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Any material, while building it, requires a very strong adhesive to keep it intact. Be it drafts, windows, bathroom tiles, bathtubs, furniture, and much more. While building any of these are not a problem, keeping them intact or attached to the necessary items is important. But, even the strongest adhesives come off too easy. The amount of force applied might be minimal and still, the items come off. This is where caulking & grouting is necessary. 

Caulking is a method where our experts use a combination of adhesive to make sure your items are intact and do not come off at any cost. With a formula comprising latex, silicon, and more, our experts from Dubai Fixing know the right way to use it. If you have anything in the house that needs to glue onto, then you can use our assistance since our professionals have proper knowledge about Caulk and Grout. 

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Types of Caulking and Grouting Services

Professional experts like caulkers, caulking contractors, and repairing workers use caulking a method to make attachment using a strong combination of adhesive. These are the experts who carry our caulking services in Dubai effectively. 

We are well aware of your budget and it is important for us to be considerate about it. That is why our services within caulking services differ from one another. Caulk and Grout Services from Dubai Fixing also gives you the opportunity to experience imperial assistance.


For any sort of leaks in the house, we provide a caulking service for that. From broken doors to having gaps in the window sills, fixing leaking pipes to any other large container leaks, our experts use Dubai-approved Caulk and Grout products for the service. They carefully apply the right amount of the product to seal the leaks. 


No matter how accurately you cut tiles and make flooring, there is always a gap somewhere which can be easy access for ants and roaches. Moreover, it does not align. Our experts use grouting and caulking a method to fill these gaps. They make sure to use a minimal amount based on the gaps in mouldings, baseboards, etc. Once the adhesive has been dried, they paint over it to cover it. 


Similar to flooring, bathroom tiles, and kitchen tiles may have spaces in between. There are gaps that remain somewhere around the corner which may expand over the course of time. Our experts do the needful to fill these areas. Since bathrooms and kitchens are places where water exposure is a lot, our expert used caulks that are suitable for that. For instance, they use silicone acrylic caulk that is durable in surfaces like glass or ceramic tiles. 


If you come to find out that your roof is not in a good shape, and you are looking for caulking services near me for the roof then our experts use caulking to sustain the roof. From sealing small gaps, edges, cracks, uprooted bricks to shingles, they take care of everything easily. After the service, you’ll see that no amount of storm or rain can make your roof unsteady ever again.


How to Find and Hire Caulking & Grouting Services?


If you are concerned about choosing the right professional caulker for service, then it would be advisable that you go through our customer reviews and ratings to get a better perspective. This way, it’d be much easier for you to choose.

Read Reviews & Ratings

If you are not sure about choosing the correct professional for the Caulk and Grout services, then simply make a list of professionals based on their reviews and rating. Make a chart for comparing. From there, you’ll get a better idea of who is the best fit for the service. That being said, you must try other modes of comparison for better judgment. Ask for a quote or sample from Dubai Fixing who is known for their expert caulking services in Dubai. 

Call 042480518 & Ask Queries Before Hiring

Apart from customer review comparison, there is one more thing you need to do before hiring, and that is evaluation. It is always better to evaluate their credibility and dedication in their service performance. Ask the following questions:

  • Do they have any experience in this field of work?
  • Are they comfortable sharing their references with you?

This way, you can get a good idea of how much they are well-suited for the service. Based on how much they perform, their approach towards people in terms of interaction while maintaining professional behaviour, are some of the important points to note. This way you can also rule out an estimated cost and hire professionals from Dubai Fixing.

How to Hire a Professional Caulker Near Me

Are you looking for expert Caulk and Grout services in Dubai to fill gaps in the house? Simply go through the list of top recommended brands, Dubai Fixing who are near your location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Caulking over grout may not be a very fond option to do so because caulking is strictly related to attaching easy materials like shower curtains, bathroom floors, and tiles. But, if you are thinking about attaching a bathtub to the floor of the bathroom then grouting is necessary. But, to do that, our experts prefer to get rid of the existing grout from the surface so that it is clear and can be used for caulking from scratch one.

Grouting is a method that is used for keeping two tiles intact and in shape. This is a way to keep them from making any movements. However, the application of grout is not as flexible as caulk. Caulk is known as a sealing agent for edges, gaps, leaks, and more. Since both of these are of different use, our experts use them wisely.  

According to the grout specialist, yes, it is possible to do that. If you see that the grout is cracked, then our experts first get rid of it from the surface using modern tools. Once the surface is clean, they apply the coating of caulk to the affected surfaces carefully. 

As much as caulk is helpful in filling gaps, it must not be used as a replacement for grout. This is because both of them have different working mechanisms. Caulk can be used for certain things that do not apply for applications that require grouting. Our experts prefer using them differently based on different things. 

It is not advisable to apply new grout over an old one. To do this, one must successfully get rid of the old grout first and then apply a new coating. Our experts use advanced tools to take out the old coating properly so that the surface is once again smooth for re-applying. 

We remove discolored or stained caulk or grout, treat the affected areas, and reapply new material to restore a clean appearance.

The lifespan of grout or caulk services depends on factors like usage and maintenance. With proper care, quality applications typically last 5–15 years, but individual circumstances may vary.

To repair damaged grout, remove old grout, clean, dry, apply new grout, wipe off excess, and allow it to cure. Contact DubaiFixing for professional assistance.

Caulk is unsuitable for high-traffic areas or long-term stability between tiles, while grout is recommended for lasting and aesthetically pleasing results in Dubai projects.

Costs for caulking or grouting projects vary based on project scope, materials, and area size, with small projects starting at AED 200 and larger ones averaging several thousand dirhams.

Yes, we provide caulking and grouting services to ensure stability and prevent water damage to outdoor hardscape features.


“The professional was very particular about timing. They arrived exactly on time and tried working. Impressive!”

-Jaseem Alam

“I am happy with the service they provided. Now, my bathroom tiles look even. Thanks, Dubai Fixing”

-Ruksana Khatoon

“My roof was almost broken. But, after their service, everything seems tight and protected.”

-Alivia Sheikh

“The experts were very friendly and very informative about the service. My pipes are now sealed tightly. I would totally recommend Dubai Fixing.”

-Nadeem Haque

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