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Require Painting Touch Up Services in Dubai?

Painting a building extends the durability of walls against the harsh weather conditions and overall climatic change in Dubai. Additionally, paints on walls add up extra shine and beauty that cheer your mood up. But, during any unintentional accident, the walls and ceilings might get damaged. Consequently, the paint over there might get defected and it could end up with scuff marks, dents, etc.

It doesn’t look good, obviously and you need to conceal those small defects. Don’t worry as you can now avail painting touch up service from Dubai Fixing. Don’t take any stress of repairing those painting disputes on your own. Hire our professionals who would paint those affected areas with quality touch-up paints.

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Types of Painting Touch Up Services

We are one of the promising service brands in Dubai. Whether the service is residential or commercial, our professionals are always there with quality service for you. All the professionals engaged in our service are extremely talented and dedicated to their work. Explore our specialization in painting touch up services and grab the one that suits you the most.

Wall Painting Touch Up Service 

Whether it is your home or office, exterior or interior, a dent or a scratch never goes unnoticed. That single damaged area can ruin the overall look and feel of your interior or exterior walls. Call in our professionals and they would perform the survey of the site. You need not worry about the colour of that affected area or any design made there. Our professionals would handle all these with exquisite care and sincerity.

Ceiling Painting Touch Up Service

It is quite common that the paints come off from the ceilings due to moisture or pipe leakage. Don’t panic as we are here at your service. Our professional staff would repair any kinds of dents or scuff marks on your ceilings, be it your residence or commercial premises. You just sit back and relax.

Doors Painting Touch Up Service

Due to any accidents, doors can get damaged and the paints can come off the door. It definitely ruins all the efforts of painting. Don’t bother and consider our imperial painting touch up services in Dubai. We make the painting task easy and reliable only with professional service from Dubai Fixing.


How to Find and Hire Painting Touch Up Services in Dubai?

Painting touch ups service

If you are looking for painting touch up then you need the service provider who can fulfil your requirements. Firstly, you have to find out the maestros for this job within your locality. Then, you have to short-list those providers according to their ratings, credentials, and licenses. Sort all your queries.

Check Ratings and Reviews

This is the most important task when you are going to avail painting touch up service. Go through the customer reviews and learn about the job they have performed. Consider the professional who has got good words from the customers. The ratings can help you to understand what makes Dubai Fixing a trustworthy name.

Contact us through 042480518 and Ask your Questions

You should not hire a service provider without checking their services. Make sure that you contact them before you hire the service. Ask the professionals and get answers to your queries.

  • Do they provide paint on their own?
  • Are they experienced?
  • Is the painting touch up service insured?

It will help you to get a preliminary estimate of the painting service. Dubai Fixing supports you in every case of painting touch up service in Dubai. Call us at the above-mentioned number and ask about the services and their scopes.

How to Hire our Painting Touch Up Services Near Me?

We have made the booking process easier for you. Dubai Fixing’s professionals are just a click away.  Search for the service that you need and get it near your location. Furthermore, contact our customer service desk for any help.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not necessary to apply the primer if it is not a metallic surface. Our professionals have a vivid insight into the painting touch up services. Consider our professional and experienced service and consult with our customer support executives. They would suggest what is best for your walls and ceilings.

Using a roller or feather brush can help in resting of brush marks left on the walls. Our painters are experts in handling all these tasks. Avail our painting touch ups services in Dubai and fix all the damaged painted areas.

Yes, you can but use a sprayer for applying a clear coat over the touch up paint for a smooth finishing touch. If you avail Dubai Fixing’s prominent painting touch ups service, then leave the rest with our professionals. They help you to meet every requirement regarding the service.

Our painters typically use high-quality synthetic brushes designed for precision and detail work when performing touch-ups.

Common reasons include scuffs, scratches, nail holes, minor dents, fading, and wear and tear on painted surfaces.

Our expert painters use Common tools including brushes, rollers, putty knives, sandpaper, and paint.

Yes, Dubai Fixing touch-up services can help address color fading on exterior walls, restoring their vibrancy and appearance.

A well-done touch-up can last several years, but it may vary based on factors like wear and tear.

Yes, stucco surfaces can be touched up to address small imperfections or discoloration.


“Got the painting touch up service for my office. Excellent work from Dubai Fixing.”

-Khalid Rashid Al Maktoum

“Touch up service was remarkable. The staff were professional and friendly.”

-Suhail Galadari

“On-time service from Dubai Fixing. Nothing to complain about.”

-Adi Bitar

“Fascinating touch ups service from Dubai Fixing. Thanks, Dubai Fixing.”

-Mohammad Al Murr

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