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Drywall Plaster Repair

Need Drywall Plaster Repair Service Dubai?

Both drywall and plaster are used to cover the walls to improve the interior decor of houses. Most people choose one of these wall-coverings for better longevity of walls. But, the truth is the drywall plaster coverings have to deal with the seasonal changes, change in temperature, humidity. As a result, a crack on the walls is very common. Almost everyone has encountered such a scenario. You might be looking for drywall plaster repair service if you are planning a home renovation or wall construction.

New wall construction mostly requires application of drywall. Whatever your requirements are, you can grab drywall repair services from Dubai Fixing. Additionally, we offer plaster repair service, as well. 

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Types of Drywall Plaster Repairing Services

Our professional painters offer you a seamless fix to your damaged or cracked drywall or plaster walls. It’s better to hire our professional wall repair service to avoid any mishap in the near future. Get the drywall plaster repair service done with safety and efficiency from our trustworthy professionals. They have immense knowledge in this field and thrive to deliver the best outcome.

Patch the Damaged Walls 

Our professional team firstly inspects the damaged region of the walls. Then, they take the necessary prevention. Generally, they patch over the damaged areas of the walls. 

Replace the Missing Parts

In case, any of the region on the drywall or plaster goes missing then our professional painters would fix that, too. They would replace the damaged area. Thus, adding value to the interiors as well as exterior areas of the house.

Smoothen the Affected Area

After replacing the affected area with plaster or drywall, the painters would smoothen that area. They would use modern machinery for this purpose. When the area gets dried they would paint over the newly repaired area. Get smooth-finishing and great touch-up in addition to reliable drywall plaster repair service.


How to Find and Hire Drywall Plaster Repairing Experts in Dubai?

Drywall Plaster Repair Service

In Dubai, such wall repair services are in high demand because of extreme weather conditions. If you are looking for ‘plaster repair near me’ or drywall repair service then you can search for our services. Verifying the service before you place a booking.

Go through Ratings and Reviews

The best way to justify a service provider and their service is to check the ratings and reviews from their existing customers. The quality of service reflects from the reviews of customers. If you find out impressive reviews about some service experts then you can make a short-list of them. Dubai Fixing is known for its high rating and reliability among the customers.

Contact us at 042480518 and Verify all your Queries

You don’t have to place the booking at the service provider. Rather, you can contact them over the phone and ask relevant questions. This will clarify your preliminary requirements and you can understand the quality and professionalism of the service team. You might start with the following questions, like: 

  • Do they provide insured wall repair services?
  • Are they experienced?
  • How do they deal with the plaster repair service or drywall repair service?

If you get satisfying replies from all those service providers then you can proceed with them. Dubai Fixing can tackle all the needs of your drywall or plaster wall. We believe in quality service so that the drywall plaster repair service lasts longer. Consult with our experts for the optimum results.

How to Hire our Drywall Plaster Repairing Experts Near Me?

Search for our promising service near your location and book an appointment with our vetted experts. Our professionals reach your doorstep at the earliest. For more information, reach our customer service desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our professionals can strategically repair a plaster wall with drywall. The entire procedure needs the perfect precision and technique; otherwise, it won’t work. Avail our drywall plaster repair service for best results.

The professionals do the necessary measurements, then they cut out a patch of drywall. Next, they hold the patch over the section over the plaster wall and make an outline. They take out the plaster and clean up the area. After that, they proceed with screwing the drywall patch securely. The entire process is followed by a series of smoothening and touching-up steps. Book our plaster repair service and consult with our experts for more details.

Unprotected drywall can absorb moisture and hence it can get severely damaged within years. Additionally, patching up with plaster over drywalls can provide you instant results and smooth finishing. Overall, plastering over drywall can prevent the bloating and sagging of the drywalls.

Generally, it relies on the measurement of the area of the defected walls. You can expect a minimal charge for repairing your plaster wall from Dubai Fixing. Hire our drywall plaster repair service for durable solutions.

Dubai Fixing suggests utilizing experts to ensure a seamless transition between plaster and drywall for a durable and visually appealing wall repair.

Dwelling repair improves space aesthetics by addressing damage, creating a smooth finish, and maintaining wall structural integrity, preventing further deterioration and ensuring a long-lasting, visually appealing interior.

Dubai Fixing offers customized quotes for affordable and transparent drywall installation services, considering factors like room size and complexity.

We offer expert advice on drywall replacement or plaster repair for minor damage, with repairing plaster being cost-effective and extensive damage requiring drywall replacement.

Our expert technician advises assessing plaster damage to determine whether minor cracks can be repaired or if extensive damage requires replacement for a lasting and aesthetically pleasing solution.


“Trusted and friendly professional painters from Dubai Fixing repaired the drywall at my villa. Would like to book a service again from them.”

-Eiham Al Qasim

“Great job Dubai Fixing. The walls look newly constructed. Keep it up.”

-Mohammed Salim

“Satisfying wall repair services from professionals of Dubai Fixing. Already recommended Dubai Fixing to my friends and relatives.”

-Hussain Sajwani

“The severe scratches have gone after drywall plaster repair service from Dubai Fixing. Really liked the service.”

– Khalifa Al Jaziri

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