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Avail of Exquisite & Professional Deep Cleaning Services Dubai

A clean, healthy, and safe indoor space is the key to keeping your home warm and welcoming. The lingering dust of Dubai can settle in your indoor environment if you don’t opt for regular cleaning. Additionally, it can leave you at the risk of acquiring numerous health issues. However, you can revert the decline in your home’s overall hygiene with our luxurious deep cleaning services Dubai.

At Dubai Fixing, we stand out as your go-to solution for maintaining your pristine residence. Now, you can unlock a fresh and aesthetic home with our dedicated deep cleaning services near me. Be it a before-party preparation, post-event cleanup, moving-out, or a monthly maintenance regime – we cover it all with our home-focussed deep cleaning services in Dubai.

Are you looking for a tailored cleanup according to your home’s requirements? Dubai Fixing can do that too. All you can get is consistent cleanliness and a fresh living space. Take advantage of our seamless booking and customised services to get a secure and efficient deep clean at your convenience from us.

Home Deep Cleaning Services Dubai: How to Use Dubai Fixing’s Expertise?

Indoor air pollution is a serious concern in Dubai. If you want instant relief from respiratory issues and degraded indoor air quality in your home then a home deep cleaning is the best shot. How do deep cleaning services Dubai stand out from regular cleaning?

Regular or general cleaning services include dusting and mopping of different surfaces. Whereas deep cleaning services come up with cleaning of every fixture of your home. In addition, professionals will clean hard-to-reach corners, areas behind furniture, etc. so you get the freshest feel at your home.

We, at Dubai Fixing, prioritise your health and cleaning demands. That’s why we send away our cleaning team as soon as you fix an appointment with us. Moreover, we offer a wide range of deep cleaning services that you can also customise according to your needs. Let’s review our bestselling professional deep cleaning services and how you can use them:

Monthly Maintenance Deals

For those who like to keep their homes maintained in top-notch condition, our monthly maintenance deep cleaning is a suitable package. This service is particularly designed for regular upkeep. Our cleaners will clean the windows, fans, lampshades, and more apart from dusting and mopping your living space.

For kitchen premises, they will clean the toughest spots and stains on the sides of the cooking range, under the sink, above the cabinets, and more. Besides this, our experts will clean all kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, microwave, oven, dishwasher, etc.

As a part of monthly deep cleaning, our professionals pay special attention to electrical appliance cleaning in your bedroom followed by windows, mirrors, and floor cleaning. Access vacuuming and mopping of tubs, toilets, showers, and so on for your bathroom deep cleaning. Our licensed maids or cleaners will clean your bathroom and scrub floors to deal with water stains and streaks.

At the very end, our professionals will sanitise your premises to guarantee sustainable cleanliness for your home. So, you can call and book our deep cleaning services near me. We will assign you a quick response team according to your preferences and location.

Post Renovation Deep Cleanup

Scopes of deep cleaning services Dubai are not limited to monthly maintenance services only. You might have finished a kitchen, bedroom, or any interior renovation lately and all you can see is junk all over your place. In this situation, a quick but reliable deep cleaning can remove all the clutter from your place of serenity.

We have designed our post-renovation deep cleanup services to transform your home into a pristine indoor after the aftermath of construction. Our professionals will handle debris, dust, and any type of cluttering mess around your home.

Thus, your place will feel brand new after a swift and professional deep cleaning service in Dubai. However, the scope of post-construction deep cleaning can vary according to your home’s layout and your belongings. In general, our professionals offer the following tasks:

  • Removing dust, debris, and contaminants from your space
  • Removing paint and stains from walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces
  • Mirrors, windows, and glass surfaces cleaning
  • Sweeping and vacuuming floors including tile, hardwood, carpets, and more
  • Mopping hard surfaces
  • Kitchen surfaces like sinks, countertops, and appliances cleaning and disinfecting
  • Toilets, sinks, tubs, and shower cleaning and disinfecting
  • Dusting and cleaning HVAC units, ductwork, vents, and filters
  • Diffusers, air vents, and grills cleaning and disinfecting
  • Taking the trash out

Additionally, our professionals offer a final inspection to be sure that they miss nothing. So, retain your peace of mind with our post-construction deep cleaning services and enjoy your renovation without facing any mess.

Party Cleanup Services

Both pre- and post-event cleaning services can be exhausting. Fortunately, Dubai Fixing is here with magnificent and easily accessible deep cleaning services all around Dubai so you can host your friends and family without giving it a second thought.

Now, you can prep up your home before an event by hiring our deep cleaning experts. Our professional mids will tackle everything starting from the kitchen, bathroom, living space, and more. Make your surroundings gleaming and spotless without engaging yourself in the cleanup game. You can spare some time for yourself and prepare for the event as our cleaners will shine your home from the inside out.

On a contrary note, a deep cleaning is a must-have for handling the left mess behind after an event. However, our trained cleaners know how to clean your premises without being a distraction. They will restore order to your home with a customised deep cleaning service. Meanwhile, you can relax or get back to work. So, book our deep cleaning services and customise with add-ons if required.

Seasonal Deep Cleanup Services

Does season change irritate you and you tend to sneeze a lot? Perhaps, your home tells you that it requires a seasonal deep cleaning in this way. Take control of your indoor air pollution and reduce your chances of being infected with our suitable deep cleaning services.

Be it welcoming the summer or making your home comfortable for winter, choose our versatile deep cleaning team for guaranteed results. As a part of seasonal deep cleaning, you can avail of the following cleanup services from our certified maids and experts:

  • Wiping down ceiling fans
  • Grill cleaning
  • Couches and rugs cleaned with an allergen vacuum
  • Wiping down baseboards and crown mouldings
  • Treating your upholstery with steam cleaning
  • Cleaning and organising medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers
  • Shower and tub scrubbing
  • Bathroom floor mopping
  • Changing air conditioner filters
  • Kitchen cabinets and countertops cleaning and organising
  • Appliances cleaning and disinfecting
  • Wiping down door handles and other high-touch surfaces
  • Dusting lampshades and more

Just like you protect yourself with sunscreen before surging into outdoor activities in summer, your home requires decluttering and overall a deep clean before summer kicks in. The same applies to any season change. So, grab our affordable deals on seasonal cleaning and get instant refreshing outcomes.

Move-in and Move-out Specialisation Cleaning Services

Are you planning to say goodbye to your old home and step into a new one? Both instances require deep cleaning Dubai services. Now, you can leave behind a lasting impression on the next owner with our move-out specialised deep cleanup services. 

On the other hand, you can make sure of a fresh start to your new villa or apartment with our deep cleaning services near me. From the hallway to the balcony and bathroom, get every corner thoroughly cleaned and sparkling with our disciplined and high-quality deep clean scopes.

Our housemaids are equipped with advanced tools and specific cleaning products to give you a spotless canvas so you can add personal touches to it. On a related note, our professionals can tackle small apartments, studios, and spacious 6BHK villas as well. Therefore, book our tailored deep cleaning services over a phone call and witness the difference.

Welcoming Deep Cleaning Services

Are you about to step into your home with your little one? Welcome your newest family member with our specialised and supervised deep cleaning services. Now, you can be extra sure of a healthy and safe environment with our exclusive deep cleaning services Dubai.

Apart from regular deep cleaning expertise, our maids pay extra attention to sterilising the surfaces of your home. Moreover, they eradicate allergens from your home. Thus, your home becomes ready to welcome the new member with a spotless glow and happiness.

Besides these above-mentioned deep cleaning services, you can personalise your package depending on which type of deep cleaning your property requires. Add or remove tasks from a package and get it delivered by Dubai Fixing’s ultimate maid’s team. Enjoy a seamless booking experience and every type of assistance on our behalf.

How it Works

Dubai Fixing excels at understanding customers’ requirements and priorities while designing services. In addition, we make sure that you can book our services without any hustle and bustle. Here’s how you can hire our deep cleaning Dubai experts at your location and get the desired service:

Call Us and Find a Suitable Solution

Do you have a deep cleaning plan in mind? Realise it by calling our service helpline number. Next, talk to our service executives and share what you are looking for. They will guide you to choose the best-tailored deep cleaning services depending on your demands.

Get a Slot Booked

Now, our experts will assign you a cleaning team according to your location in Dubai and other specialisations. Afterwards, you can choose a preferable slot from the available ones and schedule the appointment.

Let Our Professionals Offer an Unparalleled Cleaning Experience

You can pay our maids and cleaners in advance. Otherwise, they will deep clean your residence and then you can pay them. We offer a variety of flexible and transparent payment options to proceed with. So, retain the highest satisfaction with our premium deep cleaning services near me.

Reasons to Choose Dubai Fixing for Home Deep Cleaning Services

Are you looking for a deep cleaning that can keep up with your expectations? Dubai Fixing brings you something that will exceed your expectations. With us, there’s no shortage of options for home deep cleaning. Let’s check out why choosing Dubai Fixing is a decision you will never regret.

Safe and Trusted Forefront

Allowing total strangers into your premises is not a small deal at all. That’s why we minutely check our cleaners’ backgrounds one by one so you don’t have to face any challenges. In addition, our professionals obey every single cleaning and safety guideline for the sake of your health.

Excellent Expertise

We hire only skilled, licensed, and certified maids and cleaners who are capable of deep cleaning scopes. Indeed, we ensure that all our staff go through intensive training sessions to deliver the best pristine results.

Quality Never Compromised

Dubai Fixing strongly believes in consistency. That’s why we make sure that our professionals can provide the same high-quality deep cleaning solutions with every visit. Additionally, our cleaners care about your family and use only non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products. So, you can create a safe environment for your family, including children as well as pets.

Affordability Maintained

You get what you pay for with Dubai Fixing. We fix the rate of the service depending on its type. In addition, all our deep cleaning services in Dubai facilities are priced using a straightforward structure. So, bid farewell to extra and hidden charges with our reasonable deep cleaning Dubai services.

Flawless Booking and Supportive Customer Service

It takes a single call to book our deep cleaning services near me. Apart from this, our customer service executives are ready all around the clock to solve your queries, respond to your rescheduling and cancellation requests, and more.

Transform Your Way of Living with Dubai Fixing’s Deep Cleaning Services!

Deep cleaning services ensure your residence’s purity and keep your family away from serious health problems. So, call us and hire our deep cleaning Dubai team at your convenience. After all, your home deserves the best and we are the #1 choice for that.



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