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Need a Mirror Installation Service in Dubai?

Mirrors are one of the most important parts of our daily requirement. It’s where we see ourselves every day before we go to work or when we come back home after a long day. Either way, a mirror is a big necessity for our daily lives. Besides, it adds a lot of gravity to a house or a restaurant. Be it a gym, or a dance studio, space without a mirror is just not the same. 

Research more on what kind of mirrors you want to install based on the type of space you have. For example, a dance studio requires a wide and lengthy mirror to fit one whole wall of a big room. Similarly, a gymnasium requires a certain portion of the wall to be covered in the mirror. Once you’ve figured out what you need, our assistance from Dubai Fixing will help you to achieve that. Through our professional guide, you can get an easy Mirror Installation Service done right away!

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Types of Mirror Installation Services

Many professionals like mirror installers, mirror contractors, and mirror sellers carry the mirror installation service easily. We are considerate of your budget as it is an important factor. Hence, our services vary from one another. Along with the Mirror Installation Service service, Dubai Fixing provides more benefits to you. 

Bathroom Mirror Installation 

Bathrooms are not complete without having a mirror inside. It is where we get ready most of the time in the morning. If you want to get mirrors installed in your bathroom then we provide proper installation for that. Our professional experts handle the installation with care. They understand that even a small issue can destroy the mirror so they do the needful taking their time. 

Decorative Mirror Installation 

If you want to decorate your house with a mirror or a set of mirrors in different places, then our experts can take care of that for you. From fitting small, medium to the large-sized mirror, our experts have experience in installing them. Besides that, if you have any specific details to mention then our experts will make sure they do it just the way you want the installation to be.

Gymnasium/Dance Studio Mirror Installation

Gymnasiums and dance studies need a bigger mirror which our experts can handle properly. At first, our experts inspect the space and take measurements before installing the mirror on your desired wall. They make sure they fit the mirror according to the correct measurements without any faults. Once they are done with the installation, they ask you to inspect their work. 

Office/Commercial Mirror Installation 

For installing a mirror in the office or commercial space, we have a team of experts to do that for you. Our experts understand that the installation needs to be done properly without any disturbance caused so they use advanced tools to fit the mirrors according to your choice in your office, reception area, or your commercial store.


How to Find & Hire a Mirror Installer?


If you want to get a proper mirror installer then it would be advisable that you go through our customer ratings. That way you can differentiate why Dubai Fixing is a trusted brand in Dubai. 

Read Reviews & Ratings 

If you are unsure about choosing the right professional for the Mirror Installation Services in Dubai service, then go through some of our customer reviews, those who’ve taken our services before. That way you’d be able to distinguish among the professionals based on their level of dedication in the service. Although checking and comparing ratings and reviews is a great idea, it should not be the only way to get the right professional. Try asking for a quote or a sample from Dubai Fixing. 

Call 042480518 & Ask Questions Before Hiring 

Before you decide upon hiring the right professional for the Mirror Installation Service Dubai, it is highly important for you to do one more thing. And, that is to evaluate their performance and authenticity. Try having an interactive session with at least 3 to 4 professionals. Asking these queries will help solve the doubts. 

  • Do they have any practical field experience in this service? If so, how long has it been?
  • Are they comfortable with sharing references with you?

This way you can evaluate what you need in the service and what they can provide you in their terms. Along with that, you can also estimate an overall cost for the service. Try getting more information on warranty as well as offers related to the service. Additionally, doing more research on different kinds of questions will optimize your decision of choosing the right one.

How to Hire A Professional Mirror Installer Near Me?

Need a proper Mirror Installation Service for your house? Then, simply check out the list of all the top-rated companies like Dubai Fixing in your area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to set up a mirror on the wall the first thing you need to do is to take measurements of where you want to fit them. Be it in the bathroom, hall room, bedroom, or on difficult surfaces, you need nails, and a hook to hang them from the desired height. Make sure you hammer the nail on the position on the wall and use the mirror’s back hook to clamp it and hang it from the wall. However, DIY rules are not always beneficial, so refer to Dubai Fixing for on-site assistance.

If you’re wondering how to hang a large mirror then our experts use advanced tools and methods to fit them. Using many items like mirrored tape, hooks, wall anchors, gorilla hooks, and much more, they fit them perfectly on the wall so that it does not come off at any cost. 

To make sure that mirrors are hung properly from the wall without causing it any damage, our experts use a strong adhesive. This makes sure it does not come off. Depending on the size of the mirror, they also use double-sided strong tapes in all the four corners of the mirror. 

Yes. The mirror can be hung without nails on the wall in Mirror Installation. Hammering a nail on the wall where the mirror can be clamped with a hook, ruins the texture of the wall. Instead of that, using adhesive strips or wall clamps can do the work for you. Based on your choice, our experts do the needful.  

The strongest command hook is capable of holding weight up to 7.5 pounds. It is a very large hook that can take the weight for any large-sized mirror. That being said, they come in a pack of 4 strips which are enough for holding a big mirror. Our experts use them for hanging large mirrors in the room for the Mirror Installation Service. 

Depending on the mirror’s size and weight, installers use anchors, brackets, hooks, or adhesive options. The choice depends on your mirror and wall type.

The cost varies depending on factors like mirror size, complexity of the installation, and location. 

Mirror hanging services can hang a wide range of mirrors, including framed, frameless, decorative, and full-length mirrors.


“The experts were punctual. They arrived on time and immediately started with the Mirror Installation service. Now, I can finally look at myself in the bathroom!”

-Ruha Al Syed

“My gym was incomplete without the mirror but the experts arrived and installed them properly. It looks complete now. Thanks, Dubai Fixing!”

-Sahil Alam

“The professionals were very friendly and interactive during the service. They listened to my requirements. I would totally recommend their service”

-Arsheen Aman

“It is needless to say that Dubai Fixing provides great service. My mirrors fit perfectly into the wall and it never looked so much better and it’s all because of Dubai Fixing.”

-Rameez Khan

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