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Looking for An Electrician?

Electrical systems, be it in the house or office, can become faulty after a course of time and many things can trigger that. For instance, continuous power outage, bad wiring, or short circuit mishaps. Here’s the problem. Since it is related to electricity, it can remain dangerous until it is fixed. Leaving faulty wires undetected, can cause life-threatening risks at all times and affect those electrical appliances that take the power supply from the source. 

It is always advisable to get the wiring system checked, maintained, and repaired if required. Needless to say that working with the electrical system requires a professional guide which we, at Dubai Fixing, can provide very easily. Once you’ve informed us of the issue, our professional experts will take care of it in our explicit electrical wiring service.

Hire #1 Electrician Near You in Dubai

Faulty electrical setups pose threats to your life. Be it a short-circuit fix or a home entertainment system installation, it’s wiser to consider a skilled and experienced electrician near me. Are you looking for an electrician Dubai expert?

Look no further because Dubai Fixing brings you the best electrician technician team to help you out with electrical emergencies. With qualified and vetted electricians, installing lighting fixtures, and adding switches, transformers, sockets, and more is easier than ever. Whether it’s a minor cosmetic project or a major renovation, our electricians can outperform your expectations.

On the other hand, we prioritise your and our staff’s security. That’s why we equip our electricians with the best-quality tools and other shock-proof components so that they can execute electrical tasks more securely. So, you can avail of safe electrician service near me by contacting Dubai Fixing.

In addition, our electricians are versatile professionals since they specialise in both domestic and commercial or industrial electrical services. So, hire a licensed and experienced electrician in Dubai by calling us right away. We will dispatch our electricians as soon as possible if it’s an emergency. Otherwise, you can book an electrical service at your convenience

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Types of Electrician Services

There are many professional experts like Residential Electricians, Commercial Electricians, Maintenance Electricians, Industrial Electricians, Electrotechnical Panel Builders, etc who carry out the electrical wiring properly. We also understand that your budget is important which is why our service cost differs and we offer a plethora of choices unlike other electrical companies in Dubai.


In our electrical wiring repairing service, our motor repair expert electricians first inspect the issue within the electrical system. Owing to their knowledge and practical experience, they do the needful. If the wires are faulty, then they repair it using new wires. They also measure the power supply and make sure that the energy which is generated is adequate for energy bills. 

Commercial & Maintenance

Electrical systems in commercial places are largely connected to all the sources. So, if multiple sectors face a power outage, it is likely that the fault is within the main system. Our trained electrician in Dubai uses protective measures to resolve issues and make sure that the wiring is done right. They also make sure that the lights and AC systems are ingesting sufficient amounts of electricity which is adequate for commercial & business sectors. 

Emergency Generator Fixing

Amidst a local power outage, it is difficult to expect the power to come back quickly. A big storm can blow up the main electricity source. However, a generator can be useful at times like this. If you have any issues with the generator connected to your house or office, then our experts can take care of that for you. They also make sure that the generator is running properly without too much energy consumption.

Electrical Surge Protection

When you face power outages, often, electrical wiring and other electrical power sources end up getting fried. This can be potentially dangerous as the energy burst can be a risk to our lives. Our electrician Dubai Fixing has a solution for it. And, that is Surge Protection. They make sure that by installing power surge protection, energy flows in a regulated manner, be it for a particular outlet, or the entire wiring system of the house. This prevents you from getting unexpected malfunctions and also reduces energy consumption. 

Installing UPS System

Our experts provide uninterrupted Power Supply in electrical services which are similar to a generator. It runs on batteries and is maintained or operated in computer equipment. Our experts are well aware that its use is essential for commercial spaces, IT, and business sectors so they do the needful to install them correctly. So, if there is a power outage that is local, you won’t have to worry about having pending work. 

What Does Our Electrician Dubai Team Have to Offer?

Finding a perfect match for an electrician near me in Dubai can be daunting. However, the struggle is over now as Dubai Fixing is here with many electrical services accompanied by the best experts in the industry.

From electrical wiring, fuse repair, and installing aesthetic light fixtures to installing CCTV cameras, the entire property’s rewiring, and much more – our electrician technicians can do wonders for you. With the right supervision, our technicians can handle any critical issue. They run advanced diagnostics to identify the root problem. Then, they can find the fix and deliver the results without any downtime.

You can call us to book an electrical service. During the initial phone call, our electricians will understand your requirements in detail. Thus, they will always be prepared for the electrical job before they reach you. Expect a planned execution of every electrical service with Dubai Fixing’s excellent electrician shop near me.

Let’s review some of our bestselling electrician service near me privileges:

Lighting Fixtures and Fittings Installation

Are you looking for an interior upgrade? A minor or major renovation is quite beyond the league without the right electrical support. Enlighten your home and office premises with our trademark electrician Dubai team. Apart from interior light fixture installation, our technicians install exterior lights too.

Here are some common light fixtures and fittings our electricians are comfortable with installation and more:

  • Floor lamps
  • Recessed light
  • Linear lights
  • Ceiling fixtures
  • Fans
  • Island lights
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Vanity lights
  • Floodlights
  • Task lighting
  • Wall scones
  • Track lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Smart lights

Our technicians take care of wiring, switches, etc. while installing or fitting light fixtures. After that, they thoroughly test the installed fixtures so that you get a shock-proof and convenient experience with them. Therefore, avail of our industry-grade lighting installation services from our electrician shop near me.

Electrical Breakdown Repairs

A malfunctioning appliance or socket is an inevitable instance. Typically, an electrical breakdown is a drop in the resistance property of an electrical insulator. This takes place when the applied voltage across the insulator exceeds the breakdown voltage. As a result, the electrically insulating material can behave as a conductor.

The failure of the electric circuit or device can result in an electrical or dielectric breakdown. If not treated urgently, you might face disastrous consequences. Restrict such chances by hiring our skilled and rigorously trained electricians.

Our electrician technicians know how to combat such breakdowns and replace sockets, switches, wires, cables, and switchboards for long-lasting solutions. In addition, they will find out the source and root cause and take preventive measures. Therefore, the same accident doesn’t happen to your electrical system or appliances.

Besides handling dielectric breakdowns, our electricians are capable of repairing and replacing blown resistors, fuses, contractors, and switchgear. They can even rewire your entire building if required. So, choose our electrician service near me to get instant repair and replacement for socket outlets, fuse spurs, and light switches.

Get in touch with our electrician near me experts for quick and trusted electrical services against dielectric breakdowns and similar instances.

Electrical System Maintenance

Your home’s or office’s electrical system should be in tune or maintained for risk-free handling of different appliances and components. Are you looking for an efficient and comprehensive electrical maintenance service in Dubai? We at Dubai Fixing have you covered by our competent electrician Dubai team.

Our veteran technicians offer the following maintenance services as a part of electrician service near me:

  • Analysis of electrical connections
  • Inspecting electrical damage
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Examining extension cords
  • Voltage analysis
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Voltage checks across major electrical appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.
  • Main control board inspection
  • Power outlets examination

In addition, our electrician technician team tests every equipment of your electrical system. All these steps are necessary and they prevent issues that could lead to a power loss or even a power surge. Moreover, our electricians will replace damaged wiring and parts of the electrical system for safety during the maintenance session.

Thus, you can safeguard yourself and your family with our specialised electrician service near me.

CCTV System Installation and Maintenace

Is a security update on your mind? Then, CCTV camera and overall system installation is the right step you can move to. Fortunately, our electrician in Dubai can help you establish a fully-fledged CCTV system at affordable prices.

Deciding on triggering locations for security purposes can be tricky. Choose our electrician near me to assist you in locating the right spots so that you can keep the majority of your property under effective video surveillance. After that, connecting the cameras across your villa or office with suitable cables can be easily done by our professionals from the electrician shop near me.

Moreover, our technicians take care of the power requirements of each camera. They run the cables to every camera site and connect those cables to the DVR. Next, they mount and install security cameras. Once everything is in its place, our electrician technicians are ready to set up the DVR and power the entire system.

So, you can level up your security game with our electrician in Dubai. On the other hand, our electrician service near me is perfect for installing rigs from the following brands:

  • Hikvision
  • Matrix
  • Sony
  • Grandstream
  • CP Plus
  • Vivotek
  • Camtron
  • Dahua
  • D-Link
  • Foxtech
  • Samsung
  • Axis
  • Honeywell
  • Vantage
  • Milesight
  • Mobotix and more

Apart from installation and setup, we at Dubai Fixing offer CCTV and security system maintenance services. Our electrician near me team provides the following checklist:

  • Looking for corrosion
  • Cleaning camera lenses
  • Power supply checking
  • Maintaining the video recording equipment
  • Checking the overall connection and video quality

Therefore, retain your highest satisfaction in terms of security with Dubai Fixing’s electrician shop near me. We also offer access control installation and setup services.

Building Restoration, Wiring, and Rewiring

Does your property require a complete makeover? Then, a rewiring or electrical construction might be necessary. Let our electrician Dubai team take care of that. From tackling an electrical system complying with electrical safety guidelines to running wires and installing electrical components, our electricians are capable of everything.

In order to accomplish a safe rewiring and restoration, our technicians offer the following items as a part of a successful electrical system:

  • Looking for breaks, cracks, and symptoms of overheating
  • Testing circuits
  • Recognising electrical hazards
  • Examining the quality of bonding and earthing
  • Inspecting all the electrical components’ conditions for in-sync and proper operation

For instance, our electrician technicians inspect the following parts:

  • Fuses
  • Wiring and circuits
  • Sockets
  • Safety switches or RCDs
  • Consumer mains
  • Metallic water pipe bond
  • Switchboards
  • Exposed earth electrode
  • Circuit protection
  • Outlets
  • HVAC wiring
  • Outdoor circuits
  • Electrical panel
  • GFCIs and AFCIs
  • Smoke and CO detectors

Besides the checklist for basic electrical safety, our electricians can repair and restore your building’s overall electrical connection. Get assistance in the installation and repair of charging systems of electrical vehicles, data and voice cabling, lightning and surge protection, etc. with our comprehensive electrician service near me.

Consider our electrician shop near me if you want to include a few more electrical appliances in your home for an overall upgrade. Your electrical panels should be updated. Our experts will implement what’s on your mind with safety measures and provide you with satisfactory results. Moreover, you can save up on your electricity bills with our strategic and energy-efficient electrician near me services.


How to Find & Hire an Electrician?

hire an electrician

If you want to avail an Electrician for water pump repair or other appliances, all you need to do is go through proper ratings & reviews so that you can clear up your doubts and opt for the best fit. This way you’ll know for sure why Dubai Fixing is known as a trusted platform in Dubai for electrical and water motor pump repair. 

Read Reviews & Ratings

If you are severely unsure about choosing an electrician for your service, then make a detailed comparison of ratings and reviews. From there, you’ll have a clear knowledge of which electricians to hire. Based on their level of dedication, it’ll be easier for you to choose. However, it should not be the only mode of revering. Try asking for a quote or sample from our renowned platform, Dubai Fixing. 

Call 042480518 & Ask Questions Before You Hire

Before you are all set to choose an electrician for the service, it is important to make an evaluation of their credibility. Their authenticity and decision at work are equally important, so here are the following questions that you can ask them:

  • How experienced are they?
  • How many years and months have they worked?
  • Are they authorized to carry our water and electric services?

From these questions, your evaluation process will become much easier. From here, you can also rule out an estimated cost of the service based on individual electricians. Also, try getting more information on seasonal offers. 

How to Hire our Electrician Services Near Me?

Visit our website or call us at 042480518 to hire a Electrician service. We provide quality projects meeting your satisfaction and expectations and are easily available near your locality.

How Does Our Electrician in Dubai Work?

Dubai Fixing understands the emergency of electrical hazards, repairs, and requirements and their equivalence to your safety. That’s why our Electrician Dubai team provides our customers with all-rounder electrical services for added safety, security, and convenience.

However, you might be thinking about how you can book an electrician service near me from Dubai Fixing. Don’t worry as it takes only 3 steps to hire our electrician technicians and get a doorstep service:

Call Dubai Fixing

Are you in search of a qualified and experienced electrician to inspect the sudden power cut or blown fuse? Call our electrician Dubai staff by dialling our service helpline number. Otherwise, click the Book Now button and specify whether you require wire fixing, fuse box replacement, defective electrical equipment repair, electrical fixture replacement, or anything else.

Get an Instant Quote from Our Electricians

Once you reach our specialists, they will respond to you as soon as possible. Make sure that you share your location with us so our electricians can reach you without any downtime. Next, they will inspect the condition and provide you with a quote immediately.

Get the Electrical Service

After you agree to the quote, our skilled electricians will proceed with the installation, repair, inspection, or maintenance service you booked. Meanwhile, you can relax since our technicians handle every task with safety and minute accuracy. Therefore, get in touch with our electrician shop near me and hire our experts for swift electrical services.

Why is Dubai Fixing Your Trusted Option to Hire an Electrician Near Me?

Dubai Fixing is a reputed name for a wide range of household and commercial services and electrical repairs are one of our expertise areas. Be it creating new outlets, solar panel installation and repair, or a full kitchen electrical renovation, our electrician in Dubai can turn your requirements into reality. Here are the potential perks of joining our electrician near me services:

Licensed and Vetted Electricians

Your safety is our top priority. That’s why we work with qualified, skilled, trained, insured, and experienced technicians all across Dubai. They have a vast knowledge of how basic and advanced electrical systems work. So, you will get guaranteed installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical components all under the single roof of Dubai Fixing.

Emergency Assistance

Nobody likes to wait for expert intervention when there’s an electrical emergency. Fortunately, with Dubai Fixing, you can bid goodbye to waiting. We dispatch our electrician Dubai team as soon as we get a call from you. Say yes to quick and efficient electrician near me services with us.

High-Tech Tools and Technology

Count on our expertise in electrical testing, repair, maintenance, renovation, and more based on our years of knowledge and experience. We equip our electrician technicians with the latest and must-have tools. Thus, our electricians can pay the highest attention to your safety and deliver high-quality electrical services simultaneously.

Energy-Saving Approach

Is it the air conditioner or the refrigerator that makes you pay more and more electricity bills? Avoid surging electricity utility bills with our regular maintenance and testing services. Our technicians work under supervision and they find out ways to keep your electricity consumption under budget. So, hire our electricians right away if you want to keep your electrical use economical.

Call Our Electrician Shop Near Me Today!

Deal with emergency electrical hazards with Dubai Fixing’s fast and professional electrical near me. You can call us and register your complaint right now. We assure you that our technicians will reach you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

An electrician is best known for their ability to work with electrical aspects, like electrical wiring, the flow of electricity, electrical measurement, controlling, repairing, installing and maintaining electricity. They work with protective equipment to prevent getting voltage shock. 

The most common cause for water pump being unable to work is, damaged fuse in the breaker box, faulty switchboard, or bad pressure gauge. Either way, our experts are well aware of all this. Thus, they take the necessary steps for fixing it. 

If there is a leak in the water pump then there are ways to seal it. Such as first draining out the remaining water, then removing engine belts, getting access to pump bolts, removing the pump, and getting a new pump instead. Our experts have genuine pumps available for replacement. 

The common signs of bad wiring are occasional power outage, lights and fans flickering, increased energy bills, and more. If you find any of these signs around your house or office, then it is time to hire our electricians.

If you see that the lights in your house are flickering, then it is because of a few things. Such as problems with the bulb, loose plugs, faulty lights and switch, extra appliances simultaneously consuming energy. Other things like voltage fluctuation, circuit overload, and fault meter box can also trigger this. 

If you have proper knowledge and understanding of the electrical aspects, then you can do it on your own. However, for those having little to no experience in electrical work, should reconsider doing it, since it can be very dangerous. Getting professional help, in either case, would be recommended. 

You must look into the electrical service provider’s credentials, qualification, experiences, permits licenses, and reviews of their work.

Yes, we are available  24/7 hours emergency electrical service for urgent situations.

We provide a wide range of electrical services, including installations, repairs, wiring, and maintenance.


“The electricians were very friendly and helpful. My power came back immediately”

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“I would like to hire the same professional once again. Their behaviour was appropriate & professional.”

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“Very happy with the service. My energy bill has reduced a lot. Thanks to Dubai Fixing!”

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