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Need Fridge Repair Service?

A refrigerator serves you every day in a year and it is inevitable that it can cause malfunctions. Consequently, it is going to disturb you more than you think if you can’t avail instant fridge repair Dubai service. Food might get spoiled if it takes a whole day or two. Additionally, you should not interfere with your refrigerator repair by using any DIY trick available online.

Because a refrigerator is a complex electrical appliance combining both electrical and plumbing connections inside it. That’s why you should rely on a professional technician when it comes to refrigerator repair Dubai service. And, Dubai Fixing is really renowned for its on-time and quick service. Find out why and how we have become your safest bet for handling any fridge repair Dubai service.

Hire #1 Guaranteed Fridge Repair Dubai Specialists

Your refrigerator can’t save your stored food from spoiling if it suddenly breaks down and the repair guys take forever to fix the appliance. Be on the safe side with Dubai Fixing’s immediate and specialised fridge repair Dubai services at your doorstep.

Dubai Fixing is a reliable name in the industry for identifying problems with a variety of refrigerators and resolving them without any hassle. Our licensed and vetted technicians can deliver swift and efficient repair results regardless of the fridge brand and build. 

Additionally, we take pride in sorting out a versatile range of problems that could ever happen to a refrigerator. Be it a door light problem, gas leakage, water leakage, heavy power consumption, or anything you name it – book a refrigerator repair near me service from Dubai Fixing. Our experts will prioritise your service request and serve you as soon as possible.

Rest assured, we offer genuine spare parts for repair and replacement purposes at competitive prices. So, Dubai Fixing is your best bet at repairing your refrigerator at your location without compromising on quality aspects. Place a request for fridge repairing near me from us and our experts will get you covered.

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Benefits of Fridge Repair Dubai Service

Keep away refrigerator hazards with our top-notch professional technicians.

Safety, First

An experienced and trained technician can provide you with the most secure fridge repair Dubai service. As we have mentioned before, fridges are really complicated appliances. So, there are high chances of risks. Don’t endanger your life and your property; rather, hire professional and trained technicians from Dubai Fixing.

Consumption Becomes more Economical

When a refrigerator encounters any minor error, it continues consuming more power as it has to overcome that hurdle. Regular maintenance and repair can make your fridge more optimized, from mechanical and electrical perspectives. Thus, avail the best fridge repair services from us.

Quality Maintained at its Best

We never compromise with the quality of our service. Your satisfaction has remained our main focus. And, we promise you the world-standard service under any circumstances. All our professionals are certified and authorized to deliver the best-in-class service package.


Are you Looking for the Best Fridge Repair Dubai Service?

Dubai Fixing has the perfect solution for you. Apart from fridge repair services you can avail annual maintenance contracts for your commercial refrigerators.

  • You can avail all-in-one solution for diverse fridge issues. The professionals are equipped with essential tools for the fastest recovery of fridges.
  • Fastest turnaround time is our responsibility. You need not bear with the faulty fridge too long when you have contacted us for rescue.
  • We have teamed up with the best, trained, and certified professionals. They have acquired a handful of experience to deal with any fridge issue of any reputed brand.
  • Get instant support on a call with our customer service executives. Moreover, you can clear off any doubt related to our services at any time.
  • Get affordable but guaranteed refrigerator repair Dubai service from us. We use only 100% genuine replacement parts.

Try Our Fridge Repair Dubai Services to Keep Usual Malfunctions Away

A refrigerator is an appliance that everybody uses whether it’s a home or it’s a business place like a restaurant. So, this particular appliance has to bear daily wear and tear and it’s quite common for it to break down someday. However, your preserved food will be spoiled if you don’t hire expert fridge repair Dubai professionals quickly.

On the other hand, you are looking for the safest hands in Dubai to restore your refrigerator capabilities. Don’t worry because Dubai Fixing brings you the best professional and reliable home appliances repair near me and refrigerator is one of our expertise areas.

Our staff has witnessed critical issues with different types of refrigerators and resolved them without any downtime. Additionally, our electricians take care of your safety and security while fixing the home appliance. That’s why we are our customers’ most preferred choice when it comes to refrigerator repair Dubai services. 

Here are some common issues reported by our customers and how we can eradicate them:

Frost Accumulation

The freezer compartment of your refrigerator can come across a frost buildup if you keep the freezer door open for a while. The air can enter the freezer and turn into ice. So, you should tightly close the freezer or damper door to prevent such an instance.

On the other hand, the airtight material lined with the damper door might have been loosened up. As a result, the humid air can easily get into the freezer and cause a frost accumulation. To fix this, you can call our fridge repair Dubai technicians. They can replace the airtight lining and make sure that your freezer works properly.

Additionally, they will assess your refrigerator to determine if anything else indulges in the frost buildup. Our technicians will also test your refrigerator and all its electrical and plumbing components before leaving to ensure your safety.

Water Leakage

You can imagine how dangerous it can be when your refrigerator keeps spilling water on the floor. Anybody can slip on that water and sustain injuries. On a related note, a leaking refrigerator can pose a great threat to the appliance itself.

According to our refrigerator repair near me experts, the following causes are more common behind a leaky fridge:

  • Clogged defrost drain
  • Blocked water supply line
  • Uneven levelling of the refrigerator
  • Faulty seal or open fridge
  • Unsealed drinks leaking

So, you can check your refrigerator and find out if there are any beverages that are leaking. Otherwise, hire our refrigerator repair Dubai staff to investigate what’s wrong with your appliance and take preventive measures. By the way, Dubai Fixing’s technicians can unclog the defrost drain, water supply line, and other units that can lead to a leak.

On the other hand, they can replace the faulty door lining of your refrigerator to prevent leakage. Moreover, we offer refrigerator levelling on smooth and even surfaces to reduce the chances of spilling water. So, book home appliances near me service from Dubai Fixing and stop your fridge from leaking water.

Loud Unusual Noises

You might have heard sounds coming from your refrigerator while it’s functioning. However, the intensity of such sounds should be less and bearable. You have to seek expert intervention if your fridge keeps making odd and loud noises.

Now, the challenge is that it’s quite difficult to spot the source of the incoming noise. So, it’s wise to trust our fridge repair Dubai electricians to detect the reason behind the noise. However, different malfunctions can make different noises. For example, a defective compressor gives birth to a loud buzzing noise.

Whereas a scraping noise may arise from the freezer. Therefore, consider our fridge repairing near me specialisation to fix noises and underlying malfunctions of your refrigerator. Our technicians are proficient in compressor repair and additional required fixes. Get customised refrigerator repair according to your appliance difficulties and guaranteed results from Dubai Fixing.

Insufficient Cooling

Many homeowners have complained that their food items go rancid quickly. If you face the same issue, check whether your refrigerator is cooling adequately. In addition, pay attention to its temperature setting and make changes if required. Otherwise, you can call our fridge repair Dubai professionals if this doesn’t improve the cooling efficiency.

Our technicians will examine both the interior and exterior walls to identify the source of the problem. Moreover, they will inspect the motor, compressor coils, and more units to figure out what repair will be the best for your appliance. Dust accumulation on the compressor coils often leads to overheating.

Don’t worry as our refrigerator maintenance specialists will handle such issues accurately. Indeed, they will use original spare parts for repair and replacement purposes. So, place a fridge repairing near me request at Dubai Fixing and experience the change for yourself.

Malfunctioning Light

Reportedly, the light of the fresh food compartment of most fridges is prone to damage. However, it’s common that a light bulb can fuse by accident and all your refrigerator requires is a replacement for that bulb. Call our fridge repair Dubai experts to replace that defective bulb.

However, critical errors may keep your refrigerator in the dark even after changing the bulb. Let our experienced technicians detect what’s wrong with your appliance and resolve the issue accordingly. They might have to repair the socket or light board to restore the lighting function. Hence, contact our authorised refrigerator repair Dubai technicians to fix your appliance in no time.

Freezing Food

Your refrigerator is supposed to be cooling all your preserved food but you might notice frozen food items inside the appliance. Surprisingly, the temperature setting can be just fine and usual. Then, what’s the reason behind frozen food inside your fridge? Find the answer with our committed home appliances repair near me team.

Mostly, our technicians find that the refrigerator starts freezing instead of cooling due to a defective thermostat. The thermostat is responsible for controlling the evaporator and compressor coils to get the desired cooling. Book a fridge repair Dubai service request at ours to fix your appliance’s thermostat.

We even offer genuine replacement for thermostats and other related equipment. So, get in touch with us for a hassle-free refrigerator repair at your convenience.

Non-Stop Refrigeration Cycle

You might hear your refrigerator running cooling cycles often but they shouldn’t be continuous. A consistently running refrigerator will make more noise. Not to mention, you will end up paying more towards electricity utility bills.

In simpler words, your appliance might have to run cooling cycles more as it can’t sense the right temperature. This generally happens when dust and debris accumulate on and around condenser coils. Get emergency maintenance from Dubai Fixing’s refrigerator repair Dubai team.

Besides this, our technicians will assess your appliance and work on the responsible unit. Rest assured, you will get your fridge working perfectly fine within the promised time. So, try our fridge repairing near me solutions instead of utilising baseless DIY hacks.

Weird Smell

Does your refrigerator smell odd whenever you open up its door? Chances are that your fridge might leak the refrigerant that runs through the compressor and other coils. On the other hand, many users have reported that their refrigerators give out a burning smell.

If you experience the same, unplug your refrigerator and contact our emergency squad to fix everything. Ignoring smells from your refrigerator can be risky. Don’t take any chances with your well-being; call our experts right away.

Our refrigerator repair experts will run diagnostics and spot the source of the smell. We offer fluid refrigerant refilling, compressor checks, and more to prevent your fridge from further damage. So, you can book our fridge repairing near me services to restore your refrigerator’s potential to the highest possible extent.

Brands We Support with Our Fridge Repair Dubai Services

Dubai Fixing is a renowned service provider for appliance repair, maintenance, and more. The best part of our magnificent refrigerator repair near me services is that our staff can fix any type of fridge. For example, our technicians have repaired the following types of refrigerators and achieved an enviable success rate:

  • Side-by-side refrigerator
  • Bottom freezer refrigerator
  • Top freezer fridge
  • French door refrigerator
  • Mini fridge
  • Counter-depth refrigerator
  • Built-in fridge

Alongside tackling versatile refrigerator types, we provide 100% working solutions for every brand in the industry. Our technicians have rigorously trained to achieve perfection in fridge repair Dubai cases no matter what the brand is. For instance, our staff has fixed refrigerators from the following brands:

  • Westpoint
  • LG
  • Super General
  • Ariston
  • Hoover
  • Midea
  • Whirlpool
  • Daewoo
  • TCL
  • Akai
  • Samsung
  • Hitachi
  • Siemens
  • Sharp
  • Bompani
  • Terim
  • Nikai and more

Hence, you can book a refrigerator repair Dubai service without any hesitation. We have fixes for every brand and we are pretty confident about it.

Reasons to Pick Dubai Fixing for Refrigerator Repair Services

Dubai Fixing is among the best home appliances repair near me service providers in Dubai. Besides repair, we have earned a reputation in appliance maintenance. We partner with the best experts for fridge repair Dubai services so that you can get high-quality fixes without facing any downtime.

Let’s check out why you should choose our refrigerator repair near me:


Dubai Fixing’s fridge repair Dubai team has the expertise and knowledge to assess and resolve any type of refrigerator problem. We verify our partners’ certification and skills before hiring. Thus, you can get the best repair and maintenance in the city.


We at Dubai Fixing offer affordable services for refrigerator repair near me. Our technicians use genuine spare parts and modern technology for quick diagnosis and repair. In addition, high-end repairs mean that your refrigerator won’t face issues for a long period. Hence, you can save money with our dedicated fridge repairing near me.


Refrigerators are filled with electrical and chemical equipment. Repairing your refrigerator on your own can be dangerous if you are an amateur. Instead, you can trust our years of experience and skills to repair your appliance with every safety guideline maintained.


On the other hand, applying DIY fixes one after another can consume your time. Moreover, those DIY fixes may not work for your refrigerator model or type. So, you can call our home appliances repair near me technicians to repair your refrigerator in a single shot.

Hassle-Free Fridge Repair Dubai Service is a Step Away!

Call our fridge repair Dubai professionals to register your complaint and schedule an appointment with our experts. Provide your details over the call and our technicians will see you as soon as possible at your place.

Get in Touch with our Impeccable Fridge Repair Dubai Service Experts

Don’t let the fridge issues haunt you. Avail instant and effective fridge repair service from our professionals. We have got everything right for your requirements.

Besides, we only offer authentic and genuine parts of the Fridge . So, call us at 042480518 and book our experts. Additionally, you can send your queries and concerns via email at [email protected].


“Avail fridge repair service for my residential fridge from a technician of Dubai Fixing. Overall, it is splendid. They have got their own tools, spare parts and all. The service was instant. Totally recommendable service from Dubai Fixing.”

-Javed Rahman

“Got my commercial coolers repaired by Dubai Fixing. The technicians came fast and solved the issue within a few hours. They replaced the faulty parts with genuine ones. Would like to hire their services again.”

-Abdul Hafiz

“The chiller at my store has been annoying me for the past few days. Decided to avail fridge repair Dubai service from Dubai Fixing. The service was satisfactory. Have nothing to complain about. Overall, a value-for-money service.”

-Anisur Al Majid

“This is the second time I hired Dubai Fixing as per my annual contract. The wine refrigerators were leaking very badly. The technicians fixed it. Peace of mind is guaranteed with refrigerator repair Dubai services from Dubai Fixing.”

-Shahidul Sheikh

FAQs of Fridge Repair Dubai

Professional technicians have the expertise, tools, and experience to diagnose and repair fridge issues accurately, ensuring safety and preventing further damage.
Common signs include temperature issues, strange noises, leaks, and excessive frost.
Compressor issues often result in temperature problems. If your fridge is not cooling adequately, it could be a sign of a compressor problem.
It’s not recommended to use an extension cord for a fridge, as it can affect its performance and pose electrical hazards. It’s best to plug it directly into a dedicated outlet.
Regular maintenance can prevent breakdowns, extend the fridge’s lifespan, improve energy efficiency, and ensure food safety.
We service all types, including top-freezers, bottom-freezers, side-by-side, French doors, and more.
Yes, we provide same-day repair service for most fridge issues to ensure your convenience.
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