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Backsplash Installation

Looking for Premium Backsplash Installation Service Dubai?

Protect the walls from getting affected by water damage with proper backsplash installation service. Additionally, you get to safeguard your kitchen and bathrooms from water damage. Further you need to act quick because once these areas of your house get damaged by water, serious structural issues and mildew problems can get triggered. 

Prevent serious damages that can occur from frequent water contact. There are some additional benefits that you can avail by just getting professional help for installing backsplash in your office and house. 

You get an opportunity to decorate your kitchen and bathroom with designed backsplash. And, being one of the high-quality providers of backsplash installations service Dubai, Dubai Fixing can help you to get appropriate and best-suited assistance. 

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Types of Backsplash Installation Services

Being the largest and best backsplash service provider in Dubai, Dubai Fixing can handle all the installation works associated with it. And, we help to choose the material and color that will be suitable for your bathroom and kitchen. Based on the chosen service package, our professionals assist you. Be it, house or office, the certified and vetted professionals thrive to deliver efficient service. 

Ceramic Tile

This type of tile will be the most suitable choice for kitchen backsplash. And, when it comes to affordability and diversity, we would highly recommend you to opt for installing the ceramic tiles for the kitchen wall. Additionally, the professionals of Dubai Fixing can efficiently install different colors, sizes, and patterned ceramic tiles using advanced tools and techniques. 

Glass Tile

Dubai Fixing provides high-quality glass tiles for backsplash installation Dubai. And, this type of tile installation is a bit difficult, without professional assistance. Enhance the value of your house by just adding these beautifully designed elements in your kitchen. And, the glass tile backsplash also comes in different colors and even available in a transparent shade. 

Stone/Marble Tile

Do you want to add a luxurious design in your kitchen? Then, you should definitely opt for installing the stone/ marble tile backsplash. Additionally, these types of tiles are easy to install, clean, and maintain. Our team of professionals can install the right colored and designed stone/marble tiles comparing it with the cabinets and countertop color. Change the interiors of your kitchen by joining hands with Dubai Fixing. 


Another suitable and preferred backsplash is stone. And, we offer our customers several stone materials like granite, quartz, and marble. And, we can even install the same stone material in the countertop and sidewalls of your kitchen. Depending on the material of the stone, the cost of the service package might vary. Get a high-end custom look by hiring our highly experienced professionals. 

Other Materials

The importance of installing wood backsplashes is increasing rapidly. Thus, we offer supreme quality wood backsplash installation service for our registered clients in Dubai. Moreover, our professional experts can add natural reclaimed wood as a backsplash to add beauty to your kitchen. Appropriately installed wood materials will be ideal for every kitchen. 

And, with the help of our skilled backsplash installers, now you can set up metallics, morros, wallpaper, industrial steel, and even LED in the kitchen backsplash. And, if you are planning to resell your house, installing several material backsplashes can enhance resale value. 


How to Get and Book the Best Backsplash Installation Service Expert?

Backsplash Installation service

To get the best and top-rated backsplash installations services expert in Dubai, you need to mention the type of backsplash that you want Dubai Fixing to install. And, once you complete the booking procedure by providing the required information, we will reach your place to install the backsplashes. 

Read Reviews and Ratings

Online reviews and ratings provide extensive knowledge about the type of service and the quality of professionals that the service agencies offer. So, get to know why you are one of the recommendable names in Dubai, by just reading the reviews and ratings from our customers after availing our top-notched service. 

Call 042480518 and Get Prompt Answer Before Booking

Before opting for our professionals, you must acknowledge how efficient and dedicated they are going to be. Dubai Fixing is associated with licensed and certified professionals who can install every kind of backsplash with efficacy. Clear your doubts about our service, cost, and quality of the professionals before booking a service. Ask:

  • Can the professionals install the stone backsplash in my kitchen?
  • Can you visit my palace on the day of the booking?
  • How much do you take to install the glass tile backsplash?

Now, you can compare the quotes, request for a sample of reference. This will provide you with a broad idea about our backsplash installation service Dubai. 

How to Find a Backsplash Installer Near Me?

Dubai Fixing helps to engage with the top-class backsplash installers across Dubai who have immense expertise in this domain. And, when it comes to accuracy and top-quality backsplash installation service, you can always seek help from our professionals across Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being one of the premium quality backsplash installation service agencies in Dubai, we house the best and experienced professionals who offer a remarkable service to the customers. And, they can install several kinds of backsplashes without much hassle. 

One of the most preferred kitchen backsplashes is the metal finished tile backsplashes. And, apart from this, our customers also opt for stainless steel, copper, aluminium, zinc, and glass-finished backsplashes in the bathrooms. 

Dubai Fixing keeps pace with the latest trends of kitchen backsplashes. Thus, we offer trendy kitchen backsplashes like gold-veined marble, harlequin tiles, white marble, grey subway tiles, grey marvel, scalloped tile, and brick-based tiles as well. 

Costs vary based on materials and size, but a standard tile backsplash installation may range from AED 500 to AED 2,000 in Dubai.

Yes, a backsplash can also be installed in bathrooms to protect walls and enhance the space’s appearance.

On average, backsplash installation takes around 1-2 days, depending on the complexity of the project.

Metallic and stainless steel tiles can be used for a contemporary and industrial look in your backsplash in Dubai.

Yes, you can incorporate color-changing or LED lighting to create a dynamic and modern backsplash.


“The professionals of Dubai Fixing are knowledgeable and brilliant. And, I am overwhelmed with their quality of service.”

-Anisha Khatun

“The professionals came on the day of booking itself. And, they installed the marble tile backsplashes in the kitchen and bathroom walls. I am astonished by the high-class work of the professionals. Thank you, Dubai Fixing.”

-Mudasar Ali

“I would like to hire them again for installing a backsplash. Very professional and skilled.”

-Nagma Begum

“Cost-effective service! And, I am very much satisfied and pleased with their backsplash installation services.”

-Neha Ali

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