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Need Window Installation Services in Dubai?

Windows ensure the consistent airflow throughout your house. Whether you are renovating your house or moving to a new residence, Window Installation service is essential. Change the interiors of your house with modern Window Installation services in Dubai. Explore state-of-the-art windows installation service from Dubai Fixing.

Dubai Fixing is a promising name in Dubai and we house professionals who are experts in every handyman project. While rendering our Window Installation service, we make sure that you get only quality service along with the masterpiece windows design. If the installation goes wrong then it can ruin the interiors in no time. Hence, you entrust only professionals like us.

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Types of Window Installation Services

Basically, windows are more preferable if made of glass but we can customize based on your requirement. Whether it is your home or office, resort or restaurant, you can avail Window Installation service from us. We have employed certified, authorized, and experienced window installers at your service. Furthermore, the professionals have got modern and advanced installation tools and machinery for the perfect Window Installation service.

Folding Window Installation Services

People like compact services, nowadays. Free up and save space with imperial folding windows installation service from Dubai Fixing. Furthermore, folding windows are attractive for residence as well as office premises. Our professionals are well-equipped with every component needed for folding windows installation services in Dubai.

Sliding Window Installation Services

If you prefer aluminium and glass windows installation service then avail our professionals at your work. Besides this, sliding windows get an enhanced look with professional assistance in offices. In addition to this, the windows are classy for the residents, as well. Therefore, grab a complete package of sliding Window Installation services in Dubai.

Full-Frame Window Installation Services

Do you need a complete replacement of the window and its frame? Consider our full-frame Window Installation service for premium results. We make sure that nothing goes wrong with the window installation process. Thus, you need a seamless Window Installation service from Dubai Fixing by hiring the professionals.

Pocket Window Installation Services

In case, the window frame is alright then you need not replace the window frames. Rather than opting for full-frame window installation, you can rely on pocket window installation services in Dubai. Contact our professionals and mention your requirement for the best Window Installation service. You get to customize each and every installation based on your requirements.


How to Find and Hire Window Installer in Dubai?

installing window

Once you get aware of your requirements and preferences, now it’s time to hire the right service provider for installing windows. Can’t you find a suitable Window Installation service provider? Look through the reviews and seek referrals to choose the perfect installation partner.

Check out Ratings and Reviews

When you are considering online services, you should verify them. Customer ratings and reviews can help you. You will get a general idea about the service and its quality through the customer reviews and ratings. Short-list the most appreciated service providers within your locality. This will also help you to understand how Dubai Fixing adds value to every service request.

Call us at 042480518 and Proceed with Enquiry

Hire a professional only after you clarify all your doubts. Seek answers and get proper enquiry and verification. Additionally, you should contact our customer service executives to find out the best service professional. You might ask these questions:

  • Do they provide certified service?
  • Are they experienced?
  • Do they share any references?

Dubai Fixing is always ready to deal with these questions with affirmative replies. We are proud to offer you quality service at an affordable price range in Dubai. Discover more about our recent Window Installation services in Dubai. Moreover, our professionals will visit your residence or workplace for the on-site survey. When it comes to accuracy and precision Dubai Fixing is your safe bet.

How to Hire Window Installer Near Me?

We have made the service booking very easy for our customers. Get in touch with our quality services near your location. For any further enquiry or help, contact our customer service executives. Moreover, they are available around the clock at your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steel screws are prominently used while replacing a window. These are often known as replacement screws. We at Dubai Fixing ensure that the steel screws have proper flush installation along with vinyl jambs. Our proficient team knows what suits the best for successful window installation.

Dubai Fixing experts take extra care while putting a screw in a new window. To ensure no damage occurs in the long run. At first, using a drill a hole is made on the vinyl frame, then using a screwdriver, the accurately measured screws are screwed in to set the window in its proper location. We also ensure that the screws do not block the opening and closing of the window.

Actually, vinyl windows are not strong enough to hold any extra burden, such as binds. Thus, directly screwing into vinyl is not a good idea. But, experts associated with Dubai Fixing, has immense knowledge on how to install the windows or drill a hole without damaging the vinyl window frames. They use preventive measures and other products to protect the vinyl windows.

The cost varies based on window type, size, and materials. On average, it can range from AED 1,000 to AED 5,000 per window.

“Our services cover everything from basic installations to specialized options like soundproofing, safety, and historic preservation.”

The best type of window installation in Dubai depends on factors like your budget, architectural style, and energy efficiency goals.

In Dubai, common window types include sliding windows, casement windows, awning windows, and fixed windows, often made from aluminum or uPVC materials.

A properly installed window should fit snugly, open and close smoothly, and have no visible gaps or drafts.


“Satisfied with the sliding window installation at my villa. Thanks, Dubai Fixing for the service on-time.”

-Rashid Al Ansari

“Glad to hire Dubai Fixing for windows installation at my resort. Will look forward to getting all my future projects done by them.”

-Sarfaraz Hussain

“Got folding windows installed at my studio. Great job from friendly and experienced professionals.”

-Jubail Ahmed

“Seamless and perfect Window Installation service from Dubai Fixing. Keep it up, Dubai Fixing.”

-Junaid Al Jaziri

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