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100% Guaranteed and Genuine Microsoft Surface Repair Dubai is Here

Dubai Fixing has earned a stellar reputation in Dubai for offering amazing repair services, including Microsoft Surface gadgets. If you are looking for a repair service as versatile as your Microsoft Surface gadget then Dubai Fixing is the answer. We partner with a team of experienced and skilled technicians who are proficient in Microsoft Surface repair Dubai services. Since your Microsoft Surface device is a great 2-in-1 convertible gadget, you must carry it to your work, school, or anywhere you want. So, regular use can cause wear and tear to any gadget and your Microsoft Surface Pro 6 or any other variant is not an exception.  On the other hand, ageing in gadgets can reduce their performance metrics. As a result, you might come across an unresponsive screen, charging problems, loudspeaker crackling, or even motherboard faults on your Surface device.  However, you need not stress over them since we got your back with powerful and reliable Microsoft Surface repair in Dubai. We have trained our Microsoft Surface repair experts to tackle problems with cameras and modules, mechanical buttons, touchscreens, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, Bluetooth controllers, and processors.  So, you can get every repair under one roof from our Microsoft Surface repairing shop in Dubai. Don’t hesitate to reach us whenever your Microsoft Surface throws a tantrum at you.

Common Problems Dealt by Our Microsoft Surface Repair Dubai Team

You must be a proud owner of the latest Microsoft Surface series but accidents can happen to anyone. Pesky problems can let your device’s productivity down and you must reach out to an expert for advice to recover your Microsoft computer or tablet’s potential. We at Dubai Fixing understand the risks of handling a convertible laptop entangled with certain issues. That’s why we team up with the best Microsoft Surface repair Dubai experts who are duly certified and trained. Additionally, we pass on a generous supply of authentic repair parts so that you can get top-notch repair services for your Microsoft computer. When should you call in our technicians for a Microsoft Surface repair near me? Well, the following common problems and signs can be a cue for you to book a service from Dubai Fixing:

Degrading Battery Life

Microsoft offers great build quality and a wide range of features with every Microsoft Surface device. However, users keep complaining about the Surface’s average battery life. According to our experts in Microsoft Surface repair in Dubai, you can try the following tricks to see if they improve your battery lifetime:
  • Lower the screen brightness whenever possible.
  • Look for pending updates and install them correctly.
  • Try power-saving mode.
  • Put a limit on the number of background activities.
If they don’t seem to be helpful enough, contact our Microsoft Surface repair Dubai team for rapid repair and battery improvements. Our technicians offer precise diagnoses, tests, and quality assurance to determine whether your device requires a battery replacement or a few tweaks. We can provide you with genuine battery replacements for every Microsoft laptop, tablet, or convertible. Hence, book a service from our Microsoft Surface repairing shop near me and get rid of all such battery complications.

Touchscreen Problems

A loose connection between the motherboard and the digitiser can cause trouble to your Microsoft Surface’s touchscreen. Excessive pressure, water and physical damage might lead to a loose connection. On the other hand, your Surface device can stop responding to your touches due to dust accumulation. Ensure that you clean up your Microsoft gadget properly and check whether it starts responding. Additionally, you can restart your Microsoft computer. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Microsoft Surface repair near me services. Our Microsoft Surface-specialised team is rigorously trained regarding how to fix a touchscreen problem on the spot. They offer digitiser replacement, display repair, motherboard connection re-establishment, and more services to help you in difficult situations. Therefore, you can call us and request a Microsoft Surface repair Dubai expertise at your place. The best thing is that you don’t have to wait in a queue or wait for days to get your gadget fixed.

Malfunctioning Ports

Undoubtedly, your Microsoft device comes with multiple ports. In fact, many users have reported various problems with the following ports on Microsoft Surface devices:
  • Audio jack
  • Security lock slot
  • USB-C port
  • Power port
  • USB-A port
Chances are that your Surface-compatible hardware or accessories might stop working once you connect them using the right type of port on the computer or tablet. For example, your wired mouse doesn’t work when you connect it to the USB-A port of your Surface device. Ensure that ports are clean before you try to plug anything into them. If you still face problems with connecting peripherals to your Microsoft Surface gadget then schedule a repair from us. We offer port replacement and motherboard repair after running accurate diagnostics on your Microsoft tablet or computer. So, call us and get a service quote from our specialists today.

Software Issues

You are not alone if you face severe slowdown on your Microsoft Surface. Inappropriate settings, too many background apps, and incompatible applications can question your device’s performance capability. Believe it or not, software bugs and issues can result in the following signs on your Microsoft Surface device:
  • Touchscreen failure
  • Rapid battery depletion
  • Camera not working
Check out our Microsoft Surface repair Dubai services to eliminate software troubles as soon as possible. Our tech enthusiasts are proficient in troubleshooting software problems, updating operating systems and drivers, and backing up data. In addition, they can deliver wonderful data recovery services if your Microsoft Surface loses any files. Physical and water damage can cause data loss to any device. However, we offer proven and optimum data recovery solutions. Additionally, our experts make sure that your data stays secure and confidential. So, schedule an appointment with our team in Microsoft Surface repair in Dubai and experience the change for yourself.

Display Problems

Are you frustrated at the dim display of your Microsoft Surface Pro 3? Or, your Microsoft device might have a large crack and it bothers you every time you pick up the gadget. Well, wait no more since Dubai Fixing is here with reasonably-priced screen repair and replacement services for your Microsoft Surface. Be it the graphics processor or the black spots appearing on the Microsoft Surface display, we can fix anything for you. Avail of our advanced hardware repair services for your Microsoft Surface to escape from potential display problems. In fact, we are the safest bet for your Microsoft gadget if it’s out of warranty. Now, you can request a genuine entire screen replacement at Dubai Fixing and enjoy a bright and fully functioning screen. We also cover screen protector installation to keep your Microsoft Surface safe the next time an accident takes place.


Does your Microsoft Surface Go keep overheating even though you don’t run too many applications? It could be excessive dust and dirt accumulated on the fans and vents of your Microsoft Surface and they cause excessive heating. On the other hand, defective or broken fans inside your Microsoft Surface can lead to overheating. Dubai Fixing can fix the overheating concern by applying preventive measures. Our Microsoft-trained tech geeks will find out the culprit soon and replace the fans if required. Furthermore, they will look for the presence of viruses or malware on your Microsoft Surface. So, place a Microsoft Surface repair Dubai request at ours and grab your fix immediately.

Keyboard Issues

Many Microsoft Surface users have complained about their detachable keyboard problems. Reportedly, the following problems are more common in Microsoft Surface keyboards:
  • Jammed keys
  • The entire keyboard failure
  • Specific keys not functioning
  • Wrong output
  • Multiple outputs after typing a key once
You can restart your Microsoft machine or update the operating system to get rid of the inconvenience. If you use an external keyboard, make sure that you plug the accessory into a working port of the Microsoft Surface. If you can’t revive the keyboard, call our technicians from the Microsoft Surface repairing shop near me. We offer keyboard replacement if the component is at fault. On the other hand, our professionals can repair motherboard connections and ICs, input wires, and ports of your Microsoft Surface device. So, what are you waiting for? Call our Microsoft Surface repairing near me experts and fix an appointment right now!

Models Supported by Our Microsoft Surface Repair Dubai Services

Microsoft Surface is an intuitive series of touchscreen-based laptops, desktops, hybrid tablets, and whiteboards mostly running the Windows operating system. Similarly, Dubai Fixing is flexible in handling any Microsoft Surface device repair. Our Microsoft Surface-certified tech enthusiasts are qualified enough to identify the reason and solution for a problem regardless of the build and model of the device. Hence, you can trust our diverse array of Microsoft Surface repair in Dubai since we offer genuine spare parts for every project. So far, our technicians and engineers have handled the following Microsoft Surface devices and models:
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2
  • Surface Laptop 3
  • Surface Go 3
  • Microsoft Surface 2
  • Surface Go 4
  • Surface Pro 7+
  • Microsoft Surface Pro X (1st Generation)
  • Surface Pro 9
  • Surface Pro 6
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop SE
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio
  • Surface Studio 2+
  • Surface Hub 2S
  • Microsoft Surface Duo
  • Surface Book 3
Apart from tackling mainstream Microsoft Surface laptops, desktops, and tablets, we at Dubai Fixing offer repair for accessories compatible with those devices too. Now, you can get doorstep repair services for anything related to your Microsoft Surface device.  Don’t wait anymore, just call us to book your first service from our Microsoft Surface repairing shop near me and grab exciting deals.

How Does our Microsoft Surface Repair in Dubai Work?

Dubai Fixing facilitates easy on-site repair services for Microsoft Surface devices and accessories. So, you don’t have to come to our Microsoft Surface repairing shop near me with your gadget to get a service. Instead, our all-rounder technicians will attend you and your Microsoft Surface repair Dubai request soon. Here’s how you can book a service with Dubai Fixing:

Call Us and Tell Your Requirements

Filling out the form to schedule a service can be hectic for anybody who is seeking an emergency repair. Now, you can simply call us and talk to our experts about your Microsoft Surface repair Dubai and conflicts. Don’t forget to share signs your device exhibits, the model, and your location for a quick service.

Get Your Microsoft Surface Repaired

Next, we dispatch a team of highly qualified and certified Microsoft Surface-specialised professionals to your place. They will execute thorough diagnostics to identify the particular damage and select the right repair for your device. Then, they will provide you with a quote. Once you agree to the quote, they will start fixing the device right in front of you.

Get Fully Functional Microsoft Surface Back

After our engineers and technicians are done with the required repair and replacement, they will conduct rigorous testing to be sure that your device works properly. They keep repeating the fine-tuning or necessary adjustments to provide you with an optimally performing Microsoft Surface device. So, you can retain the highest satisfaction with our devoted Microsoft Surface repair Dubai services. Pay our technicians once you get your machine back.

Why Choose Our Microsoft Surface Repair Dubai?

Dubai Fixing has earned a solid reputation with many years of expertise and experience. We are committed to providing stellar Microsoft Surface repair in Dubai along with the following advantages:
  • A team of certified and licensed professionals
  • Advanced tools used in our Microsoft Surface repairing shop near me
  • An extensive inventory of genuine spare parts
  • Enviable success rates in 500+ Microsoft Surface repairs
  • Emergency repair support
  • Fast turnaround time and on-site service delivery

Schedule your Microsoft Surface Repair Dubai Today!

Get guaranteed solutions for your malfunctioning or broken Microsoft Surface device from Dubai Fixing. You can call us to fix an appointment with our Surface specialists. For more information about our Microsoft Surface repair in Dubai, contact our customer support team.



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