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Gadgets Repair Services in Dubai

Looking forGadgets Repair Services in Dubai ?

Be it a laptop or mobile, with adequate repair and maintenance service, you can now extend its longevity. Moreover, every electronic device lasts for a limited time. And, after that, its functionality decreases. And, as a result, you will get the sluggish performance and random crashes. These random technical glitches will restrict you to perform your essential works on these advanced gadgets. 

However, all the constraints can be repaired by experienced technicians. And, Dubai Fixing houses a professional team who have adequate knowledge in handling every type of gadget. 

Moreover, they can deal with every internal component of a CCTV, printer, mobile, laptop, and other devices. You just need to mention the type of gadget that you own and the model number, and our professionals will take care of the rest. 

Furthermore, we have expanded our service platform, so we can help you out with any types of gadget related problems. Schedule a plan with us and get high-end results.

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Benefits of Gadgets Repair services

Several gadgets problems can be resolved under just one roof. Get effective repair solutions by just engaging with Dubai Fixing.  

Enhances the Longevity

Repairing the damaged or broken gadgets will help you to intensify its resale value and life expectancy. Additionally, when the gadget problems are intervened by the leading technical experts, you get to reduce the further damages that can be a constraint in the long run. So, hire the veteran expert of Dubai Fixing to retrieve the critical issues. 

Retrieve the Lost Data

People store a huge amount of data on laptops or smartphones. And, when these devices get damaged somehow, you can lose these data. The professionals can resolve the problems without even removing the saved files or folders. So, it is suggested to join hands with the Dubai Fixing experts. 

Saves Expenses

Repairing gadgets is a wise decision rather than instantly buying a new one. Because you get to save the buying expense. Additionally, when it comes to replacing complex devices like printers or laptops, the purchase cost is way too high. So, Dubai Fixing offers a cost-effective gadget repair service so that everyone in Dubai can get easy access to the best technical experts. Additionally, you can bring back the functionality of these devices in just a few taps.


Gadget Repair Services We Offer

Dubai Fixing, being a reputable name in Dubai has gained the trust of more than thousands of customers. And, in terms of maintaining a high professional, to offering a high level and guaranteed gadget parts, we are unbeatable. Additionally, the professional team works together to offer you a premium repair service.

Moreover, we offer a same-day delivery service, so that you can use the device again in a short span of time. Moreover, when it comes to gadget repair service, we offer a vast array of services. Before booking our service, choose the suitable service package that suits your budget. 

Laptop Repair Dubai

In this advanced world, the laptop has become one of the most valuable assets for everyone. Moreover, this electronic device is quite flexible and can be carried anywhere. But, like other electronic equipment, you might get some or other technical problems in the long run. And, for any kind of laptop problem, you can always count on us. Our reliable professionals will help you to overcome all the hurdles and make the laptop functional again. And, here are some laptop problems that Dubai Fixing can efficiently resolve,

  • Overheating
  • Battery Drainage Issues
  • Faulty Keyboard
  • System Crash Issues
  • Software installation error
  • Update issues
  • Sluggish performance
  • Faulty Charger Issues
  • Port problems and other various issues

We will first diagnose the laptop problems and then opt for repairing the problems. Whether you are getting connectivity issues or struggling with a broken display screen, we’re right here to offer you on-site guidance. And, you can expand the longevity of the laptop, by just availing our maintenance service. 

CCTV Installation

A closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) helps us to provide ultimate security and surveillance. So, if you want to enhance the security of your residential bullying or commercial place. Get in touch with Dubai Fixing. Additionally, our efficient team of technical experts can install every type of CCTV. 

Moreover, they have wide knowledge about the positions and the tools that are required to strategically place the CCTV, from where you can observe the premises of your house or retail Centers. 

And, we can help you to get superlative branded CCTVs that will mitigate your every purpose. Before booking our high tech CCTV installation service, keep an eye on the type of CCTV that we have currently added in our service platform.

  • Dome CCTV Cameras
  • C-Mount CCTV Cameras
  • PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras
  • Bullet CCTV Cameras
  • Wireless CCTV Cameras.
  • Day/Night CCTV Cameras.
  • Infrared/night vision CCTV Cameras and others

CCTV Repair

Besides offering the customers with prompt CCTV installation service, we can even instigate every major-minor issue that is associated with a CCTV. Whether you are getting absolutely zero response from the CCTV or unable to see any previous images or video records, get professionals to help to recover these issues.

Additionally, we are equipped with the best technical experts who offer the best recovery solutions based on the type of CCTV that you own. And, we can repair the following CCTV problems.

  • Connectivity Problems
  • Discoloured CCTV
  • Horizontal Lines on the Screen
  • CCTV Flickering issues
  • Noisy Footage
  • Low Video Signal
  • Black Screen
  • Deteriorated Images and other critical issues

And, every CCTV issue can not be solved using DIY hacks. So, Dubai Fixing, being an eminent service provider offers a splendid reaper service. Moreover, the professional team provides a world-class power board and faulty cable replacement at your doorstep.

Printer Repair

There are enormous all-in-one branded printers available in the Dubai market that fulfils every need of the people. And, at times, you might encounter certain issues while using the device. 

Moreover, when you are in a hurry and you have to scan or fax some important official files, a paper jam or blank page error can become a constraint. Additionally, if you are struggling with clogged printhead issues, our specialists are there to solve that with their immense repair skills. 

Thus, Dubai Fixing offers 24*7 repair assistance so that you can get rid of the printer problems as early as possible. Besides, you get repair service from the most recommended professional in Dubai. 

Mobile Repairing

Whether you own an Android or iOS phone, you get easy and effective repair solutions through Dubai Fixing. Moreover, we understand the importance of a smartphone. Thus, we have joined hands only with trained professionals who are capable of rectifying all the problems that can become an obstacle. 

Moreover, we offer our mobile repair service in every region of Dubai. Additionally, we are available for 7 days in a week so that you can get us in the time of your need. Moreover, we can address the upcoming problems that can get triggered if certain parts are not replaced. And, we can help you in the following domains:

  • Broken Display Screen
  • Power button repair
  • Overheating issues
  • Freezing Screen
  • Drained Battery
  • Audio Issues
  • Faulty Charging Port
  • App Downloading Issues
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Slow Phone and several other issues

Dubai Fixing has taken the gadget repair service to the next level across Dubai.

Are you Looking For Incomparable Gadget Repair Services?

With prompt repair and maintenance ensures the gadgets are protected from getting severe damages.

  • Your every damaged gadget can be fixed with the rigorous expertise of our technical team.
  • A passionate, verified and authorized professional team is here to provide a one-stop solution for your every tech-related issues
  • Be it a printer or laptop or a smartphone, our professional will gently handle all these devices while retrieving the issues. 
  • Additionally, our associate professional team has extensive knowledge about the advanced tools that are required to recover the gadget problems.
  • Besides, our support team is very responsive and they offer persistent behaviour to solve all your service-related queries.
  • Moreover, they offer magnificent workmanship and you get additional benefits like a warranty period on the required parts by just connecting with us.

Grab the Best Gadget Repair Deals

Dubai Fixing provides 100 % genuine and high-quality parts of the gadgets if a replacement is required. Additionally, to get a magnificent gadget repair service, you just need to mention the convenient location and we will fix it by arriving at your preferred time.

Moreover, when you get to repair every single gadget under just one roof, why opt for any other service agencies? Book our service now.


We fix a variety of devices, including computers, gaming systems, cameras, cellphones, tablets, laptops, printers, and more.

Dubai phone repair costs vary based on repair type, model, and service provider, starting at AED 100 for basic issues and potentially exceeding several hundred dirhams for more complex issues.

To repair a water-damaged mobile phone, turn it off, remove the battery, and store it in uncooked rice for several days. If problems continue, get expert repair assistance.

A common sign of a defective printer is poor print quality, such as faded or streaked prints, frequent paper jams, or error messages indicating hardware issues.

To fix printer issues, check for paper jams, check ink or toner cartridges, update or reinstall drivers, clean printheads or rollers, ensure printer connection, and restart both devices.

To prevent laptop heat issues, ensure proper ventilation, clean vents, use a cooling pad, or seek professional help from companyX experts for a thorough diagnosis.

We provide free diagnostic services to identify the issue with your device, and we’ll give you a price quote for the fix.

Yes, depending on the type of repair, our warranties often range from 30 days to several months.


“For quite a few days, I was unable to work on my laptop. And, all my official work was getting delayed. And, when I came to know about Dubai Fixing, I immediately hired the professional experts. They came exactly on my mentioned time and provide a top-top laptop repair service. I am very much glad that I chose them in the first place. Thank you, Dubai Fixing.”

-Rafudur Sheikh

“I was struggling with the faulty power button of my Android phone. And, for easy recovery results, I booked an appointment with the excellent professional of Dubai Fixing. And, they did a free diagnostic before they opted for the repair process. I must say the professionals are very skilled and knowledgeable. And, the power button is absolutely working fine. Highly recommended!”

-Rashidul Islam

“The gadget repair service of Dubai Fixing was very much affordable. And, the technical experts proficiently repaired the laptop and smartphone. The professional did a fantastic job. I would definitely hire them if I come across any issues on my other electronic devices.”

-Sufia Sultana

“Incredible service! Moreover, the technical team was very attentive, trustable, friendly, and honest. And, they fixed the printer problems within an hour. This reflects that they have adequate knowledge in resolving printing problems. And, if I face any further problems in my gadgets, now I know where to go.”

-Safiur Ali

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