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Top 5 Best Handyman Services in Dubai

Be it an overflowing toilet or a breakdown of your air conditioning unit – amidst the rush you wish you had kept the contact of a reliable Handyman Dubai service. Trusting experienced expertise can make your life way easier and your home more organised and practical.

Over time, wear and tear are common to your villa, apartment, or any other property. Home repairs, maintenance, or improvements are not everyone’s cup of tea. A trained handyman can single-handedly cover multiple repairs like plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and more modifications.

Still, the jack of all trades might not be a suitable choice when you look for a precise output. Instead, contact a service provider that collaborates with qualified, versatile, and screened handymen. Don’t know whom you should contact? We have you covered with the highest positive-reviewed handyman services Dubai providers.

How We Picked up the Best Handyman Services in Dubai for You

Before we recommend the premier Handyman Dubai services, we conducted thorough research on more than 15 businesses. However, only the following 5 passed our tests. All these choices excel in offering versatility along with ensuring efficiency and swiftness.

Say goodbye to hard and messy home repairs and improvements with the professional intervention of a talented handyman from such companies. From basic fixes to overhauls, you can guarantee the specialities mentioned right below:

  • Painting
  • Electrical repairs
  • Plumbing
  • Air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repairs
  • Tiling
  • Carpentry expertise
  • Art hanging
  • Gutters
  • Flooring
  • Cleaning, power washing, etc.
  • Smart home upgrade
  • Babyproofing and much more

We paid attention to the following factors while looking for the best handyman in Dubai:

Range of Services Offered

Why do you knock on every other handyman service provider’s door for versatile repairs and maintenance schedules when you can get everything under one single roof? Licensed, insured, and certified handyman services near me partner with specifically trained experts to cater to all your requirements.

That’s why we have chosen those service providers who offer a vast array of handyman Dubai skills. Indeed, they take care of their experts’ relevance in diverse fields and arrange regular training. So, avail yourself of quality craftsmanship without wasting your time with a handyman industry specialist.

Skills and Experience

Filing structural damage, unclogging gutters, repairing defective electrical systems, etc. are no joke. All these tasks require dedicated mastery and years of experience to complete them with perfection.

In the light of proficiency, you won’t get any better options than the recommendations here. Every handyman service near me vouches for the experts they have recruited. Most handymen acquire 10+ years of experience in related expertise areas.


Want long-lasting home repairs and preventive maintenance? Get in touch with a handyman in Dubai who is confident about its offered services. And, a warranty can support their confidence in any kind of handyman repair.

Again, we can’t overlook the need for a warranty in the case of handyman repairs and home maintenance. That’s why we have mentioned only those service providers who are willing to add a warranty with every handyman project.

Availability and Flexibility

Bid farewell to those handyman services Dubai professionals who keep you waiting even when you are dealing with an emergency. Nor, they don’t deserve your service requests. Indeed, we practically tested how the recommended service providers handle whenever they get an emergency callout.

To our surprise, we experienced a quick response from every business’s end. They prioritise their clientele and their needs first. On the other hand, they are available on weekends and beyond typical business hours. In addition, they can adjust the service timing according to your flexibility and convenience.

Customisation and Modernisation

What to expect when a handyman service comes to your mind? Now, you can picture them with efficient and on-the-spot problem-solving attire integrated with the latest technology. We have chosen the service providers based on their capability to offer tailored solutions.

Whatever the dynamic demand of your traditional or contemporary residence is, your property remains in the safest and most gifted hands. Be it your spacious charming villa or a sleek abode, you can move on with the following choices confidently if you require customised results.

Best Handyman Dubai Service Providers in Dubai

Apart from the above-mentioned qualifiers, the following selected businesses are recognised for their exceptional and committed customer service. Indeed, all the experts from these Handyman Dubai companies are respectful besides being the best skilled in their jobs.

Let’s review the top handyman services Dubai choices right now and go through their holistic range of offerings:

1. Atdoorstep

Meet a handyman dubai that is ready to give you comprehensive repairs and improvements. Ultimately, Atdoorstep is the destination of every property repair and maintenance that can keep your management responsibilities streamlined and minimal.

Now, avoid coordinating with numerous handyman contractors by switching to Atdoorstep’s coherence in the repair and refurbishment works. What do the company cover in the handyman field? Here’s your answer:

  • HVAC services
  • Painting services including touch-ups and designer wall decoration
  • High-quality craftsmanship in carpentry like custom woodwork, furniture assembly, cabinetry, etc.
  • Electrical repairs including appliances fixes
  • Plumbing mends along with water heater installation, repairs, and more

Atdoorstep’s certified and licensed handymen pay attention to detail while delivering outstanding results in every project. You can count on their vast knowledge and experience for optimal performance and satisfaction retention. 

Furthermore, experience a butter-like smooth booking experience with the dedicated Atdoorstep app.

Contact: 042472992


2. Dubai Fixing

As a Dubai resident, you always aim for higher standards. For your property, there’s no chance of compromising on quality, we assume. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to Dubai Fixing, your one-stop shop for all handyman worries.

This handyman service near me can cater to both residential and commercial clients. Encompassing different handyman services Dubai skills such as painting, carpentry, electrical repairs, or any home maintenance job is not a challenge for the company.

Get administered handyman services from Dubai Fixing to give your property a makeover or maintain its fluency. So, build your home’s esteem with the wide range of services mentioned below:

  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Electric services
  • AC installation and services
  • Construction jobs
  • Smart home maintenance and tune-ups

Indeed, the best thing about this handyman Dubai expert is that the wait time is minimal. Get emergency intervention or scheduled appointments at your convenience – everything is possible with Dubai Fixing.

Contact: 042480518


3. HandyMan Dubai

Looking for a handyman company that offers excellent home repairs while maintaining transparency in pricing and quotes? Look no further than HandyMan Dubai. Being specialised in handyman services near me, this particular business teams up with professionals excelling in their respective fields.

So, you get qualified hands to tackle complex handyman repairs under one umbrella and it saves you time. Additionally, this certified and experienced handyman service near me considers safety as the paramount of its services.

That’s why associated technicians take all the necessary precautions to keep you, your loved ones, and your home safe and secure. Ensure no fuss as HandyMan Dubai personnel always take care of post-service waste management. Let’s have a glimpse of what services are available from HandyMan Dubai:

  • Furniture assembly and repair
  • Custom furniture services
  • Hanging artwork
  • Mounting TV on the wall
  • Door knobs repair
  • Curtains and blinds installation
  • AC repairs and installation
  • Repair electrical appliances and light fixtures

HandyMan Dubai maintains a strict policy on their employee conduct. Hence, professional attitude, discipline, and punctuality are confirmed when you hire handymen from this business.

Contact: 045864032


4. Man & Van

If extensive cleaning and a compact maintenance package are your top priority then you should check out Man & Van. Besides cleaning, they integrate disinfection services to retain the highest satisfaction.

The company offers a wide range of property management services 24/7 a week. In addition, Man & Van offers the following services:

  • Water tank cleaning
  • Swimming pool cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Electrical repairs
  • Light fixture repair and replacement
  • Appliance repairs
  • Plumbing components installation, repair, and replacement

Man & Van is a favourite option for businesses and landlords that need property repairs and maintenance more often. Starting from AED79 a month, this handyman service near me offers 3 annual maintenance contracts. However, their most native plan offers 10 routine and unlimited emergency callouts along with a 10% discount on selected services.

Contact: 0 00 626826


5. Vfix Maintenance

With more than 80 experts in the field, Vfix Maintenance is ready to accommodate your convenient schedule. This handyman in Dubai presents basic repair services including appliance installation, furniture assembly, etc. like other service vendors.

Plumbing and electrical repairs are also a part of their expertise. Home maintenance and repair costs are minimal with Vfix Maintenance because you can sign up for the business’s email newsletters where they disclose special offers.

So, avail of annual maintenance contracts at reasonable prices from Vfix Maintenance. Here are the noted benefits of this company:

  • Assistance provided during emergencies
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Easy-breezy annual contracts
  • Exceptional promotions and discounts

However, not all services are backed up by a warranty. 

Contact: +971 54 767 0077


Tricks to Select the Right Handyman in Dubai

We have mentioned the best 5 well-rounded and versatile handyman services in Dubai. Now, ensure that you can get an immediate repair from the chosen company while you get to invest in the long-term value and care of your home.

Select a service provider that offers integrated repairs with maintenance. Thus, you can make sure your property stays in prime condition all year around. Validate the selected company’s credentials, range of services, and testimonials to match its features to your requirements. Last but not least, compare prices to understand the scope and quality of handyman services.

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