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Need AC Cleaning Service Dubai?

Air conditioners work properly if they are cleaned periodically and well-maintained. When you are in Dubai you can’t escape the humidity and dust. Thus, regular AC cleaning service Dubai is necessary for a healthy surrounding. 

If your AC including the AC ducts remains uncleaned for months after months then respiratory troubles are unavoidable. Additionally, harmful germs can breed inside your AC due to dust mites and moulds accumulation. Don’t take the chance with hygiene and get the AC cleaned through professionals as early as possible.

Now, you must be looking for a reliable AC cleaning company in Dubai. Dubai Fixing is here to help you with a complete AC cleaning and servicing with our skilled, certified, and professional AC cleaning staff. Additionally, our professionals are equipped with every tool and machinery required for the AC cleaning job.

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Types of AC Cleaning Services

Dubai experiences consistent hot weather and sandstorms and thus AC is the only means that helps to circulate air around your home and office. That’s why you need to invest in maintaining the function of the air conditioner. The air you breathe might contain microorganisms that might be deadly for you and your family’s hygiene. So, consult with the proficient technicians and AC cleaners from Dubai Fixing and avail premium AC cleaning service in Dubai.

Split AC Cleaning

Whether it is your apartment or small office room, avail our split AC cleaning service Dubai for a fresh surrounding. Get the air filters of the split AC system cleaned by our professionals with essential cleaning supplies. All the chemicals used are eco-friendly and approved. If disinfection is required then Dubai Fixing ensures that you get a complete package that meets your requirement.

Centralized AC Cleaning

Centralized AC system contains ducts and vents. They need to be cleaned within regular intervals. Otherwise, you can experience dust, dirt, and pungent odour from the AC ducts. Consider our impeccable AC cleaning service Dubai from Dubai Fixing. Now, our every AC service is complimented with an approved and authorized sanitization service. Because your safety and security are our top priority.

Windows AC Cleaning

Every appliance requires proper care and maintenance at least once a year. And, a windows AC has to bear the most of Dubai’s harsh weather. Thus, after a few days, it starts to give out a foul odour owing to breeding germs. Our professionals can help you with a thorough Windows AC unit cleaning without removing it. We help you with the pressure washer after maintaining the precautions. This helps to save time as well as kills the molds instantly. 

Portable AC Cleaning

At Dubai Fixing, you get a routine cleaning service for the exterior part of a portable AC unit. A clear inspection of the filters, coils and exhaust hose, helps to keep the AC in a well-functional condition. Our professionals ensure that after cleaning the ducts there is a significant increase in the air volume. Now, no more random heating of the appliance. 

Hybrid AC Cleaning

With time odors, bacterial, fungi, nicotine oils and other debris starts to accumulate within the AC ducts. Dubai Fixing helps you with a premium AC cleaning service, be it for your home or car. Grab the best deals in antibacterial treatment. We can help you to stay prepared for the summer. Irrespective of the brand or type, our professionals offer value for money service.


How to Find and Hire AC Cleaning Service Dubai?

AC cleaning Service

Once you have made your mind to clean your AC ducts, you have to find the right service provider. Make sure that the service provider is able to meet with all your requirements and expectations.

Read Ratings and Reviews

Online services are trustable if it has good ratings and reviews from the existing clients. Check out all nearby AC cleaning professionals listed with Dubai Fixing and read the reviews to get the best service at your doorstep. Choose the one who suits you best. Further, you also get to understand what makes us a notable name in AC cleaning in Dubai.

Call us at 042480518 and Clear All your Doubts

It’s strictly restricted to hire any professional without talking to them. You might contact your preferable service expert near you to clear your doubts. Dubai Fixing gives you an opportunity to talk with the service executives and maintain smooth communication. Ask them following queries over the phone.

  • Are you experienced?
  • Do you carry all the essential supplies?
  • Is the service licensed and insured?

For a complete AC cleaning Dubai service, contact us and clear all your queries. Dubai Fixing thrives to serve you with our best-in-class AC technician and high-quality cleaning service.

How to Hire AC Cleaning Service Dubai Near You?

It’s very easy to hire any of our services. Dubai Fixing helps you to grab a service near your location. Select the service and request a service quote for a faster and swift AC cleaning Dubai service.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the dimensions of your place, the size of the AC, and other maintenance services you require. Expect a minimal charge for availing our AC cleaning service for your apartment, villa, office, or palaces.

Well, you can avail the air conditioner service at least twice a year. Consider AC cleaning and duct cleaning service after every three-month duration. However, the service requirements depend on various factors such as usability, duration of the AC, etc. So, consult with experts.

Yes, keeping the AC clean and well-maintained is highly essential. Avail air duct cleaning whenever required. You might consider frequent air duct cleaning service if you possess a fireplace, stove or a furnace. Consult with Dubai Fixing to grab the best deals.

It’s recommended to clean your AC at least once a year to maintain efficient cooling in Dubai’s climate.

AC cleaning costs vary based on the type of unit and service package, but typically range from AED 150 to AED 400.

Yes, window AC units also require cleaning to ensure they function optimally in Dubai’s heat.

Basic filter cleaning can be done by homeowners, but professional cleaning is recommended for thorough maintenance in Dubai.

Look for licensed and experienced technicians with a reputation for providing thorough and professional cleaning services in Dubai.

The duration depends on the AC system’s size and condition, but on average, it takes 1-2 hours for a comprehensive cleaning.


“Got my split AC cleaned by Dubai Fixing. The service was super-fast, neat, and clean. Would love to hire Dubai Fixing, again.”

-Rashid Al Ghurair

“Got rid of my dirty AC ducts and vents with reliable AC cleaning service from Dubai Fixing. Thanks, Dubai Fixing for fresh air around me.”

-Javed Ansari

“The AC of my office was blowing dusty air. Got the AC cleaning service Dubai from Dubai Fixing. Amazing results, instantly.”

-Ummed Al Jaziri

“Comparatively more affordable AC cleaning service provided by Dubai Fixing. Happy with my decision and the result, off course.”

-Diana Haddad

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