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Try Guaranteed Computer Repair Dubai Services to Get Back Online

All you need is a quick, reliable, and on-site computer repair Dubai when your machine encounters any error. Dubai Fixing offers you a wide range of computer repair services in Dubai and we believe that these services are a great fit for all. Be it a desktop computer, Windows PC or laptop, MacBook, gaming laptop, convertible device, Chromebook, or anything else – we fix all of them!

Apart from attending to versatile computers, we cover every kind of hardware and software fix. Batter failure, data loss, corrupted software, compromised performance metrics, screen issues – no matter what your computer concern is, our computer repairing shop in Dubai has working solutions for everything.

We partner with qualified and certified computer repair professionals only. They can perform accurate computer diagnostics and sort out your device problems with their years of knowledge and experience. So, your computer gets repaired by the strongest and most trusted technicians in the city.

So, join our computer repair near me services without leaving your home. You can call us and we will dispatch our team of IT professionals as soon as possible. Get extensive computer repair, installation, maintenance, and more advanced solutions from Dubai Fixing.

Urgent and Authentic Computer Repair Dubai Services We Offer

Your computer may stop working suddenly and you are out of clues regarding what happened to your machine. Dubai Fixing got you covered if you’re looking for a swift way to get your computer up and running again. Let our technicians make sense of what caused disruption to your computer and which particular repair can retain your device’s functionality.

Trust our powerful computer repair Dubai services to address any kind of computer worries. Our pros offer high-quality repair along with genuine spare parts and a warranty. Thus, you can retain your peace of mind with our dedicated computer repair near me.

Count on our highly skilled technicians to get your defective computer fixed. Let’s check out some bestselling services from our computer repairing shop in Dubai:

CPU and Motherboard Repair

The central processing unit is the lifeline of any computer. Be it your laptop or desktop computer, the following symptoms are quite common whenever an issue with the CPU takes place:

  • Slowdowns
  • USB ports not working
  • No display on the screen or monitor
  • Stoned system
  • Frequent system reboots
  • Network failure

Book a computer repair Dubai service from us to rescue your CPU from further breakdown. Meanwhile, our technicians can work on the CPU core and resolve all your computer issues on the go. The best part is that our experts can troubleshoot any chip, such as Core i3, Core o5, Core i7, 915, G31, 845, H55, 81, 61, etc. chipsets.

Besides a complete CPU repair or its component replacement, our engineers can restore your motherboard functionality. A single burn-out IC can lead to serious malfunctioning of your computer. Whatever brand your computer gets manufactured from is not a complication to our technicians for repairing the motherboard for you.

So, don’t hesitate to contact our computer repairing shop in Dubai whenever your computer starts acting weird. Our engineers and technicians can fix those tantrums and restore your machine’s productivity in no time.

SMPS Repair

An SMPS is a power supply system that is designed for AC input to be run into a computer from a DC supply. So, a defective SMPS can cause a hindrance to the overall power supply of your computer. Consequently, you can witness performance wrecks on your machine. As reported by our computer repair Dubai experts, the following symptoms can appear in case of an SMPS failure:

  • Frequent restarts
  • Crashing system
  • System not powering

Fortunately, you can consider urgent help from our computer repairing shop in Dubai. Our technicians offer SMPS repair and replacement depending on what suits your device the best. Moreover, get genuine SMPS replacement and more from Dubai Fixing.

Monitor or Screen Repair

Desktop monitors are quite sturdy but we can’t tell about accidents. Internal short circuits and damage can make your desktop vulnerable to different malfunctions. On the other hand, your gaming laptop or convertible can slip out of your hand and the LCD screen can sustain an injury.

We at Dubai Fixing offer incredible screen repair and replacement services, especially for out-of-warranty systems. Be it an outdated display driver, corrupted software, physical damage, or water spilling, our experts can recover your screen like a pro. In fact, you can get any minor repairs or an entire screen replacement for your branded computer at home from Dubai Fixing.

So, get in touch with our computer repair Dubai tech geeks if you ever come across the following symptoms on your computer display:

  • Flickering of the display or distortion
  • Horizontal or vertical lines on your LCD or LED screen
  • The screen coming out of the laptop
  • A cracked display
  • Blank screen
  • Blurred or black areas on the display
  • Touchscreen difficulties

Check out our computer repair near me specialities by calling our technicians today and fix an appointment with them.

Hard Disk Replacement and Upgrade

Be it your laptop or desktop, hard disk failure can be critical as it risks all the information stored on your device. According to our computer repair Dubai specialists, you may experience the mentioned symptoms on your computer before the hard disk dies:

  • Unusual noises
  • Overheating
  • Frequent crashes of the system
  • Blue Screens of Death
  • Missing or corrupted files
  • Excessive slowdowns
  • Error messages

Save your data from being lost with our superior hard disk repair, replacement, and upgrade services. Our technicians will assess your computer to find out the underlying cause of the problem and devise the right solution accordingly. With our advanced data recovery techniques, our experts will extract data from your failing hard disk.

Apart from handling hard disk repair and data recovery, we offer support for different media for data recovery purposes. However, our engineers and technicians can replace your hard disk with a genuine SSD and back up all your files without compromising your confidentiality.

Undoubtedly, Dubai Fixing’s computer repairing shop in Dubai is the safest choice for hard disk repair, data recovery, and storage upgrades. You can upgrade your computer’s storage, memory, and graphics card capacity from Dubai Fixing. So, reach us by dialling our helpline number and share your computer repair Dubai requirements today!

Spares Replacement

Do you want a replacement for your computer’s chassis fan? Or, it can be your laptop’s processor fan or thermal paste that requires a replacement. Dubai Fixing is a trusted place where you can get all your essential spare replacements.

Besides chassis and processor fan assistance, we offer RAM replacement as well. We equip our technicians with authentic DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 RAM components if your computer exhibits any of the following signs:

  • Blue Screens of Death
  • Freezing screens
  • Corrupted files
  • Applications or games not properly running
  • Slowdowns
  • Reboots

Additionally, our technicians can replace cables, ICs, and other internal components after running your computer precisely. Thus, you can get 100% working and reliable computer repair Dubai services from our specialists.

Battery Replacement

A dying battery is one of the most common concerns among laptop users. You can lose the portability of your laptop if you don’t get your failing battery replaced soon. On the other hand, damaged laptop batteries can be hazardous to both your health and the environment.

So, entrust our premium battery replacement services to your laptop. We offer certified and genuine battery replacements depending on your laptop’s build and wattage. Hence, request a battery replacement service from our computer repair near me team if you encounter the signs on your laptop:

  • Rapid battery depletion
  • The laptop not powering on without charging
  • Reduced battery lifetime

Software Troubleshooting

Has your computer started behaving weirdly, lately? Chances are that a virus or malware has infected your computer. Phishing and suspicious online activities are enough to invite such threats to your computer and you might start experiencing the signs mentioned below:

  • Slow performing machine
  • Missing or corrupted folders
  • Unexpected pop-up windows
  • Error messages
  • Frequent shutdowns and restarts

Our technicians have achieved enviable success in removing such threats from computers and strengthening boundaries so that your device doesn’t fall victim to similar attacks. Besides this, our IT experts can solve operating system complications, bugs, and more by rolling out the currently installed software.

Furthermore, get assistance in OS installation and computer setup from our computer repairing shop in Dubai. Book a service from us and get your computer fixed at your location.

Brands We Support for Computer Repair Dubai

As a responsible computer repair service provider in Dubai, we don’t have any favourite. Our skilled and certified technicians put the same effort and dedication to reviving your computer no matter if you own a MacBook or any ordinary notebook. We ensure quality repair and consistent support to prioritise our customers’ satisfaction.

Here are some computer brands that our experts handle almost every day across Dubai:

  • Samsung
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Avita
  • Alienware
  • Apple MacBook and Macs
  • Dell
  • Razer
  • Asus
  • Lenovo
  • Sony
  • HP
  • Acer
  • MSI
  • Toshiba and more

Get in touch with our computer repair near me team to learn more about our specialisation.

Why Should You Choose Our Computer Repair Dubai Services?

Your powerful combination desktop requires a robust solution whenever a disruption appears. And, so does your precious laptop. Dubai Fixing is among the top-notch computer repairing shops in Dubai and we can deliver result-oriented fixes only. Here’s why you should prioritise our expertise to address any type of computer issue:

Highly Qualified and Professionals in the House

Dubai Fixing believes in superior computer repair in Dubai and that’s why we don’t hesitate to appoint only the best repair technicians for you. We closely work with certified, licensed, and vetted computer repair technicians all around Dubai. Thus, you can avail of trusted repair, maintenance, and more at your fingertips.

Genuine Quality Parts

Dubai Fixing is known for its promising and industry-leading repair services. We enforce only genuine spare parts’ supremacy to provide our customers with long-lasting results. So, contact our computer repair Dubai professionals to secure durable repair for your system.

Quick On-Site Repair

Bringing your computer to our computer Maintenance shop in Dubai can be difficult for you. Therefore, we offer doorstep computer repair services for all our customers in Dubai. Now, you can call our technicians from the comfort of your home. Register your complaints and computer malfunctions. Soon, our experts will see you with the required repair solution according to your booking.

Versatile Services

Dubai Fixing doesn’t believe in a single-fit-for-all service. Instead, we offer customised and flexible computer repair near me services as requested by our customers. On the other hand, our technicians can tackle computer issues irrespective of their manufacturers, operating systems, etc. Then, contact our computer repair experts today to get rid of the severe malfunctions of your device.

Easy on the Budget

Get specific computer repair Dubai services at fixed prices from us. We at Dubai Fixing maintain transparency while generating both estimates and final bills. We can assure you that we don’t include any hidden charges to your bill. So, you can get the best computer repair at reasonable prices from us.

Simple Booking Process

Does filling out service request forms exhaust you? Well, you can try our competent computer repair near me with the help of a phone call. Just call us to share your computer worries and book a service appointment with our IT experts.

Schedule a Computer Repair in Dubai from Us Right Away!

Minor issues can become stubborn and complicated problems for you and your computer if you don’t fix them on time. Dubai Fixing is here to help you anytime with formulated computer repair Dubai services. Book your computer technician right now by calling our helpline number.

It’s easy to get a quote from us immediately. Next, we will send our team to your location according to your schedule. Contact our customer support executives to learn more about our repair services and pricing.




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