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Paints tend to wear off from the walls after a certain point of time. This can completely change the outlook of your home as well as affect productivity and mood. Painting your home once in a while can be beneficial in many ways. Your home will feel aesthetical when you can have your desired palette, be it a simple color, a combination of color or a specific texture, the end results change the perspective. 

Research more about the kind of paints you are looking for, delve deepening into the combination of colors that you’d like to have on the wall. Once you’ve decided what you want, it’ll be easier for you to proceed with us. With us, you get the assistance of Dubai Fixing professionals guide who knows more about how you can get painting services done efficiently. 

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Types of Painting Services

There are many professionals like painters, interior decorator, contractors who carry out our painting services Dubai effectively. We keep in mind that your budget downtime is important and based on that, our painting services vary. Dubai Fixing helps you to gain prompt assistance through its plethora of services.

Interior Painting

Dubai Fixing provides interior painting services using modern tools. Based on your choice of colors, our experts first prepare the paints, cover essentials like furniture, electronic appliances, and decorative to prevent paint spilling and then start their service. They apply a fresh coat of paint until it is dried off. Based on the wall quality, a second coating varies. After the service, you are asked to review the work. 

Exterior Painting

In our exterior painting service, our experts use equipment that can safely cover the exterior sides of the house without any further hassle. They use proper ladders and ropes for the process. At first, they prepare the equipment, and then they start with once section until all the sides and corners are done thoroughly. 

Cabinet Painting

Cabinets are the highlights of the kitchen area. With so much use, its appearance can fade away. So, for that, we have Cabinet painting services. Owing to immense experiences, the professionals of Dubai Fixing know the right way to paint a cabinet using your choice of color. By the end of the painting services in Dubai, your cabinet will look brand new. 

Custom Painting

If you have some specific design in your mind then we can help you in bringing that out on your wall. No matter how uncommon the color or the texture is, our experts can get it done for you easily. All you need to do is provide the necessary details of the color, texture, or even better, a reference. Dubai Fixing will handle the rest. 

Wallpaper Installation

If you want to try something new, like installation wallpapers instead of getting your walls painted, then we have that option available for you. Unlike painting, wallpapers are more vivid and add more strength to the wall due to its variable range of textures, patterns, and designs. Our experts have proper knowledge in installing wallpapers in your house. Be it vinyl covering or any other wallpaper, they can do it all.


How to Find & Hire a Painter?


To get a proper painter in Dubai for painting your house, you need to check our customer ratings. This will help you to understand why Dubai Fixing is a trusted name in Dubai.

Read Reviews & Ratings

If you are not sure about which professionals to choose then try comparing a list of reviews and ratings. From there you’ll get a good idea about professionals of paint companies in Dubai and about their dedication.  Even though ratings and reviews give a good idea about choosing the right ones, it should not be the only mode of comparison. You can ask for a quote or sample from Dubai Fixing, a renowned painting company in Dubai.

Call 042480518 & Ask Questions Before Hiring

Before you hire a painter for the job, it is important for you to evaluate their performance and authenticity. Make sure you have three or four painters to do the comparison. Ask:

  • Do they have any experience? If so then how many years or months?
  • Are they comfortable sharing their list of references with you?”

This way, it’ll be easier for you to do the measurements of the service, your specification in the service, and an estimated cost of the overall service. Get to know more about the offers related to warranty. A little more research on the kind of question that you should ask would be a viable option to help you hire Dubai Fixing professionals. 

How to Hire a Professional Painter Near Me?

Are you in search of professional painters in Dubai to paint your walls the way you like? Then, simply check out the most recommended painting companies like Dubai Fixing that are nearby. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common type of paints that are used for painting the walls is primer paints, oil, and water-based paints, latex paints, acrylic paints, and Enamel paints. Dubai Fixing experts use the fine quality of these paints for the service. 

The 7 main kinds of house paints that are very common for use are acrylic paints, shiny emulsion paints, matte finish paints, semi-gloss paints, high sheen paints, weather coated painter for the exterior, and easy cleaning paints. 

The use of latex paints is known to be the best paints for the house. Dubai Fixing experts also know that latex paints can be cleaned very easily and can sustain very long on the walls. And, since it is less likely to fade, the blistering of paints happens very less. 

To see a spike in house sales, the most common types of colors used are, off-white, white, grey, blue-grey, yellow, light blue, putty, and taupe. These are the most common colors that are effective in producing appealing outcomes. Our experts are well aware of it and have resources that enhance the selling value of a house. 

We offer a wide range of painting services, including interior painting, exterior painting, commercial painting, residential painting, wall painting, and more.

We assess and repair any damaged or cracked walls before painting by filling cracks, smoothing surfaces, and ensuring a flawless finish.

The cost of a one-hour painting service with Dubai fixing is determined by factors like paint type, surface area, and project complexity.

Yes, our professional painters offer the best color consultation services to assist you in choosing the perfect paint color for your home.

Dubai Fixing suggests neutral tones like light beige or soft white for ceiling paint to create a timeless, spacious feel and enhance the room’s aesthetic appeal.

Epoxy or polyurethane paints are recommended for durable, long-lasting floor finishes due to their excellent resistance to wear, chemicals, and abrasions.

We offer comprehensive painting services, starting with a thorough assessment, surface preparation, cleaning, and patching, followed by the professional application of high-quality paints.

Dubai Fixing is a top choice for painting services in Dubai due to its skilled professionals, proven track record, and commitment to delivering high-quality work.

Looking for the best painters connects you with skilled painters, ensuring quality workmanship through research, recommendations, and the comparison of quotes from multiple contractors.


“The professional painters arrived on time and started painting. I’m happy with the results.”

-Asifa Khatoon

“My bedroom looks amazing after the painting service. Thank you Dubai Fixing.”

-Raba Khan

“I would like to hire the same professionals since they were very friendly and helpful”. 

-Aman Siddiqui

“The quality of paints these experts use are great and long-lasting. Amazed with Dubai Fixing.”

-Nazneen Arafat

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