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Looking for Holiday Decorations Service Dubai?

Holidays are always special. These leisure days give our friends and family a chance to reconnect with the persons we love. Further, spending time with our folks helps to reduce the stress level and we get to accumulate some of the best memories.

Now, holidays deserve decorations. And, when you can avail professional assistance, why not get the best out of these days. So, get in touch with Dubai Fixing and get professional holiday decorators. Mention the event and hire a hassle-free holiday decorations services Dubai. 

And, our devoted professionals provide our customers with a design consultation, and complete installation works. Fill the holiday season with warmth by just connecting with us. Get professional decorative lightings and display in these joyous times. 

Book the #1 Festive and Interior Decorators Services Dubai

Dubai is a city of extravagance and prosperity. Undoubtedly, festive celebrations in Dubai involve grand gestures. Be it New Year celebrations, Christmas decorations, or making your environment auspicious for Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr, professional decorators services Dubai are everything you need.

Planning a joyful celebration on your own apart from other priorities in life is a tough job. At Dubai Fixing, we offer you aesthetic decorations for your interior. We work closely with certified and acknowledged decorators and interior designers in Dubai to make your space more comfortable and inviting.

Count on our experienced interior designers and decorators to transform your residential and commercial properties imperial. From preliminary analysis to interior design and decoration, experience state-of-the-art creativity and multi-disciplinary work style with us.

Indeed, our holiday decorators Dubai experts understand what your home deserves this festive season. Call our certified decorators and share your event details with us. Our committed professionals will reach you and make your premises celebration-worthy.

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Types of Holiday Decorations Services

Being a pre-eminent holiday decorations service provider in Dubai, Dubai Fixing assures all the customers with on-time assistance. Get supreme quality decorations from our professionals who are diligent in their work and have the in-hand experience. They assist you with prompt service. Be it Christmas or Eid, we can decorate your house with a touch of ethnicity and trend.

Christmas and New Year’s Day

Be it the Christmas or first day of the year, both should be celebrated in the most cherishable way. Thus, Dubai Fixing helps all the people of Dubai with the right decorations. Our professionals offer a supreme quality design consultation, installation, and maintenance services. The decor team will help you to get the right design and display concept that will meet the related goals. Make the day special by just connecting with us. 


In the Islamic Calendar, Ramadan is considered to be one of the holiest festivals. And, we make this festival more glorious by providing our customers with our imperial decorations. Get our highly trained professionals who provide a one-stop solution and comprehensive service to offer you innovative and incompetent decorations. Get a magical experience by just hiring our experts who are not only highly experienced but also dedicated to rendering the best assistance. 

Eid al-Fitr

This festival is widely known as “The Feats of Breaking the Fast”. Additionally, Eid-Ul-Fitr is another vital festival that is celebrated right after Ramadan. Enhance the experience of this special event with our professional decorative lightings and displays. We help to get the right decorations for Eid-Ul-Fitr along with other requirements based on customer demand. 

Eid al-Adha

In Dubai, Eid al-Adha is celebrated flowing with Eid-Al-Fitr. And, on this holy occasion, people usually sacrifice animals and then distribute the meat to the loved ones, family, and needles. And, Dubai Fixing helps to make this special day more remarkable. Moreover, we provide top-class light and display installation for this special occasion. Call our professional decorators just before the day of Eid-al Adha and light up your house. Invite friends and relatives and add pomp to the lively environment.

How Does it Work?

As a responsible partner for decorators services Dubai, we take a detailed and holistic approach to make sure every decoration project stays under the limelight. How do our decoration services near me work?

Here’s the workflow we at Dubai Fixing follow:

Schedule a Consultation

Regardless of the festivity type, the decoration should reflect your perspective of welcoming guests and enjoying the event and occasion. And, our decorators cherish that. So, begin with calling our experts at our toll-free number and share what kind of decorations you seek.

Send us an inquiry for festive decorations along with the intended theme and budget. Furthermore, our decorators and designers will fix an appointment with you to assess your property and visit you at your convenience.

Enlighten Our Decorators on the Decoration Process

Our professional and experienced start the creative process with the concept decoration according to your architecture and interior. You can contribute to the decoration concept, design style, and custom influences for Eid-al-Fitr, Ramadan, and Christmas decorators Dubai plans.

Moreover, our decorators collect measurements and help you visualise the overall decoration. Thus, you can get the best decoration for the upcoming event or celebration party. Witness our decoration pitch to you with our grandeur decoration services in Dubai.

Allow the Execution of the Decor

Once you agree with one of our decoration samples or plans, our experts will let you sign off the contract. Immediately, they will initiate the implementation procedure. Don’t worry as they will keep updating you about the milestones along the project. 

Thus, you can express your opinion about any decorations or designs. Get the finalised result within the signed deadline with Dubai Fixing. We assure you that the outcomes will exceed your expectations.

Wide Range of Decorators Services Dubai Offered by Us

Are you facing trouble conceptualising this year’s Christmas decorators Dubai for your home or office? Let our team of expert stylists and decorators help you decide how to embody the warm welcome for your guests and keep the tranquil spirit of the festivity intact.

However, Christmas decorations are not the only expertise of our experts. You can make your property magical and sophisticated for any celebration such as Ramadan, Eid-al-Fitr, New Year’s Eve, and more. Let’s check out our potential luxurious decorations for a variety of holidays and personalised events.

Christmas and New Year’s Decorations

As a year is on the brink of ending and a new one is ringing at the door, you might have thought of a unique yet warming event to make your family and friends feel special. Nothing can be better than an ethnicity-themed Christmas and New Year’s Day celebration.

As bespoke Christmas decorators Dubai, we offer a complete design for your interior. Be it your home or commercial interior, our expert decorators start from scratch and present you with pitch styles and designs. Apart from proposing designs and styles, our decorators will take care of safe installation and overall maintenance.

Our experts strive for excellent to meet our clients’ goals. They aim to infuse the overall decoration concept with elegance, warmth, joy, and opulence. Indeed, our team of decorators help you with the following Christmas-specialised entities:

  • Christmas trees
  • Wreath
  • Tree toppers
  • Garland
  • Candles
  • Snow globes
  • Santa Claus figurines
  • Ornaments
  • Mistletoes
  • Pinecones

Additionally, our decorators can build nativity scenes and display them to match the Christmas vibe. Be it a traditional or Scandinavian Christmas decor, make any design or style possible with our decorators services Dubai.

Ramadan Decorations

Are you ready to flex your home decor concepts and muscles to bring out the spirit of this holy festive season? Dubai Fixing is here to make your dream come true and transform your home into the centre of spirituality with professional holiday decorators Dubai team.

Enjoy the sacred month of fasting, prayer, and celebrations with your family and close ones after handing over the decorations stresses to our experts. Indeed, Ramadan decor ideas have shifted with changing times. 

So, you can follow the latest trends without compromising your values with our opulent, minimalistic, and diverse decoration ideas. What should be on your bucket list for a quick yet efficient Ramadan decoration?

Well, our professionals from decoration services near me suggest the inclusion of the following things:

  • Traditional fanoos lanterns
  • Ramadan balloons
  • Scented candles
  • Ramadan wreath
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Themed table wear
  • Iftar table decoration

Experience supreme and sophisticated Ramadan decorations without breaking the bank only from Dubai Fixing. So, call us and hire our decoration wizards to make the ninth month of the Islamic calendar luminous and joyful.

Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha Celebrations

Eid-al-Fitr marks the end of the holy Ramadan month and is also known as ‘the festival of breaking the fast’. In addition, Eid-al-Fitr begins with the first sighting of the new moon. Whereas Eid-ul-Adha signifies the ‘feast of the sacrifice’. 

Moreover, Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated after 2 months of Eid-al-Fitr and it commemorates the devotion of Propet Ibrahim. Eid-ul-Adha lasts for 4 days. If you are thinking of hosting an event to make Eid more memorable with your friends and family, Dubai Fixing is here with customised decorations.

Our decorators services Dubai pros know how to enhance your Eid decorations at home with fairy lights, glitter, and much more. From your living space to your balcony, leave the overall interior decoration to our experienced and certified designers. They will even create a special Eidi corner by arranging gifts and decorative elements.

Be it a small or large decoration project, we don’t mind. All our holiday decorators Dubai projects are of equal priority. Get an authentic look and feel with our Eid decorations and celebrations this festive season with the following decorative items:

  • Traditional Eid lights
  • Fanoos
  • Eid-special wall decors, cushions, curtains, etc.
  • String lights and plants
  • Eid-special wall banners and wreaths
  • Golden crescent and star balloons
  • Authentic serve ware
  • Floral decorations and more

So, what are you waiting for? Grab more inspiring Eid decoration ideas for your residence in Dubai from us and enjoy the festive vibe.

Miscellaneous Decoration Services

Celebrations should begin from the deep of your heart and we adore your values. Is someone’s birthday around the corner? Or, it might be your marriage anniversary when you want your partner to feel a little extra special. Whatever event is on your mind, we can make it happen with our exclusive decorators services Dubai.

Make your event more attractive with Dubai Fixing’s luxurious and holistic approaches. In fact, our decorators understand the ethnicity and vibe of different occasions and their different requirements. Contact our professionals and go through the portfolio of our versatile recent projects to understand our in-depth decorative perception and creativity.

Apart from holiday decorations, our decorators offer serene and eye-catching decorations for the following types of events:

  • Birthday celebrations
  • Private parties
  • Weddings
  • Corporate parties
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Baby showers and more

Avail of flawless planning, exclusive designs, prompt execution, and all-around-the-clock maintenance from Dubai Fixing. Therefore, get in touch with our team of decoration services near me and experience the lavish transformation of your space on special occasions.

Reasons to Choose Our Professional Decorators Services Dubai

Holiday seasons can force you to be a bit extra busy juggling your professional and social responsibilities. We know that DIY decorations can be fun but they can affect your schedule and you might have to run on an errand whenever any decorative item is missing from the range of your fingertips.

Why would you face such a hustle when you can book professional holiday decorators Dubai experts? At Dubai Fixing, we can provide a virtually infinite number of decoration ideas. Be it a New Year decoration Dubai, an Eid celebration, or any personal event – we can implement all your customised decoration ideas and requests.

No matter how complex or bizarre the decoration concept is, our professionals can bring your imagination into reality. So, you can enjoy the most realistic execution of your design concept or your favourite universe.

On the other hand, you can choose from our hundreds of traditional decoration templates to complement your Christmas celebration, baby shower, birthdays, and so on. Here’s how we stand out in the industry of decorators services Dubai:

Reputation and Expertise

Dubai Fixing has earned a stellar reputation for delivering exquisite event and holiday decorations. We team up with certified, licensed, and experienced decorators to implement creative designs and styles into reality.

Now, you can turn your home into a festive masterpiece with our dedicated holiday decorators Dubai services. Allow our workforce to create captivating displays, booths, stages, and more to capture the holiday spirit of the season.

Flexibility and Customised Designs

Dubai Fixing tailors holiday decorations as per your suggestion and taste. You can grab a cohesive look for the upcoming holiday or event celebration with our aesthetic decorator services.

The execution of elaborate decorations is not a hassle anymore with our multitude of festivity styling approaches. Moreover, you can get flexible scheduling from our professionals while sticking to your personalised look. So, Dubai Fixing is a trustworthy choice to ensure elegant decorations on your demand.

Prompt Services

Do you want a conventional Christmas decoration Dubai or out-of-the-box planning? Whether you are aware of what your living space should look like or not, trust our expertise. Whatever your requirements and styles are, we can make it into a reality without any downtime.

Are you anxious that the event is just around the corner and you haven’t prepared anything? Don’t worry as our devoted team of decoration specialists will visit you at the right time and discuss the design ideas with suitable decor items. So, get your design concepts outlined and implemented as soon as possible with Dubai Fixing.

Various Original Ideas to Choose from

You want to take your festivity mood and decoration to a whole new level without copying others. We got you covered with a wide array of our original decoration ideas. Pass your decoration ideas to our skilled experts and they will deliver you with aligned palettes and decorative items.

Do you want to draw inspiration from a game movie, or book? Our talented decorators can picture everything you request, order those posters, print a full-sized figure, and much more. With balloons, ribbons, delicate fabric, etc., every decor at your premises will look perfect.

Safety Prioritised

Our staff is extra careful about your safety and the well-being of your property. They assess your property first, take measurements, and then, decorate accordingly. So, you will get attractive decorations that accurately fit your hallway, rooms, living space, etc.

Apart from that, our decorators pay attention to detail while working on your space. They use safe tools so that you won’t hurt yourself by mistake. Hence, hire the best decorator services in Dubai from us and experience the change yourself.


How to Find & Hire an Holiday Decorations Service?

Holiday Decorations

To get the best and top-quality holiday decorations services in Dubai, you just need to mention the event that you want to celebrate. And, the professionals of Dubai Fixing will assist with a premium service. Additionally, we are one-stop service providers who help to get suitable lighting and other necessities based on the occasions.

Read Reviews and Ratings

Online reviews and ratings matter the most in providing generalized ideas about the service agencies. Additionally, you get to know the type of service and quality of professionals by just going through customer reviews. So, read our customer reviews. Get to know why Dubai Fixing is one of the most reputed service companies in Dubai. 

Call 042480518 and Clear Your Doubts Before Appointing

Before hiring our team of experienced decorators, you must acknowledge how skilled and trained they are. Dubai Fixing houses verified and veteran professionals who can handle all the decoration work for every holiday event with efficiency. Additionally, you can clear your queries about the type of events we offer, before booking our professionals.

  • Can you visit my house before the day of Iftar?
  • What kind of decorations do the professionals undertake?
  • Are the professionals trustworthy enough?

Now, you can generally differentiate the quotes, request for a sample of reference. This will provide you with a detailed idea about Dubai Fixing Holiday Decorations service Dubai. We have extended our online service platform, just to fulfil all your needs in these special holy days.

How to Find a Professional Decorator Near me?

Dubai Fixing helps to associate with trustworthy professionals near your location. You get a wide array of services by joining with us. And, when it comes to offering you prompt service to make the holidays more memorable, we are your best bet.  

Call Our Decorators Services Dubai Team Today!

Are you ready to enter your festive wonderland? It’s just a call away from you. Yes, you can call Dubai Fixing and request decorators services Dubai. As per your preference, we will send you a team of proficient, skilled, and vetted decorators who can create a holiday or event decoration that is a class apart. 

Now, you can easily witness exceptional and unforgettable festive journeys with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being one of the best holiday decoration service providers in the town, we help to connect with the appropriate decorators who can serve your purpose. Thus, you get to book proficient experts to decorate your house with Christmas lights, trees, and other accessories that provide a magnificent festive look. 

Opting for the lights strands of 25 incandescent C9s can consume a little bit more electricity than the LED lights. Thus, Dubai Fixing helps you with LED-based Christmas light to help you save the electricity payment. 

The LED lights are simply enduring and you can even turn them on for a whole day. Because LED lights won’t generate that much heat which conventional lights do. However, during the day, leaving the LED lights on may not be fruitful.

Christmas decorations in Dubai vary in cost, from local stores to specialty shops, catering to various budget preferences.

The UAE celebrates holidays with a festive atmosphere, featuring events, decorations, and promotions, including grand mall celebrations, fireworks displays, and cultural festivities.

We provide professional Christmas decorating services in Dubai, transforming homes into festive wonderlands with skilled decorators. Contact us to schedule your Christmas decoration service today.

We provide professional Christmas decorating services in Dubai, transforming homes into festive wonderlands with skilled decorators. Contact us to schedule your Christmas decoration service today.

Create a budget-friendly Christmas party by incorporating potluck-style dinners, DIY decorations, and home-organized games for a cost-effective and joyful celebration.

Many people start decorating their Christmas decorations in late November or early December to fully embrace the festive spirit.


“I hired them just before the day of Christmas. And, the professionals at Dubai Fixing came within a few hours to decorate my house with jingle bells, lights, and other decorators. Quite happy with their service.”

Shahraban Abdullah

“Dubai Fixing made the eve of Eid al-Fitr more special and glorious with their prompt and efficient service. And, I would recommend it to my friends and family. Thank you, Dubai Fixing”

Juma al-Majid

“I have hired the professionals for Eid al-Adha and again I would like to book them for Ramadan as well. Very professional and skilled.”

-Kalam Azad

“Easy to book and very cost-effective service. And, I am very much pleased with their decorations. Thank You, Dubai Fixing.”

-Adnan Khan

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