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A regular laundry regime can be hectic if your LG washing machine starts throwing tantrums at you. Although LG washers are known for their immune functions and feature-rich capabilities, they can break down under intense pressure or mishandling. Fortunately, you can get the most reliable and professional LG washing machine repair near me from Dubai Fixing.

We team up with qualified and LG-certified technicians to cover you when your washer malfunctions. Our technicians specialise in tuning any error occurring to LG washing machines. In fact, they have extensive knowledge in handling diverse LG washing machine models.

Be it your domestic or commercial appliance, we offer support for both instances. Additionally, our technicians carry only genuine replacement parts so that they can deliver durable results. So, get in touch with our team of LG washing machine repair in Dubai whenever your washer exhibits any problem.

Our Expertise in LG Washing Machine Repair Near Me

LG washing machines are available in different configurations, capacities, and more. However, most LG washers disturb users with some common issues. For example, LG washing machines become unable to spin and there are around 28 possible causes behind it.

Now, understanding the root cause and delivering a potential solution can be tricky without an expert’s intervention. Trust our powerful diagnostics for LG washing machine repair near me. We at Dubai Fixing provide LG washing machine repair and maintenance in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and adjacent areas.

Replacing your precious LG washing machine for a minor fault is not a wise decision. Instead, you can restore your washing machine’s functionality to 100% with our affordable LG washing machine Sharjah services.  So, connect with Dubai Fixing to repair LG washing machines at your location.

By the way, here are some common recurring issues reported by LG washer owners. Let’s check out how our LG washing machine repair in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah stands out.

Washer Fails to Drain

Without draining the remaining water, your washing machine won’t be ready for the next wash cycle. If you notice that your LG washing machine barely makes an effort to drain the water even though you manually perform the operation, then call our technicians. 

According to our LG washing machine repair near me team, an appliance can restrict the drainage because of the following reasons:

  • Twisted drain hose
  • Kink in the drain hose
  • Blocked drain pump
  • Defective drain pump

Only a thorough diagnosis can detect the cause and help experts to find a suitable solution. Our technicians are proficient in cleaning the drain hose, unclogging and repairing the drain pump. They can easily retrieve foreign objects from both the drain hose and pump to restore your LG washer’s capability. 

Additionally, our professionals will inspect the main control board and repair it if required. So, call us to repair LG washing machine and re-enable its draining abilities.

Washer Leaks or Overflows

The most common culprit behind your LG washer leaking is the defective water inlet valve. Daily wear and tear including the buildup of calcium and other minerals can weaken the water inlet valve of your LG washing machine. Your washing machine might continue filling in extra water and it leads to leaking.

On the other hand, the worn-out gasket of a front-loading LG washing machine can also result in leaks. Otherwise, the failing control panel might cause inconvenience. Whatever the reason is, Dubai Fixing’s LG washing machine repair Abu Dhabi can fix it.

Our certified technicians can prevent leaks and overflows by replacing the faulty water inlet valve. Moreover, they can replace the gasket of the door and repair the control panel to keep your washing machine properly functional. Avail of our rapid and premium LG washing machine repair in Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi so that you don’t hurt yourself by slipping on the leaking water.

Broken Motor Wire Harness

Have you been experiencing unusual noises from your LG washer during spin cycles? Chances are that the wiring harness connected to the motor might be at stake. It’s common for a wiring harness to break off because of intense vibrations. As a result, the communication between the motor and the control board will be compromised.

Now, closely inspecting such wires inside your washing machine is difficult. Let our washing machine repair near me technicians help you. They can manually inspect all the wires including the motor and detect if there’s an issue with the overall setup. 

However, our technicians provide wiring harness replacements if any wire is burnt or disconnected anyhow. Additionally, our techies make sure that everything is fine with the motor and control board. Therefore, get genuine LG washing machine repair Dubai services from us and eradicate potential problems with your washer.

Washer Shakes Violently

Many LG washer users have complained that their appliances keep shaking rigorously, especially during spin cycles. As witnessed and handled by our LG washing machine repair Sharjah professionals, the following reasons are quite common:

  • Uneven levelling of the washer
  • Loose inner tub
  • Broken suspension rings
  • Worn-out shock absorber
  • Malfunctioning drain pump
  • Unbalanced or overloaded machine
  • Faulty bearing system

Fortunately, our LG washing machine Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah teams are aware of every possible solution no matter what the reason is. They have earned a stellar reputation for fixing vibrating LG washers and restoring their normal operations. However, excessive vibration can cause harm to other components of your LG washing machine.

Hence, grab our LG washing machine repair near me services and get guaranteed fixes from our award-winning professionals.

Our LG Washing Machine Repair Dubai Supports a Wide Range of Washer Models

Dubai Fixing closely works with LG-certified and insured technicians who have years of experience in the industry. We prioritise our customers’ safety and well-being over anything. That’s why we trust only LG washing machine repair Abu Dhabi experts to handle the appliance and fix it.

On top of that, our techies are extremely versatile when it comes to the support of different types of washer models. LG offers a vast array of top-load, front-load, semi-automatic, automatic, and hybrid washing machines. Luckily, we provide repair and maintenance assistance to each and every model that exists in the market.

Here are some models recently tackled by our LG washing machine repair near me staff:

  • WD-10271BD
  • WM2016CW
  • F4R5VYL0W
  • T9586NDKVH
  • F4R3VYG6W
  • FH2J3HDYL02
  • RC90V9EV2W
  • WD-90282BD
  • WM2233HW

Are you not sure of your faulty LG washer’s model? Don’t worry; just contact our LG washing machine Dubai technicians and get comprehensive fixes at your doorstep. Our techies can repair any LG washer regardless of its model or build.

How Does Our LG Washing Machine Repair in Dubai Work?

Dubai Fixing is among the most recommended names in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi to repair LG washing machines. Apart from taking utmost care of your LG appliance, we ensure that you can get in touch with us with minimal effort. Here’s how you can get your hands on our LG washing machine repair near me:

Call Dubai Fixing

We offer a helpline number to reach our LG washing machine repair Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi technicians. So, you can dial that number to report your appliance issue without filling out a lengthy form.

Schedule a Repair

Next, you can request an emergency LG washing machine repair in Dubai from our technicians. Additionally, we offer flexible services and you can schedule a fix at your convenience place and timing. Our techies will reach you without any downtime.

Get Your LG Washer Fixed

Once our experts visit you, they will execute the diagnosis and required repair to fix your faulty washing machine. After that, they will run tests and quality assurance to be sure of the reair. You can pay our techies once you are satisfied with our LG washing machine repair Abu Dhabi.

Why Choose Our LG Washing Machine Repair Near Me?

LG washing machines are one of the top choices among homeowners. Since accidents are quite inevitable, you might be seeking an expert LG washing machine repair at your fingertips. Dubai Fixing heard your request and we are here with the best LG washing machine repair in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

Avail of the following benefits with each LG washing machine repair Dubai:

  • Get your washer fixed by LG-certified, licensed, and experienced technicians.
  • In addition, we equip our technicians with the latest tools and technologies.
  • Dubai Fixing supplies OEM spare parts to professionals to provide you with long-lasting results.
  • Grab a warranty on certified repair parts and replacements from Dubai Fixing.
  • Moreover, we prioritise rapid on-site repair for our customers.
  • Get competitive and transparent prices with our superior LG washing machine repair Sharjah.

Book LG Washing Machine Repair in Dubai from Us Right Now!

Is your LG washing machine still malfunctioning? Resolve any type of common and critical issues with your LG washing machine with our dedicated repair and maintenance. So, call our LG washing machine repair near me team and get an instant service quote. For further assistance, contact our customer support executives.



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