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Secure Your Properties with Our Powerful CCTV Installation Dubai Services

Connectivity and mobility are two sustainable features of any business. Now, you can create an excellent surveillance system for your business with our CCTV installation Dubai services. We at Dubai Fixing offer comprehensive, reliable, and reasonably priced CCTV installation services to simplify the overall monitoring and surveillance.

Apart from serving businesses, our CCTV installation technicians can build an unfailing home surveillance system too. After all, crime prevention and deterring vandalism become easier with the security camera and other equipment setup at your home, school, restaurant, office, and other premises.

On the other hand, installing security cameras and monitors, and establishing connections among them can be tricky. Let our professionals do all the planning and installation to offer you a seamless monitoring system at your fingertips. Keep track of everything with our proficient CCTV installation in Dubai.

Dubai Fixing stands out from other CCTV installation firms in Dubai by multiple factors. For instance, our IT technicians use only the latest tools and technologies to reap the best surveillance output. 

Additionally, you can get affordable rates for CCTV camera installation Company in Dubai from us. So, level up your video surveillance game with Dubai Fixing’s premium CCTV installation and maintenance services.

CCTV Installation Dubai Services Offered by Dubai Fixing

Be it a commercial place or a home, security cameras are an unskippable deal for every owner. CCTV installation in Dubai helps in monitoring your property 24/7. Additionally, you can save on security costs. You are at the right place if you are looking for an efficient CCTV camera installation company Dubai.

Dubai Fixing can deliver you ultimate installation, repair, and maintenance solutions for your CCTV requirements. We offer a wide range of CCTV camera installation in Dubai along with other essential components in and around your home, factories, offices, educational institutions, hospitals, jewellery shops, restaurants, etc.

Our certified and qualified technicians know how to plan strategies and install CCTV cameras in the right places. Thus, you can get 360-degree security monitoring from Dubai Fixing. Avoid the chances of dead zones with our specialised CCTV installation Dubai services.

Let’s check out what type of components our serviceman can install to set up successful video surveillance:

CCTV Cameras

CCTV is the abbreviation for Closed Circuit Television. However, security or CCTV cameras are the backbone of a CCTV surveillance setup. A CCTV camera renders a comprehensive view of the location where it is being installed.

The following types of CCTV cameras are more popular for both residential and commercial surveillance:

  • 2MP Dome HD camera
  • Indoor 2MP HD Bullet camera
  • Outdoor 2MP HD Bullet camera
  • Indoor 4MP HD Bullet camera
  • Outdoor 4MP HD Bullet camera
  • 4MP Dome IP camera
  • 2MP Dome IP camera
  • Indoor 4MP Bullet IP camera
  • Outdoor 4MP Bullet IP camera
  • Indoor 4MP Bullet IP camera with microphone
  • Outdoor 4MP Bullet IP camera with microphone
  • Indoor 4MP Bullet Wireless IP camera
  • Outdoor 4MP Bullet Wireless IP camera

You can buy standalone cameras or package cameras according to your property’s size and requirements. On the other hand, talk to our CCTV installation Dubai experts to find out what type of camera will be the best choice for your premises. As a matter of fact, our technicians can easily install all types of CCTV cameras regardless of their brand.

So, get in touch with our CCTV camera installation company in Dubai to determine the most suitable security cameras and save yourself some time.

DVR/NVR Installation

Do you want to maintain a centralised security system at your residence or business? Then, DVR/NVR installation is mandatory and Dubai Fixing has got your back. DVR refers to Digital Video Recording and NVR stands for Network Video Recorder. 

According to our CCTV maintenance Dubai team, HD cameras should connect to a DVR with the help of RG59 cables and IP cameras must connect to an NVR through CAT6 cables. Based on the number of available ports of security cameras, you can consider any of the following channels:

  • 4 channel DVR
  • 8 channel DVR
  • 16 channel DVR
  • 32 channel DVR
  • 4 channel NVR
  • 8 channel NVR
  • 16 channel NVR
  • 32 channel NVR

Whatever your channel requirement is, our technicians can establish them. Hence, connect with our experts to get guidance on which DVR or NVR solutions will be the best choice for your CCTV setup. Apart from that, we can make sure that you get high-quality monitoring videos and footage from the surveillance.


Thanks to modern-age CCTV solutions, you can now stream real-time security footage on your mobile devices. Our CCTV installation Dubai technicians can connect your mobile devices to your overall CCTV management. Thus, you can easily access CCTV footage remotely at any time.

However, we also offer separate monitor installation for centralised CCTV systems. You can watch captured security footage on those monitors. Our IT professionals are experts in connecting monitors to the DVR or NVR device using VGA or HDMI cables. So, book a CCTV camera installation in Dubai along with a monitor set from Dubai Fixing for more secure premises.


Transmission of CCTV video over the internet is essential for fully functioning surveillance. High-quality routers and modems are an inseparable part of an efficient CCTV system. Our IT geeks can install routers and modems to ensure smooth live streaming.

In addition, they can connect CCTV cameras, DVR/NVR, monitors, and other units to the router. Our CCTV maintenance Dubai team is responsible for obtaining high internet speeds. They also make sure that the internet connectivity remains flawless around your building. Hence, place a request for CCTV camera installation in Dubai at ours and get a quick service at your location.

Internal HDD

Centralised CCTV systems require internal HDD or hard drives for storing footage. Our technicians can help you choose the right type of internal HDD for your CCTV setup. We offer genuine internal HDD solutions for your video surveillance system. The following choices are popular among residential and business surveillance systems:

  • 500 GB internal HDD
  • 1 TB internal HDD
  • 2 TB internal HDD
  • 4 TB internal HDD

We recommend using high-quality and extensive storage capacity for your CCTV cameras since they will be recording footage 24/7. So, schedule a CCTV installation service from us to keep your camera storage backup ready.

Benefits of CCTV Installation

A robust CCTV setup is mandatory equipment for your home, business, and site. It buys you peace of mind and improves your business operations by preventing illegal activities. Here are some proven benefits of installing a CCTV system in your space:

  • CCTV installation in Dubai for your home and business helps in deterring theft and other risks. Most intruders avoid places where there are strong security systems. Hence, you can prevent crime by installing security cameras all over your home or business.
  • A competent security camera setup lets you monitor your premises remotely. So, you can have an eye over your property or site and check CCTV footage for real-time activities.
  • Hiring security staff for your site can cost you a fortune. However, you can reduce security costs by hiring a CCTV camera installation company in Dubai and opt for a full-day coverage of your site. Indeed, your security cameras can alert you in case of a trespassing activity and take preventive measures accordingly.
  • On a related note, insurance companies may charge you less premium if you have installed security cameras in and around your home. Hence, check whether you can get a discount on your premium by installing CCTV cameras.
  • Finding evidence related to an unpleasant incident will be easier with an active CCTV system. Therefore, get in touch with Dubai Fixing’s CCTV maintenance Dubai team to keep your security cameras up and running.

How to Get Our CCTV Installation in Dubai?

Dubai Fixing is a trusted service provider offering outstanding technical solutions for both residential and commercial places. CCTV camera installation in Dubai is one of our successful endeavours and you can join us to secure your premises more. On a related note, it’s simple to book our CCTV installation Dubai services.

Here’s what you have to go through to schedule a service from the best CCTV camera installation company in Dubai:

Call Dubai Fixing

Dial our service helpline number to talk to our technicians. Tell them what you require and they will arrange an appointment with our CCTV camera installers. Additionally, mention your location and contact details so that our experts can reach you in the promised time.

Get a CCTV System Installed

In the next step, our technicians will visit you and consult with you regarding how you want the CCTV installation to be executed. Moreover, they will proceed with the entire procedure by aligning with your proposed budget. Don’t worry as our technicians will generate a cost estimate and start working once you agree to the estimate. Hence, talk to our experts to get the best out of your security system for your property.

Retain Your Satisfaction

After our IT professionals finish installing and setting up CCTV cameras, they will test their functionality. Indeed, you can see everything for yourself and test camera setup, remote monitoring, etc. Then, you can pay our technicians according to the bill generated. Retain your peace of mind with our committed CCTV installation in Dubai.

CCTV Brands We Support

The best part of Dubai Fixing’s CCTV installation Dubai services is our versatility. Our IT geeks have worked with every type of CCTV camera and their installation. For example, they have installed the following types of security cameras in residential and commercial places so far:

  • Dome
  • Discreet
  • Bullet
  • HD cameras
  • IP/Network cameras
  • Night vision or Infrared
  • Wireless cameras
  • Desktop or Covert cameras and more

Similarly, our technicians have installed CCTV cameras and other security components manufactured by diverse brands. Here are some CCTV camera brands we support for installation and maintenance purposes:

  • Axis
  • Hikvision
  • Samsung
  • CP Plus
  • Dahua
  • Grandstream
  • Vivotek
  • Bosch

Whatever your CCTV camera brand is, contact our CCTV maintenance Dubai team for repair, installation, and more services at your convenience.

Why Choose Dubai Fixing for CCTV Installation Dubai Services?

Dubai Fixing is a renowned CCTV camera installation company in Dubai. We take pride in providing high-tech security innovations and quality installation services. On the other hand, our technicians are experts in overall setup planning and spotting the best locations to install your CCTV cameras. Thus, you can get a broad view of your premises with minimum cameras.

Furthermore, avail a plethora of advantages with our dedicated CCTV camera installation in Dubai:

Certified IT Professionals

Technically, Dubai Fixing partners with skilled, certified, and vetted IT technicians who are proficient in CCTV cameras and other equipment installation and maintenance. Additionally, we check their backgrounds for your safety.

High-End Security Solutions

Now, get expert opinions about CCTV camera setup and monitoring tools from our team responsible for CCTV camera installation in Dubai. Moreover, we offer durable CCTV camera setup, unfailing wiring solutions, dynamic management, and more with our devoted CCTV installation and maintenance services.

Competitive Prices

CCTV camera installation in Dubai won’t deviate you from the budget in your mind anymore. We at Dubai Fixing offer affordable prices for CCTV installation Dubai services at your home, office, restaurant, mall, or wherever you want. So, set up an appointment with our expert and efficient technicians today.

Fast Installation

We believe in a customer-centric approach to delivering quicker installation no matter where you reside in Dubai. In addition, our technicians apply innovative solutions to make your CCTV setup work in the most efficient way. Therefore, call us and book a CCTV camera installation in Dubai right away!

Book Our CCTV Installation Dubai Services Now!

Schedule a CCTV installation service from Dubai Fixing if you are looking for quality surveillance, on-time support, faster responses, and enhanced security means. Hence, cover your residential and commercial areas with the best precaution by calling our experts. To know more about our CCTV installation Dubai services, contact our customer support team.



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