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Grab Top-Rated iPhone Repair Dubai Services

You adore your iPhone, for sure, and that’s why you are looking for an exceptional repair for your device in danger. Experience high-quality iPhone repair Dubai services from our team of certified and skilled professionals. In fact, we are ready to go the extra mile to take care of your precious iOS device. At Dubai Fixing, our main objective is to prioritise perfection and our customers’ requirements. Be it a quick battery replacement, charging port repair, or anything more critical, our vetted and licensed technicians know the cutting-edge techniques to proceed with them successfully.  So, you can retain your peace of mind knowing your iPhone is in the safest hands. Moreover, we handle every model of iOS device at our iPhone repair shop near me. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by using original, genuine, and compatible spare parts only. Get your hands on our quick and hassle-free Apple iPhone repair near me services delivered just to your doorstep. Now, you can avoid unnecessary downtime with our specialised iPhone repair Sharjah privileges with us. Choose our flexible on-site iPhone repair and additional replacement services at your convenience.

Best iPhone Repair Services to Grab from Dubai Fixing

Dubai fixing has been setting new trends in the expertise area of iPhone repair Dubai specialisation. We have earned a stellar reputation in recovering hundreds of vulnerable iPhones and offering top-notch hardware and software solutions on the spot. As a matter of fact, our team of highly skilled professionals knows to keep the commitment to quality repair related to your expensive iPhone. On top of that, they provide certified spare parts, fast turnaround time, and customer-centric services. That’s how Dubai Fixing stands out from the competition. Say goodbye to cheap and temporary solutions to your iPhone repair necessities with our high-end and tailored repair ethics. Our technicians know that a particular repair won’t be a perfect fit for every issue that could ever happen to your iOS device. Therefore, they provide customised repair services for your Apple smartphone. Let’s review some of our bestseller iPhone repair near me services:

Defective Buttons Repair

Reportedly, stuck buttons will stop responding on your iPhone no matter how hard you press them. On the other hand, accumulated dust and debris can make your iPhone buttons useless. So, you can try cleaning the faulty button and check if it works. Otherwise, you can choose our superior iPhone repair Sharjah and Dubai services. After all, it will be difficult for you to access your iPhone if its Home button doesn’t work properly. Our iPhone repair Dubai experts provide OEM spare parts to replace the Home, Volume Up, Volume Down, and Sleep/Wake buttons. Some iOS users have also complained about the malfunctioning of the silence slider of the device. Thus, you can call us and log a service request to get your iPhone buttons at your doorstep from Dubai Fixing.

Screen Repair/Replacement

Is your iPhone’s screen shattered? Don’t freak out as our iPhone-specialised fixers are the #1 choice for replacing your shattered screen in no time. We are concerned about your safety and how inconvenient it is to use a device with a cracked screen. Therefore, we offer guaranteed and swift iPhone screen replacement at your location. Rest assured, our technicians will restore the pristine quality and functionality of your iPhone screen. However, you might require a screen replacement in the following conditions as well:
  • Flickering screen
  • Dead pixels or black spots on your iPhone
  • Discoloured spots on your iPhone display
Unresponsive touchscreen
  • Lines on screen
Your iPhone might require an immediate screen repair if you encounter any of the above-mentioned signs. Save your iPhone from further hazards with our trendsetting screen replacement service. So, book a service today via a single call to our iPhone repair shop near me.

Battery Replacement

Your iPhone will lose its battery capacity day by day due to inevitable chemical reactions inside the component. For example, you might notice that your iPhone battery quickly fades away. According to our iPhone repairing near me experts, an iPhone requires a battery replacement when its battery health is less than 80% and exhibits a lower screen-on-time. Apart from that, your iPhone can show the following symptoms if it needs a battery replacement:
  • Apps keep crashing more frequently.
  • Your iPhone takes longer to charge itself.
  • You can see a sudden drop in the frame.
Whatever the issue is, Dubai Fixing knows no boundaries to help you with the right solution before it’s too late. A damaged or incompatible battery can do more harm to your iPhone. So, consider our reliable battery replacement service from our iPhone repair near me technicians. We make sure that our customers get personalised attention to their particular needs from our efficient repairmen. In addition, we equip them with OEM spare parts and replacement units for sustainable results. Hence, get in touch with our iPhone repair Dubai and Sharjah team according to your preference.

Back Glass or Body Replacement

Besides cracked screens, iPhone users are afraid of broken housing or back glass. Dropping your iPhone by mistake can cause injuries to your iPhone. However, it’s not necessary to hang out with an ugly and broken iPhone. Get a deep-level repair and housing replacement from Dubai Fixing’s iPhone handling expertise. Tackling the housing or the back glass includes significant portions of your iPhone such as a camera, flashlight, and more. Well, our experts are experienced and worthy enough to replace the iPhone housing or back glass without any delay. So, call in our iPhone repair Sharjah professionals and request a service at your doorstep. Our technicians and engineers will visit you soon with everything required and fix your iOS device in front of you.

Microphone Repair/Replacement

Typically, an iPhone has 3 microphone units. Do you notice muted videos recorded on your iPhone? Or, you might have to loudly communicate with the person over the call. Both situations can provoke a chance that your iPhone may require a microphone repair or replacement. Without functional microphones, your iPhone can turn into a junk box. Fortunately, Dubai Fixing has everything planned for you. Our technicians deliver trusted microphone replacement after assessing your iPhone to the chip level.  In addition, our tech geeks make sure that nothing is wrong with the motherboard and other connected components. Rescue your iPhone’s microphone with our certified fixers from the iPhone repair shop near me. So, call us and lodge your iPhone mic issues today. Thus, we can send our iPhone repair Dubai team to attend you as soon as possible.

Software Troubleshooting

iPhone Operating System or iOS is known to be one of the most reliable and user-friendly software globally. However, iOS users have reported inconveniences with the latest software roll-outs. For example, many witnessed a rapid battery drain, glitchy screens, crashing apps, etc. after installing the new OS version. Are you seeking a reliable and true-to-its-specs iPhone repair in Dubai? Then, Dubai Fixing welcomes you with a wide range of software solutions at your doorstep. Our technicians can find out the bug and take preventive measures to retain your iPhone’s prestigious operations. On the other hand, viruses and other threats can make your iOS device vulnerable. Strengthen your iPhone with our premium software support. Additionally, your iPhone can be on the edge of data loss chances. Reverse that and gain the full power of data recovery with our supervised iPhone repairing near me services. Furthermore, we keep your iPhone data safe and secure. Keep your iPhone and iCloud data confidential with our outstanding iPhone repair near me.

Charging Port Replacement

Is your iPhone unable to be charged through the Lightning or USB-C port? Well, wireless charging can save your back if you have the right equipment. Otherwise, you must choose our iPhone repair in Dubai to get quick repair assistance. Experience brilliant chip-level repair and replacement services for your iPhone’s charging necessities. Water damage, power surges, corroded counterparts, etc. can devastate your iPhone’s charging port. As a result, your iPhone will refuse to charge itself via the charging port. We at Dubai Fixing offer charging port repair and replacement services to restore your iPhone’s capabilities. Our technicians will also look for faults in the charger you use if they find nothing suspicious about the charging port. In short, get precise diagnostics and privileged iPhone charging port replacement through a call to Dubai Fixing’s specialists.

Tips to Protect Your iPhone from Accidents

A little precaution can save your iPhone from severe consequences. If you are a beginner user of an iPhone then our professionals have some valuable tips to share with you. The following heads-ups will keep your iPhone safe and away from potential damage:
  • First, use a screen protector and strong case with your iPhone.
  • Make sure that you use a soft and clean microfibre cloth to gently wipe your iPhone regularly.
  • Keep your iPhone away from water spills.
  • Use only mFi-certified accessories to charge your iOS device.
  • Avoid using your iPhone in extreme temperatures.
  • Keep backing up your iPhone data.
  • Deactivate unnecessary and battery-consuming features.
  • Don’t exhibit excessive pressure on your iPhone.
However, mishaps can happen and we are here to treat your iPhone with the royal repair it deserves. In fact, Dubai Fixing is the best bet for your iPhone which is currently out of warranty. Select our iPhone repair Dubai services in any emergency and our technicians will respond to your request soon.

Models Supported at Our iPhone Repair Shop Near Me

Dubai Fixing is a go-to shop for result-driven iPhone repair Dubai services. We partner with professionals who acquire unique skill sets and technical knowledge to crack the iPhone repair code. Thus, we can avoid failed attempts. Apart from that, we excel in versatility.  In short, we offer technical support and repair for every iPhone model existing in the market. So, you can grab our revolutionising technology and intervention to fix your iPhone regardless of its model or iOS support. Recently, our technicians have fixed the following iPhone models:
  • iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • Apple iPhone 8
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone SE (First Generation)
  • iPhone 12
  • Apple iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 14 Plus and more
No matter how new or old your iPhone is, we have the right solution for your iOS device according to the difficulties you face. Now, dial our helpline number to register your service request from our iPhone repairing near me shop.

Why Choose Our iPhone Repair Services?

Dubai Fixing is among the most reputed places to grab a solid iPhone repair in Dubai and Sharjah. We offer centralised services because we understand how hard it is for our customers to be productive without their devices. That’s why our team of skilled and dedicated professionals will deliver prompt and efficient service whenever you schedule an appointment. Here’s why you should opt for our advanced iPhone repair Dubai services:

Repair at Your Doorstep

Say goodbye to rushing to an iPhone repair shop near me whenever your device bothers you. Instead, Dubai Fixing has arranged a way to send our field experts with every mandatory tool to your location. In addition, our technicians are committed to turning up at your doorstep as soon as possible.

iPhone Repair Specialists

We work with Apple-certified, licensed, and experienced technicians and engineers. They handle your devices with utmost care and pay ultimate attention to reap the best results. So, bring a smile to your face with our devoted iPhone repair near me.

Genuine Spare Parts

Dubai Fixing encourages the use of original and authentic spare parts by equipping our professionals with them. Therefore, we can guarantee a long-term repair for your precious iPhone.

Book Affordable iPhone Repair Dubai Services from Us!

iPhone repairs won’t cost you a fortune anymore since we at Dubai Fixing offer the best-tailored solutions at competitive prices. Forget extra charges or hidden costs with our transparent iPhone repair Sharjah services. So, you can call us and book an iPhone repair at your convenience.



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