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Avail of #1 Reliable iPhone Screen Replacement at Your Doorstep

Your iPhone is iconic for solid reasons and it’s heart-wrenching if anything happens to its screen. Undoubtedly, iPhones are quite sensitive when it comes to their screen and housing components. However, we at Dubai Fixing got you covered with our premium iPhone screen replacement services.

Accidents are quite inevitable and your iPhone may receive cracks or more internal damage to its display mechanism. The good news is that Dubai Fixing is here to treat your iPhone with the precaution it requires. We offer the best functional iPhone screen replacement Dubai services for every iOS device in the market.

As a matter of fact, Dubai Fixing is the most reliable destination for your iPhone screen replacement if the device runs out of warranty. Not to mention, it will cost you a fortune to get your iPhone’s screen replaced from the Apple Store or authorised service centre. However, you can get competitive prices yet high-quality results by hiring our iPhone screen replacement near me technicians.

Now, we offer our incredible iPhone services in Sharjah and adjacent areas besides serving Dubaians. So, you can call our iPhone screen replacement Sharjah team if you feel that your iOS device needs a screen replacement. We will dispatch our repair team soon!

Prominent Signs You Require an iPhone Screen Replacement

A shattered iPhone screen is nothing less than a broken heart. Apart from compromising your outstanding iPhone’s looks, you may have to face operating difficulties when you use an iPhone with a cracked display. In addition, you may sustain injuries from the sharp broken edges of the iPhone glass.

Furthermore, you might indulge in more damage if you don’t consider a quick iPhone screen replacement. Are you looking for an efficient and quick yet affordable screen replacement for your iOS device?

Dubai Fixing has heard your requirements and is here with the ultimate iPhone screen replacement UAE. Our talented repairmen can tackle your iPhone screen necessities whether you have accidentally dropped the device or it’s an internal disaster. So, get a full-fledged and 100% working iPhone screen replacement near me from us.

When should you book our iPhone-specialised screen repair and replacement services, by the way? Well, the following hints might lead the way:

Cracked Screen

Nothing can be as obvious as a cracked screen of your iPhone. As soon as your iPhone Repair Dubai display gets shattered, make sure that you carefully handle it and call our experts. Our technicians and engineers have rigorously trained for top-notch screen replacements, specialised for iPhones.

A worthy screen replacement can be the resurrection point for your iPhone. Otherwise, your iPhone may receive more damage to its internal components. Consequently, your iPhone can go beyond repair scopes due to severe complications.

Don’t take a chance with your expensive iPhone and its well-being. Contact our iPhone screen replacement Dubai team for immediate action. Our iOS repair experts will visit you with high-quality screen replacements and the latest tools.

Discoloured Screen

Does your iPhone exhibit a yellowish hint? Make sure that you disable the reading mode before panicking over that. If the yellowish hint doesn’t go away then chances are that your iPhone display might be victim to a recent water damage.

Otherwise, the yellowish hint can be a result of some internal failure. Log a service request at our iPhone screen replacement Sharjah team if you want to know the truth. First, our engineers will run a few diagnostics to reveal the truth behind the malfunctioning.

If it’s water damage or any other internal failure then a screen replacement is unskippable. Therefore, book an iPhone screen replacement UAE if you notice discolouration of the screen along with overheating.

Unresponsive Screen

Many iPhone users have complained about touchscreen stalls no matter what model they own. If you experience the same then you can try out the following tricks, as advised by our iPhone repair experts:

  • Cleanse your iPhone’s screen with a soft and dry microfibre cloth.
  • Restart your device.
  • Remove accessories such as a charger or earphones from your iPhone’s lightning port.

Now, check if your iPhone responds to your touch. Otherwise, don’t delay in getting in touch with our superior iPhone screen replacement Dubai expertise. An unresponsive screen requires an entire replacement to retain its functionality.

Fortunately, we offer certified and fully working screen replacements for iPhones at compelling prices. Hence, call us to place a service request right away!

Dead Pixels

Unfortunately, no repair can make dead pixels go away from your iPhone. On the other hand, dead pixels look inconvenient for any iPhone user out there. Not to mention, dead pixels tend to grow in number and size leading to the death of your iPhone screen.

Take control in your hands by considering our iPhone screen replacement services. Our technicians will take every precaution while replacing the screen of your iOS device. So, arrange an appointment with our certified technicians for hassle-free screen replacements due to dead pixels.

Lines on the Screen

Green lines are a great concern for iPhone users. If you notice green or other lines on your iOS device suddenly then the device requires a screen replacement, no doubt. According to our experienced iPhone screen replacement Dubai experts, the following instances can cause those green lines:

  • Software glitches
  • Internal physical problem
  • Water damage
  • Manufacturing defect
  • Laser lights exposed to your iPhone’s screen

However, you can claim a free screen replacement from Apple if it’s a manufacturing defect. Otherwise, you can get a feasible screen replacement at an affordable rate only from Dubai Fixing. We offer genuine third-party screen replacements for your iPhone. So, extend your iPhone screen’s durability with our precise and on-spot screen replacement services.

Flickering Display

Do you notice a static effect on your iPhone? Or, the screen might be flickering consistently. Now, the cause can be application-based. For example, your iPhone screen might start flickering when you open a particular application. As a quick fix, you can uninstall the application and reinstall it from the App Store to check if it eliminates the issue.

If your iPhone keeps flickering all the time then it’s high time to replace its entire screen. Our iPhone screen replacement team has the knowledge to disassemble the iOS device safely and install the new display unit. In addition, they can check the compatibility of the screen replacement with your iOS device.

So, get the safest iPhone screen replacement Dubai service from us. After all, repairing some things might cost you more than a complete screen replacement. Indeed, our technicians can guide you in the right way and for the improved performance of your iPhone.

Inclusions that Come with Our iPhone Screen Replacement Services

We at Dubai Fixing offer trusted and highly professional iPhone screen replacement services. In fact, our technicians execute pre-quality checks to identify whether a screen replacement will be enough for your device. Or, your iPhone requires anything extra apart from a screen replacement to eliminate underlying issues.

However, separate services will cost you individually. On a related note, the screen replacement module comes with 4 individual parts such as the display, touch, front-end glass, and frame. Here’s what our iPhone experts promise during a screen replacement:

  • Protection from electrostatic charge (no further damage)
  • Full-fledged diagnostics to determine the problem
  • Disassembling the iPhone
  • Broken or damaged screen replacement with a brand new and tested one
  • General testing of the iPhone before assembling the device
  • Post-service quality checks on the spot
  • Screen protector installation for extra security from the next time

So, don’t suffer from cracked display issues and opt for our iPhone screen replacement services. Book a service from us and get an instant quote.

Models Supported by Our iPhone Screen Replacement UAE Services

Dubai Fixing offers on-demand repair solutions for iPhones. We take pride in taking repair quality to the next level and retain our customers’ satisfaction to the highest extent. Are you looking for a screen replacement for iPhone 6s or 12 Pro Max?

Whatever your iPhone model is, the best thing about our iPhone screen replacement privilege is that we support an extensive range of devices. Let our technicians check out your requirements and they will get back to you soon. For example, we have replaced screens for the following iPhones recently:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • Apple iPhone SE (Second Generation)
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS Max
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro
  • Apple iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max

However, prices might differ from one iPhone variant to another. Talk to our experts and learn what your iPhone screen replacement would cost according to the model you have. Therefore, reach out to us via a single call and guarantee the right assistance at your fingertips.

Reasons to Choose Dubai Fixing’s iPhone Screen Replacement

Dubai Fixing provides a quick, valid, and reasonably priced iPhone screen replacement service to restore the device screen and its functionality. So, you can get all the qualities of a high-end screen replacement for your iPhone from our specialists. Here are the benefits of getting our advanced iPhone screen replacement near me:

Certified iPhone Maestro

We team up with skilled, experienced, and overall Apple-certified technicians and engineers to provide seamless screen replacement for iPhones. As a matter of fact, our professionals have been in the iPhone screen repair and replacement expertise for many years now. So, you will get the best and safest screen replacement from Dubai Fixing.

Genuine Replacement Parts

We never compromise on the quality of what we deliver. Dubai Fixing stocks only original and certified screen replacement units. Thus, our customers can enjoy long-term benefits without any hazards.

Quick On-Site Screen Replacement

You need not leave your home to get an iPhone screen replacement Sharjah service. Instead, our team will visit you once you book a service. Hence, you can call us to schedule an appointment at your convenience and our experts will reach you without any downtime.

Data Safety Guaranteed

Whatever iPhone repair or replacement we offer, we ensure that your data remains safe and unharmed. In fact, our professionals take extra precautions to keep your data secure and confidential.

Affordable Rates

Dubai Fixing offers genuine iPhone screen replacement in Dubai at competitive and fixed prices. We are true to our words and price listing. However, additional repairs might cost you extra.

Call Our iPhone Screen Replacement Experts Today!

Are you still hanging out with a broken-screen iPhone? Get your iPhone’s screen replaced at your location and that too at an easy budget. You can call our technicians and schedule a repair for your iPhone model. Don’t forget to share your iPhone model with our technicians for better support.



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