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Looking for Professional Mantel Installation Services Dubai?

Mantel is used for safeguarding the chimneys of a house. And, by just installing a mantel in your house, you will prevent the smoke of the chimney from entering the rooms. Additionally, mantels added value to your household.

There are several types of antique mantel available in the market of Dubai, that you can install. Whether you want to install red oak wooden mantels or cherry wood mantel in your house, you get an on-time mantel installation service from Dubai Fixing.

And, mantel installation works can not be performed by just a single person. And for that, you need professionals who have immense knowledge in this field. So, we are here to assist you with prompt mantel installation services Dubai.

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Types of Mantel Installation Services

Being an eminent mantel installation service provider in Dubai, Dubai Fixing ensures to render all the customers with prompt assistance. The professionals are skilled, trustworthy and proficient in their work. Get supreme quality service by just joining hands with Dubai Fixing. Choose the suitable service packages that you are looking for. And, based on your chosen type of service, our professionals will reach your mentioned place to install the wooden fireplace mantels. 

Red Oak Wood Fireplace Mantels

This type of wooden material is mostly used for furniture manufacturing purposes. And, the red oak wood mantels are preferred the most because of its remarkable durability. Thus, we offer our customers several types of red oaks for installing the wooden mantels. And, some of the red oak wood fireplace mantels come with prominent wood grain patterns that will provide you with an appealing look in your house. 

Poplar Wood Fireplace Mantels

Dubai Fixing offers the best and high-quality poplar wood fireplace mantel installation services Dubai. Additionally, these types of mantels are usually light in color and often consist of brown and green streaks within it. And, in terms of stability, aesthetic appeal, and affordability, we would suggest you install the poplar wood fireplace mantels in your house.

Maple Wood Fireplace Mantels

In terms of installing fireplace mantles in your house, maple woods will be absolutely suitable. Additionally, irrespective of the material of the mantels, the professionals to Dubai Fixing can install it without any hassle. And, most of the house owners in Dubai preferred the maple wood mantels because of their durability and strength. Additionally, you get straight grain patterned mantels that will provide your house with an aesthetic look. 

Cherry wood Fireplace Mantels

Dubai Fixing is widely known for providing cherry wood fireplace mantels in the residential place of Dubai. And, this type of wooden material provides a rich reddish-brown color that tends to make the mantle look outstanding. Get an antique look by just installing this type of fireplace mantel in your house. Moreover, our expert can smoothly perform the cherry world fireplace mantel installation. 

Lastly, based on the type of installation project, we help you to get suitable professions that will fulfil your mantel installation requirements. Furthermore, we have gathered a team of professionals who are not only pre-eminent but also have immense expertise in installing several kinds of mantels.  


How to Get and Hire the Leading Mental Installation Experts?

handyman services

Once you get to know the type of fireplace mantel you want to install, book an appointment with the professionals of Dubai Fixing. And, we help our customers to come across with the top-ranked professionals who are not only skilled but can offer you with a vast range of services. 

Read Reviews and Ratings

Before you avail our services, we would suggest you check the online reviews and ratings provided by our customers. So, get to know why we are one of the recommendable names in Dubai when it comes to installing the mantels in their houses. Moreover, we get outstanding reviews and ratings from our customers which is why Dubai Fixing is considered to be the best bet. 

Call 042480518 and Clear Your Doubts Before Booking

It is necessary to be aware of our professional before appointing them to install the mantels in your house. And, one must know how experienced, specialized they are and the type of services they provide before opting for them

And, Dubai Fixing houses a team of professionals who are vetted, certified, and reliable and can handle installation works with ease. But first, you must clear the queries and questions that you have regarding our service and professionals. Ask:

  • What type of mantel installation service do you offer?
  • Are the professionals reliable enough?
  • What type of tools do you use for installing the mantels?

Now, you can ask for a service quote or a sample of reference, that will enlighten you about Dubai Fixing. Get to know about the plethora of services that we offer across Dubai. 

How to Find Best Mantle Installation Service Experts Near Me?

Dubai Fixing helps you to join hands with the most dedicated and skilled professionals for mantel installation works. Additionally, if you’re looking for on-time assistance near your location, Dubai Fixing can be your ultimate choice. Our professional covers every part of the installation works with efficacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Being one of the supreme quality service providers in Dubai, we ensure our customers with a floating mantel installation. Additionally, our professional’s opt for inspecting the house, before installing the mantles. And, they take the measurement, the level, position, and length of the mantle that can be installed. 

Fireplace mantles are used to prevent the smoke of the chimney from coming inside the rooms of one’s house. Thus, it helps to reduce the level of carbon monoxide that gets generated from the chimneys. And, Dubai Fixing can effectively install the several types of mantles in the residents of Dubai. Therefore, book a Mantel Installation Services Dubai.

Mantels are not light-weighted and thus they can not be attached to the wall at one glance. And, the risk of wall range is high if anyone attaches the mantle with the wall. Thus, our professionals of Dubai Fixing installed the cleats first behind the wall of the mantles. And, next, the mantle is attached with the cleats. Based on the type of the materials of the mantel, the installation process of attaching it will vary. 

Installation time varies based on the mantel’s complexity and size, but it generally takes a few hours to complete.

Yes, mantel installation services can install decorative mantels or mantel shelves without a fireplace insert for aesthetic purposes.

The cost varies based on the mantel type, complexity of the installation, and location. 

Yes, Dubai Fixing Always available 24/7 hours emergency service with our best & Professional technician.

Maintenance depends on the mantel material. Wooden mantels may need occasional cleaning, staining, or painting, while stone mantels require less upkeep.


“Dubai Fixing is the best mantel installation provider in Dubai. And, I can’t thank them more for the cherrywood fireplace mantel installation work in my house. Thank you, Dubai Fixing.”

-Noor Jahan

“They take every installation project sincerely. Additionally, the experts maintain high professionalism while delivering the service. Very much happy and satisfied with their service.”

-Safdar Rahman

“The professionals are quite experienced and skilled. And, this was reflected in their quality of service. Thank You, Dubai Fixing. I would definitely recommend them.”

-Nusrat Khatun

“I am amazed by their service. Additionally, Dubai Fixing offers a budget-friendly mantel installation service. I would recommend them to everyone I know.”

-Alia Dubey

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