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Furniture Assembly

Looking for Imperial Furniture Assembly Service?

Shifting places can be a difficult thing especially if you have a huge furniture set. Or, you may have bought a piece of new furniture but it won’t fit inside your room unless they are disassembled and then again attached once it gets in. It all sounds easy as assembling furniture only requires a few modern tools and patience. But however, re-assembling them is not an easy job. A small mistake in fitting them, in an original way, can change a lot of things in terms of shape and durability. 

Research more on what kind of furniture you have that needs to be assembled and installed. Once you’ve made sure of that, it will be easy for you to proceed. And, Dubai Fixing can take care of the rest in the Furniture Assembly Service. That being said, our professionals are skilled enough to deliver you a proper Furniture Assembly Services in Dubai. 

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Types of Furniture Assembly Services

Expert professionals like Furniture Assembler, Carpenters, handyman Carpenter Contractors, and Sellers carry out the service carefully. Concerning that, we understand that budget is an important factor for you which is why our services differ from one another. Alongside this, you’ll have more benefits from the Furniture Assembly Service. 

Bed Assembling 

Have you recently purchased a bed and want it to go through the room? Then, our experts can provide you with a  bed assembling service. At first, our experts, using modern tools, take out the nuts and bolts of the bed one-by-one. Once the handle and resting arm of the bed comes off, they carefully pass it through whichever room you want to set it up. Then, with careful details, they reassemble them again. 

Sofa Assembling

We provide Sofa Assembling Services where our experts assemble the sofa part by part. Be it a foldable or a non-foldable sofa, they carefully assess them before assembling them. Using modern tools, they take out each and every side and install them wherever you want to shift them. Once they’ve assembled them successfully, you are asked to review it. 

Cabinet Assembling 

Bored with the cabinet? Our experts can assemble them efficiently. At first, they take off the nuts and bolts that hold the side. Then, they carefully keep the boards aside. If you want them to reassemble them to a different house then they will carefully pack it for you. And, then install them in the exact place that you like. 

Other Furniture Assembling 

If you have some other furniture that needs to be assembled then our experts can do that too. It can be a dining table, or a bedside table, or even doors and windows, they can do it for you. Using the same method, they carefully take out the nuts and bolt to unclamp the furniture, and then they carefully place them all together, if you want to reassemble them somewhere else.


How to Find & Hire Furniture Assembler?


To get proper furniture assembler to dismember your furniture, try checking our customer ratings. This way, you will understand why Dubai Fixing is a trusted brand in Dubai. 

Read Reviews & Ratings 

If you are not sure about choosing the right professional for the Furniture Assembly Service service, then it is suggestive that you make a detailed comparison among a few professionals from Dubai Fixing. Go through the reviews carefully and it will be much easier for you to choose the right one based on their level of dedication in the service. Even though reviews and rating can serve a great purpose in making you choose, it should not be the only mode of comparison. Additionally, you can ask for a quote from Dubai Fixing for Furniture Assembly Services in Dubai. 

Call 042480518 & Ask Questions Before Hiring 

Before you can hire a professional for the Furniture Assembly Service, there is one more important thing to do. And, that is to evaluate their performance and authenticity. This is important because you will be aware of how well they perform and whether or not they’re verified. Assess them through these few questions. 

  • Do you have any experience in this service? If yes, then how long has it been?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing your references with me?

These questions will help you in assessing your needs for the Furniture Assembly. Based on those, you can choose which one suits your requirement, Also, it will help you in carving out an estimated cost for the overall service. You can also check out offers related to the service and warranty. Get more information through more questions so that you get the right assistant from Dubai Fixing.

How to Hire a Proper Furniture Assembler Near Me?

Are you looking for professional furniture assembler? Then, simply go through the top-rated companies like Dubai Fixing near your location. We help with on-time and on-time assistance, through a transparent process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the type of furniture and its size, the assembling time depends. However, the average time taken to assemble furniture can take from 3 to 4 hours based on its size and number of furniture. Our experts understand that time is a big factor which is why they try their best to assemble furniture as fast as possible. 

Depending on the task they perform, tipping the furniture assemblers vary. If you have a lot of furniture to assemble in one day, then the experts will take the responsibility to do it. It requires hard work, patience, and diligent work. Depending on that, you can tip your furniture assembler if you want to. 

The cost of furniture assembly varies based on factors like the type and complexity of the furniture. Request a quote for accurate pricing.

Virtually any type of furniture, from flat-pack furniture to custom-made pieces, can be assembled.

To assemble furniture in Dubai, you typically need the furniture pieces to assemble and the necessary tools. Professional assemblers bring their own tools to ensure a smooth assembly process.

Our technicians use a wide range of tools for furniture assembly, including screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, drills, and more, depending on the specific requirements of the furniture piece. 

The steps involved in making furniture can vary depending on the type and complexity of the piece. Generally, the process includes design, selecting materials, cutting, shaping, assembling, finishing, and quality control. 

Furniture can be crafted from various materials, including wood, metal, glass, plastic, leather, fabric, and more. The choice of materials depends on the design, function, and desired aesthetic of the furniture piece.


“The experts were super-friendly and interactive during the service. I am happy with the assistance they offered. Would recommend my friends, too.”

-Shaman Ali

“My new bed was not going through the bedroom but these experts made it possible by easily assembling them. Thanks, Dubai Fixing.”

-Nadeem Arafat

“Dubai Fixing is really good with time. They sent experts right on time and they did not even take too long to assemble my large-sized bed. I would totally recommend their service.”

-Arif Alam

“I am pleased with their service. They did a good job, assembling my sofa. Thanks, guys!”

-Basit Noor

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