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Looking for a Painter for Interior Designing?

Wall paints are natural remedies for stress and bad mood. Colour and patterns bring out the best in us but the problem is, wall paints start to wear off soon. Conditions like room temperature, abrasion, items installed on the walls can be a reason why paint becomes faded and scrubbed off in certain parts. This is why one must opt for interior painting services from professional painters. 

Having your walls painted ensures that the look of your room changes. Be it a kitchen, bedroom, or living room of residential or office spaces, paints promote positivity. As a result, one would feel more productive than before. Also, it would reflect upon your personality, especially when you have a friend and family come over to your house, or hire new employees to your office. 

Getting a house make-over sounds easy but it isn’t. Especially if you’re planning to do it all by yourself. At first, you need to decide your choice of colors and gather modern equipment to do it. 

If you want to make a pattern or design, you need certain tools. Here’s where our professionals from Dubai Fixing can be of great use. No matter what kind of color or combination of color you want on your walls, consider the task done quickly. 

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Types of Interior Designing Services

Many professionals like an interior painter, exterior painter, house painter, or office painter are the ones who carry out the interior painting services easily. Their service is strictly based on the quality and your requirements. Also, we are considerate about your budget which is why our painting services differ from one another based on many variables. However, the benefits of getting our interior painting services are immense.

Matte Painting

One of the most common types of interior painting services is matte Interior Design where our experts from Dubai Fixing, paint the walls with a certain kind of paint that produces no shine. They use modern tools like paint rollers to thoroughly cover all sides and corners of the wall based on your choice of color. Once the service is over, you are to review the walls and provide feedback on the service. 

Gloss Painting

If you want to add more volume and attract attention then our interior painting service includes gloss painting. Similarly, our experts use modern tools to paint the walls with glossy paints for more shine. In fact, they apply repetitive coats on the wall to add more contrast. But, before they do that, they first repair some areas that are either scrubbed or uprooted. 

Satin Finish Painting

Our services also include satin finish paint which lies somewhere between the glossy and matte paints. Our experts make sure they achieve the right tone of paint using satin finish paints. It can be for your workspace or commercial areas or even your living room, consider it done. Our expert flat brushes to make sure the walls are properly painted by the color.


How to Find & Hire a Designer?

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If you want to get a professional painter for the interior painting services in Dubai, then it is advisable that you go through our reviews and ratings. From there, you’ll get an idea about which professional to hire for the service. Also, you’ll know why our platform, Dubai Fixing, is one of the most recommended interior design companies in Dubai for professional interior painting services & Interior Design.

Read Reviews & Ratings

If you are unsure about which professionals to hire then now is the time when you jot down a list of professionals from Dubai Fixing and go through our customer reviews and ratings. Make a detailed comparison among them based on their dedication, professionalism and approachable behaviour for the service. From the list of our Customer Reviews, you’d be able to make the decision easy and know why Dubai Fixing excels at providing interior painting services & interior design Dubai. 

Call 042480518 & Ask Queries Before You Hire

Before you’re all set to hire the professionals of your choice, it would also be equally important if you do a thorough evaluation of their credibility and performance in the service. Take about 3 to 4 professional and ask them all the following queries:

  • How many years or months of experience do they have in the home design service?
  • Are they comfortable with sharing their references with you?
  • What Products do they use for the service?

These questions will help you assess the professional and their work at Dubai Fixing. Also, from this, you can estimate a budget for the service based on each and every professional. Although, try doing more research on the kind of questions you want to ask on Interior Design. 

How to Hire a Professional Designer Near Me?

Are you looking for an expert interior painting services to give your house a new look or want to opt for home design 3D? Then, simply go through the list and choose Dubai Fixing services near your location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For a 12×12 room measurement, it would take approximately 6 hours considering painting both the ceiling and the walls. That being said, if the walls are not in good condition, or if the ceiling is not in good condition, then the hours could exceed. It can get up to 8 hours or more if the walls are completely broken in certain areas. Basically, it depends on the type of colour, design and condition of the wall. 

Yes. As a matter of fact, professional experts do wall cleaning but it is only mild with a mixture of water and detergent. This is done so that any layer of dust or dirt can be removed before fresh paint is applied on the walls. Also, by doing so, the walls become softer and smoother for applying paints on it. 

Both spray painting and roller painting have their own benefits. Using rolling painting is advisable if you want precise details; and accuracy on the walls. That being said, roller paintings take a longer period of time as a result. Meanwhile, spray painting is advisable when you are not worried about achieving the accurate details. Also, it’s application is very fast, if you are running late for something. In either way, mixing the two applications can be fruitful which our experts know how to do. 

 We use strategic lighting solutions, reflective surfaces, and light-colored finishes to maximize and enhance the available natural light in such spaces.

We choose low-maintenance materials, finishes, and furnishings, making it simpler for homeowners to keep their interiors clean and well-maintained.

Before hiring an interior designer, consider their experience, portfolio, and licensing. Discuss your budget, design preferences, and communication expectations. Ensure a clear contract is in place, covering all project details and timelines.

Our company in Dubai can handle a wide range of projects, including residential homes, apartments, villas, commercial offices, retail spaces, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Dubai embraces various styles, including modern, contemporary, Arabic, Mediterranean, and minimalist, to cater to diverse tastes.


“I did not expect the professionals to arrive so soon. They started painting my living room immediately. Now, I love the new look of my room.”

-Rameez Khan

“The professionals were very friendly and approachable. We interacted a lot and now my bedroom looks amazing! Thank you Dubai Fixing.”

-Sharique Ehsaan

‘My office walls suit the theme after the experts painted them properly. Thanks, Dubai Fixing”

-Shagufta Ansari

“Needless to say that I am very happy with the service I got. I would like to avail more in the future from Dubai Fixing.”

-Razia Sheikh

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