinet by hiring our top-rated team of professionals. Additionally, you get to consult with our experienced experts before opting for a cabinet refacing service Dubai.

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Types of Cabinet Refacing services

Dubai Fixing has joined hands with the eminent and supreme quality professionals who have immense expertise in delivering you with impeccable service. Additionally, you get a cabinet with a deceptive and designed look. The professionals have immense knowledge in this field and are dedicated to providing proficient assistance. They are skilled, honest and have in-hand experience.

Traditional Cabinet Refacing

This type of cabinet refacing provides decorative profiles and contours. Additionally, you get a better framing and center panel for the doors of the cabinet. And, we help our customers to opt for a suitable design that will provide an outstanding look in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Get a professional touch in the exterior parts of the cabinet and drawers. 

Shaker Style Cabinet Refacing

In the current era, the demand for shaker style cabinets is high. Thus, Dubai Fixing offers the best shaker style cabinet refacing to the residents of Dubai. With this type of styling and design, you get styled doors, rectilinear frames that will bridge the gap between the traditional and minimalist decor. Additionally, our professionals deliver an effective result for every kitchen cabinet refacing. 

Beadboard Style Cabinet Refacing

With the beadboard center panel, you get a classic look in the kitchen cabinets. And, being one of the best cabinet refacing services Dubai, our professional team helps you to get a rectilinear aesthetic look. And, this will, in general, provide a slightly rustic and retro appearance in the kitchen cabinets of your house. Enhance the value of your house by just connecting with our service platform. 

Flat-Front Styled Cabinet Refacing

We would suggest you get the flat-front styled cabinet refacing if you want to get an ultra-contemporary look for your kitchen. Moreover, our team of skilled individuals will help you to get a flat, uniformed surface that will give your kitchen a clean and sleek appearance. And, we help to choose the suitable design on the covers and doors of the cabinets.

Glass-Front Styled Cabinet Refacing

Are you looking for a cabinet door for the kitchen cabinet? Then, Dubai Fixing is there to assist you with proper grass-front style cabinet refacing. Additionally, our trained professionals can proficiently install a glass panelling in the mullion farmed doors. And, the glass front cabinet refacing will be absolutely suitable for the upper cabinets of your apartment. 

Rustic Cabinet Refacing

This one of the most popular cabinet styling that our customers mostly preferred for their kitchen. Add up a little more classic look in your house with the rustic cabinet refacing designs. Additionally, we take your kitchen cabinet refacing projects seriously. If you own a cottage-style door industrial accent kitchen, try to get the rustic doors with our on-time assistance. 

Lastly, based on the type of chosen design, we help you to get a supreme quality cabinet refacing process. And, we have gathered a team of professionals who are verified, vetted, experienced, and reliable in offering you high-and outcomes.


How to Get and Hire the Best and Leading Cabinet Refacing Experts

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Once you get aware of all the types of cabinet refacing styles, book an appointment with Dubai Fixing. We help our customers to join hands with the top-leading and qualified professionals who are not only trained but have acquired extensive knowledge about the cabinet refacing process. 

Read Reviews and Ratings

The online reviews and ratings play a vital role to acknowledge the customers to enlighten about the service agencies and the type of service they offer. Additionally, you get to know about the quality of professionals associated with it. And, we have gathered only outstanding reviews and ratings, after accomplishing our high-quality cabinet refacing service. 

Call 042480518 and Clear Your Doubts Before Hiring

Before opting for our professional you must get a detailed idea about how reliable or devoted they are regarding their work. And, Dubai Fixing contains the proficient and veteran professionals who can efficiently handle all the cabinet refacing works. Starting from refacing the doors to knobs, you can get the best and effective result by just hiring them. But, before booking them, it is important to clear your queries regarding our service, cost, and professionals. Ask:

  • What kind of cabinet refacing services do you offer?
  • Do you offer the cabinet refacing service in every region of Dubai?
  • How much do you take for traditional cabinet refacing?

Now, compare quotes, requests for a sample of reference, that will enlighten you about our cabinet refacing Dubai service. Get to know about the wide range of services we offer in Dubai. 

How to Get Cabinet Refacing Experts Near Me?

Dubai Fixing helps to connect with the most efficient and reliable professionals for providing you with a superlative cabinet refacing service. Thus, if you are planning to reface the doors, knobs, and drawers of the cabinet, Dubai Fixing is there to assist you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cabinet Refacing is the best and cost-saving option for kitchen remodelling. And, if the existing kitchen cabinet is in good condition, we would suggest you opt for kitchen cabinet refacing. Additionally, we help to engage with the committed professionals who will offer you with an effective service you are worthy of. 

Refacing the cabinets is more cost-effective than replacing the entire cabinet. And, one does not have to change the doors, drawer fronts, and knobs of the cabinet by refacing it. Moreover, being a reputed cabinet refacing Dubai service providers, we are widely known for offering our customers an impeccable service that fits their budget. 

Availing our kitchen cabinet refacing service won’t cut a hole in your pocket. Additionally, you get on-time and high-quality service by just spending a little amount of money. So, book an appointment with our professionals and change the outlook of the cabinet. 

Yes, painting over refinished kitchen cabinets requires proper cleaning, sanding, and the use of high-quality primer and paint for a durable and stylish finish.

Dubai Fixing offers durable cabinet refacing solutions, ensuring 10–20 years of longevity and aesthetic appeal for kitchen or storage spaces, based on quality materials and craftsmanship.

It’s recommended to remove items from your cabinets before refacing for a smoother process.

Cabinet refacing is often quicker than full replacement, taking approximately 3-5 days, depending on the project’s size.

 Dubai Fixing offers a hassle-free solution for refacing cabinets, replacing doors, drawers, and hardware, providing a stylish update without the mess of a full renovation.

Warranties can vary, so it’s important to inquire about the specific terms and conditions with your service provider.

Routine cleaning with a mild solution and a soft cloth is recommended to maintain the look of refaced cabinets.


“Dubai Fixing helped me to get a glass-front style cabinet refacing. And, the professionals do the whole installation job absolutely perfectly.”

-Fatima Begum

“The cost of service was worthy of such highly skilled work. And, I really liked their cabinet refacing service. Will definitely recommend it.”

-Noor Ali

‘Thank you Dubai Fixing for such a lovely kitchen cabinet refacing. I referred to my friends and family members. Really astonishing service”

-Mohammed Ali

“I am glad that I avail the kitchen cabinet refacing service from Dubai Fixing. Excellent service!’

-Alif Ahmed

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