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Crown Molding

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Crown molding provides a decorative finishing touch for capping the cabinets columns and the interior walls as well. Additionally, it helps to create more space in the most classy and opulent way. And, this decorative addition will add aesthetic value in the walls and ceiling of your house. 

Additionally, crown molding with framings will add beauty to the object and will protect it from unwanted damages. But, the process requires strategic planning to make a suitable design. Thus, being one of the top-notched service providers in Dubai, Dubai Fixing helps you to avail the best crown molding- carpentry / framing services in Dubai. 

All the registered professionals who are associated with us can accurately handle the entire crown molding process. And, you get high-quality middling service and the best outcome by just engaging with our vetted experts.

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Types of Crown Molding Services

Dubai Fixing houses pre-eminent professionals who have immense expertise in handling every type of crown modelling jobs. Additionally, you get to add suitable design and patterns in the furniture by just hiring our highly experienced professionals. Moreover, we make sure you get an instantly elevated look in the room. Starting from using the wooden materials to plastic and foam, our professionals can handle every kind of crown molding job.


Dubai Fixing helps you to get the best plaster crown molding for your apartment. Additionally, by just hiring our certified professionals you can get grand interior design for the ceilings and walls. Moreover, plaster helps to get an elaborated profile. Additionally, you can consult with our experienced professional before getting a crown molding service in your existing or new apartment and villa. We will help you to choose the suitable design for plaster crown molding that will look absolutely perfect. 

Solid Wood Crown Molding

Using solid wood in the crown molding can be the best suitable choice for your furniture. Additionally, the wooden color and grained patterned will add warmth to your rooms. And, with this type of wooden crown molding, you get a structural upgrade in the plain furniture. Starting from choosing a suitable design to installing it, Dubai Fixing can tackle the entire process proficiently. 

MDF Crown Molding

This type of crown molding is suitable for the rooms with the trims that are painted. And, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is the best alternative to solid wood. Additionally, we can offer you a wide range of stock profits for MDF. The Professionals linked with Dubai Fixing can proficiently handle the cutting and installation of MDF. Additionally, apart from the other materials of crown molding, MDF is easier to dent. 


Get in touch with Dubai Fixing and get the best polyurethane crown molding services across Dubai. And, we have the advanced tools and equipment to install the pieces of polyurethane. The professionals have expertise in setting this type of material at the upper edge of your wall and ceiling. Get a beautifully designed look crown molding by just hiring our professionals. 


This type of crown molding will be ideal for the bathrooms and exterior walls of your house. Get a simple profile by just installing the PVC crown molding service from the skilled professionals of crown molding- carpentry / framing services in Dubai. The PVC molding helps to get a slick surface in the installed areas. So, if you are planning to get a crown molding for your home, trust us. 

And lastly, based on the type of crown molding, we help you to install the suitable and super quality crown molding- carpentry / framing services in Dubai. And, we have gathered a team of professionals who can even install the polystyrene, runner or flex and styrofoam crown molding efficiently.


How to Find and Hire Crown Molding Expert in Dubai?

cutting crown moulding

Once you find out the type of service that you want to install in your house, book an appointment with our dedicated professionals. Dubai Fixing helps you to join hands with the best and top-leading professionals who are not only authorized but also gained years of experience installing the several types of crown molding in the walks, ceiling, or furniture. 

Read Reviews and Ratings

The excellent ratings and reviews encourage the customers more to opt for the service agencies to fulfil their requirements. Additionally, one gets to know about the quality of service offered. And, Dubai fixing has acquired outstanding reviews and ratings, after accomplishing the crown moldings services. 

Call 042480518 and Clear Your Doubts Before Hiring

Before opting for the service agencies and professionals, you must get adequate ideas about them from reliable sources. Dubai Fixing contains reliable and certified professionals who can easily handle all the crown molding works But, before booking an appointment, it is essential to clear your queries. Ask:

  • How much do you take for wood crown molding?
  • What type of kits do you use to install the crown molding in the ceilings?”
  • Can I install crown molding in my chair and table?

How to Get the Best Crown Molding Experts Near Me?

Dubai Fixing helps you to connect with the best and most efficient professional who can provide you with a marvellous crown molding- carpentry / framing services in Dubai. Thus, if you are planning to get crown molding in the walls, ceiling, or in the cupboards, Dubai Fixing is there to offer you with on-time service, near your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to cap cabinets, columns or any interior walls, then crown molding can be done. Basically, it is a decorative element that enhances the aesthetic value of a place. With our experienced remodelling team, you get to identify the desirable corner of the house that needs crown molding.

There are certain styles that never go out of style and crown molding is one of them. However, being on the expensive list, people do not opt for them these days. But, with Dubai Fixing, you get an affordable deal for crown molding service and get a transitional look. Experience perfect workmanship from us and increase the value of your home.

If your room has a high ceiling then crown molding can impart a cosy feel, that in general such rooms might lack. Further, modern kitchen, rustic dining, and other formal spaces such as the living room or the grand foyers can support crown molding and exhibit a style to the house. With us, you get a premium crown molding services in Dubai.

Yes, professionals can install crown molding in various rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens, to add a decorative touch.

The time for installation varies depending on the complexity and the room size but may take a few hours to a day for standard projects.

– Yes, professionals can repair or replace damaged crown molding to restore its original beauty.

– Yes, professionals can work around ceiling fans and HVAC systems to install crown molding that complements the room.

To install crown molding, you’ll need essential tools like a miter saw, measuring tape, caulk, and safety gear, along with the expertise to measure, cut, and install the molding accurately.


“Dubai Fixing helped me to get a plaster crown molding on the upper ceilings of my house. And, it is looking absolutely magnificent. Thank you, Dubai Fixing.”

-Amrin Sarfaraz

“The cost of crown molding service was worthy of such an excellent service. Additionally, professionals are well-trained and knowledgeable.”

-Nagma Begum

‘“I feel very much thankful for hiring the professional Dubai Fixing. Moreover, they can skillfully handle all the crown molding works. Thank you, Dubai Fixing.”

-Amina Khatun

“The professionals have mastered crown molding. And, I am very much astonished by their quality of service.”

-Tanai Parveen

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