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Painting the Front Door Adds £4k to the Property – Choose Blue instead of Brown

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Sometimes, you should judge a book by its cover. As it is highly important to see, what effect the outer appearance of an object lays. And, painting with a suitable color can enhance its value more. The same goes for the front door of an apartment or any type of residential building. 

And, when it comes to painting the front door of a house, choosing the right color is the most difficult and important part as well. And, a single stroke of paint can change the entire outlook of the property. 

And, before you proceed with the home painting, particularly the front door of your house, it is always suggested to take professional guidance. Consult with the experts get to know which is the right color for the door. Additionally, it will help in the enhancement of the resale value of the property as well. Now, what makes Blue a choice able colour?

Reasons to Choose Blue over Brown Paint Color

Painting the front door with blue paint shade is the smartest and suitable option in terms of adding value and investment. Because you get to add an average amount of £4k to the house by just painting it blue. But, doing the same thing with brown, will decrease its value by £7k. 

So, choosing the right front door color should be the most essential aspect for every household owner. Moreover, the blue color provides a soothing hue and provides a feeling of serenity in every house painting

Apart from that, blue is a bright color that attracts more than brown. However, brown doors are the most common and neutral thing. And, this color won’t express such a feeling which a blue painted front door promotes. 

Moreover, the front door color reveals the personality and nature of the household owners. Thus, coloring the door with blue paint color will be extremely helpful and create a humble expression about you. Moreover, if we would recommend you paint the front door with natural color like brown if you have no further plan to sell it. 

Variants of Door Color and What Do these colors Indicate?

There are diversified paint colors that you can opt for to provide a different look in the front and back door of your house. So, if you are planning to paint the front door of your house, you can go for painting it red, green, white, brown and black door color. But before painting it, you should first acknowledge what these different paint colors imply. 


A red front door color will be suitable and attractive. Additionally, it provides a traditional look. And, this color simply conveys the vibrant personality of the person. You are getting only £1,800 by painting your front door red. 


Painting your front door with green will be a wise choice. And, it indicates that as a person, you are trustable and you have a grounded personality. Apart from that, green also implies growth. But, you can only add £500 for painting it green. 


The white paint color signifies peace. And, a white front door will provide a modern and organize outlook. So, you can any day choose the white color, it will increase the value of the property by £3,400. And, this value is somewhat near to the value of blue paint color.


On the one side, a black front door provides a stylish outlook. And, on the other, it imparts a sophisticated and mysterious appearance to the whole property. Additionally, you get to add £1000 for opting for the black paint color. 

However, none of the colors can beat the price that comes along with the different shades blue. So, get professional advice and choose the colour scheme that would add value to your property.

Importance of Front Door Color 

Color is the most essential tool that can even change one’s physiological reaction. Additionally, it is a powerful tool that indicates how influential the person is. And, as the best door house paint service providers, Dubai Fixing, suggest that you opt for the blue paint for your office. 

Furthermore, the blue front door will look absolutely perfect in any production environment. Moreover, this type of color will be quite an influential factor for the clients and sales as well. 

So, Choose Wisely…

Dubai Fixing, being one of the renowned exterior house painting service providers offers a high standard service. Additionally, the professionals have immense knowledge in choosing suitable and high-quality paint colors from trusted and best paint companies. So, paint the front door of your house blue and increase the value of your house. Call 042480518 if you are willing to get a perfectly designed Home painting service

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