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Remove Junk And Debris

Need Instant Junk and Debris Removal Services in Dubai?

Have you got abundant belongings like extra cupboards, wardrobes? Can’t make your mind what to do with them? Whether you are shifting to a new house or leaving the country, you might discover unnecessary belongings of yours. Remove junk and debris with efficient services available in Dubai, who pick up your junk from your location. Continue with your interior makeover without thinking of the junk and debris. 

Are you looking for such service providers who provide junk and debris removal service? Dubai Fixing is your safe bet. We don’t throw away the junk and debris to the landfill. Rather, we would like to create something new from your debris and junk, we recycle them. Dubai Fixing is your one-stop-shop for junk and debris removal services in Dubai.

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Types of Junk and Debris Service

Avail our reliable and prompt service from Dubai Fixing when it comes to junk and debris removal services in Dubai. We have employed trained and experienced professionals to arrive at your place and do the needful. You are getting a chance to de-clutter your unnecessary items from your residence or office with our help. Explore how we deal with the junk removal service.

Waste Collection

Whether the junks are bigger or smaller, branded or not branded, we deal with every bit of it. Our professional team is going to pick up all your appliances without posting a query. Whatever the kinds are or the brands be, you can contact our professionals for on-time pick-up and more information.

Recycling Service

Our professionals reach your location as soon as possible after you hire our service. The quick responsive team takes the junks to the recycling system rather than dumping them at a landfill. We make sure that the appliances get recycled. Thus, you can contribute towards a cleaner and healthier environment for sustaining. Get rid of your junk and debris through an eco-friendly way.


How to Find and Hire Junk and Debris Removal Services in Dubai?

Remove Junk And Debris services

After you have decided that you are going to clean up your space by removing junk and debris, you have to find a suitable service expert. You just can’t call in a vendor without verification. Justify the vendors and their services, thoroughly.

Read Reviews and Ratings

While you are searching for service vendors online, take help from the feedback of existing clients. Just go through the ratings and reviews from the customers. If you find the service trustworthy from the reviews then you can opt for the service vendors. Make a list of trusted vendors.

Call us at 042480518 and Clarify your Doubts

Well, you can’t book the service, immediately. You should contact those service providers over the phone. Enquiry them through questions related to the service. For this instance, you might try these questions.

  • Do they have a proper license?
  • Are they experienced?
  • What kinds of junks and debris do they accept for removal?

If you get satisfying answers then you can fix an appointment with the team. Dubai Fixing has got all the knowledge and experience to take away your debris and junk from your location. Additionally, we look after those appliances and furniture till they go for recycling. We are working for a complete corporate and domestic solution to remove junk and debris.

How to Hire Junk and Debris Removal Service Near Me?

We have kept the booking procedure very simple. Search for the required service near your location and place your booking after sharing your requirements with us. We will reach you as quickly as possible. Furthermore, you can contact our customer service executives for more information.

FAQs of junk and debris removal Service in Dubai

It varies depending on factors like the volume of rubbish, type of items, and service provider. On average, prices can range from AED 250 to AED 1,000 or more for a standard load.
It typically involves scheduling a pickup with a reputable service, the removal team assessing and loading the items, responsible disposal or recycling, and finalizing payment as per the agreed terms.
It typically remove a wide range of items including Furniture, appliances, electronics, construction waste, yard rubbish, and a variety of other objects can often be removed by junk removal services.
Yes, Dubai Fixing offers same-day junk removal services, subject to availability and scheduling. Contact us to inquire about immediate removal options.
Yes, Dubai Fixing provides debris removal services for construction sites, ensuring efficient and thorough cleanup of construction waste and materials.
The duration of junk and debris removal by Dubai Fixing depends on the volume, type, and complexity of the project. We can provide a specific timeframe during the consultation based on your requirements.
There are several advantages, including efficient disposal, time savings, responsible recycling, and the convenience of having professionals handle the removal, ensuring a clutter-free and clean space.


Well-managed and experienced junk and debris removal service from Dubai Fixing. Going to recommend their services to my corporate friends.

-Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair

“Complete and reliable removal of junk and debris service. Thanks, Dubai Fixing for a quick solution.”

-Mohammed Al Hassan

“Totally satisfied by the waste management policy of Dubai Fixing. Keep it up.”

-Mohammad Omar

“Got my residential junk and debris removed by Dubai Fixing. All of them are seriously experts in removing junk and debris service. Would like to hire them again.”

-Sultan Zarawani

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