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Need Ceiling Repair Service Dubai?

Every space be it for a living or office or commercial sectors have ceilings to protect it from the environmental factors. That is the very reason why ceilings make the most blows, especially during rainy seasons or a superstorm. But besides that, a building can age after a certain point of time, everything starts to crumble due to corrosion and abrasion among the inner bricks. 

At this point, getting a ceiling service is a mandatory option to save yourself from future damage. 

Thus, research more on what kind of ceiling you want to repair, what are the issues with the ceiling, and what would you like in the service. Once you’ve decided that, we can easily proceed with the service you need. Dubai Fixing will assist you with their professional assistance team who are well versed in the Ceiling repair service in Dubai. 

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Types of Ceiling Repair Services

Many professional experts like ceiling remodelers, ceiling installers, handyman experts, and ceiling contractors are responsible for carrying out the entire ceiling repairing services easily. We are considerate of your budget which is why we make sure our service charges vary from one another based on the requirement. Besides that, you’ll have a lot of advantages to your favour. 

Drywall Ceiling Repair 

Oftentimes, ceilings tend to become dry due to many years, years of ageing, cracks, broken walls that become a source for rainwater to enter. Our experts provide Drywall Ceiling repair services where the service includes fixing every issue in the ceiling. They use products to make sure the walls are repaired properly. 

Water Damaged Ceiling Repair 

As we mentioned earlier, gaps and cracks in the wall can be a reason for water to get inside the walls and slowly damage it. We provide interior Ceiling repair services to fix that. Our experts use tools to break down the damp wall and install new ceiling boards to make sure the problem is solved. 

Regular Ceiling Finishing 

If you simply want to finish your ceiling or want to replace it with new boards or bricks, then we provide service for that too. Our experts use proper equipment and products to repair and replace the ceiling boards with new ones. 

Ceiling Installing

Are you building a new room? Then, we can provide the installation of the ceiling. Our experts carefully check the area and take measurements. Based on that, they install a new ceiling for your new space. Be it made of bricks or board, they take care of it all.


How to Find & Hire Ceiling Repairer?

Ceiling repair service

If you are not sure about which professional to choose for the Ceiling repair service then try checking out the customer ratings which will help you understand why Dubai Fixing has been a trusted name in Dubai. 

Read Reviews & Ratings 

If you want to be precise about choosing the right professional then it is advisable that you make a list of few professionals and then compare their service based on your requirements. This way you can get an idea of which professional is the best fit for your service and who is dedicated to the ceiling repair service in Dubai. However, Customer reviews and ratings should not be the only mode of comparison. Try asking for a sample of ceiling repair near me from Dubai Fixing who is known for providing the ultimate Ceiling Repair Services. 

Call 042480518 & Ask Questions Before Hiring 

There is still one more thing left to do when you are comparing experts. And that is evaluation of their performance as well as their authenticity. Get two or three professionals and make sure you ask them these queries:

  • Are they experienced in this field? If so, then for how long?
  • Are they willing to share their references with you?

These questions can help you out with the measurement of the service according to the specifications you’re looking for. Also, it will help you with estimating an overall budget of the service expenditure. So, try getting more information on warranty and offers related to the service. Also, you can try researching more on the types of questions to ask for an evaluation. Additionally, it’ll make you understand Dubai Fixing’s assistance much more clearly.

How to Hire a Ceiling Repair Service Near Me?

Are you in search of a Ceiling repair service to get your ceiling fixed? Then, go through the list of top-rated and recommended ceiling repairing companies like Dubai Fixing, for ceiling repair near me. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To repair a ceiling, our experts first check the ceiling and what it is made of. Then, using a sponge they smooth it down. After that, they scrape out the remaining loose papers from the ceiling. Then, apply plaster all over the ceiling with the compound. After that, they finally use the paints of your choice to fill it up. 

The overall cost of interior ceiling repair that is water damaged is of a minimal amount. However, if you add more packages in the service then you’ll be charged an additional amount with the service.  

In order to repair a water damaged ceiling, our experts first get rid of the debris from the surface. Then, they apply primer on it until all of the sides and corners have been covered. After that, they apply compound on areas that are damaged, with two coatings one after another after drying. Then, finally, they apply paints on it. 

To repair the ceiling, try smoothing the surface and take out torn papers. Then, apply one or two coatings of primer followed by the compound. When they’re dry, you can apply any paint of your choice to give it a final finishing. 

Ceiling repair involves fixing various issues, such as cracks, water damage, sagging, and peeling paint, to maintain a safe and attractive ceiling.

Common signs include cracks, water stains, peeling paint, sagging, mold, or other visible damage to the ceiling.

The duration of a ceiling repair project varies depending on the extent of the damage. Minor repairs can be completed in a few hours, while larger projects may take several days.

Our company addresses leaks, repairs or replaces water-damaged ceilings, and ensures proper drying and mold prevention measures after addressing the source of the issue.


“The experts arrived exactly on time and started with the service. I am happy with the results.” 

-Nazim Sheikh

“My ceiling became very old and started falling off due to cracks. These experts did a great job replacing the ceiling boards with new ones. Thanks, guys!”

-Raba Khatoon

“I couldn’t be happier with the service. My ceiling looks brand new after the service. Good job Dubai Fixing!”

-Humaira Khan

“The professionals were extremely friendly and co-operative throughout the service. They asked for my instructions upon which they started the services of fixing it!”

-Ahmed Kadaffi

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