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Need Assistance in Wall Painting?

A fresh coat of paint prevents the walls from getting damaged due to sand storms, termites and protects it from weathering effects. Safeguard the walls, be it interior or exterior, with the requisite color at least once in a year. A professionally done wall painting protects the walls from getting stained and prevents the peeling of paints. 

Being one of the leading wall painting Dubai service providers, Dubai Fixing can serve your purpose. Additionally, we help to choose the preferred paint or texture that will look stunning. With upfront pricing and complete transparency, we are here to meet your expectations.

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Types of Wall Painting Services

Being an eminent wall painting service provider in Dubai, professionals of Dubai Fixing have gathered immense knowledge in bestowing you with a high-standard outcome. Based on your chosen service package, our professional will assist you, be it an exterior wall, interior wall, use of Dubai wallpapers instead of paints, we do it all. 

Interior and Exterior Wall Painting

It is essential to get hold of the right professionals when it comes to installing a suitable color and design in the interior and exterior wall painting. Be it your office or home, we are readily available to help you with imperial design and color. From choosing the right colors to applying them tentatively, Dubai Fixing is A to Z painting solution. 

Texture Painting Services

Want to install texture paintings on the walls? If yes, get in touch with us. We help to put customizable texture designs in your new apartment or villa. Increase the value of your office and residential places with us. From choosing the right texture that suits the wall, to apply them and guiding you regarding its proper maintenance, we do it all. 

3D Painting

Get a lively look by putting up 3D paintings on your wall. Additionally, we only use the advanced tools and techniques to install your desirable 3D arts. All our registered professionals use safe painting methods to impart you an effective result. The tools and machinery are based on the latest technology so that you gain on-time assistance.

Commercial Painting

Commercial places get easily affected by dirt and dust. So, choose between paint or wallpaper Dubai to protect the walls. We can help you with installing new wallpapers to their removal. Additionally, we provide our customers with expert consultation to help them to choose the right paint platter. Enhance the authenticity of a place by hiring wallpaper fixing Dubai professionals. 

School Wall Painting

Painting school walls differs from painting a house or office wall. We have acquired enough experience to offer you the best school wall painting in Dubai. Starting from wallpaper fixing Dubai to drawing different characters in the school wall, Dubai Fixing leaves a promising remark. And, well-painted school walls work towards its development. 


How to Find & Hire a Painter?

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Once you get aware of the type of wall painting that you want to install, book an appointment with Dubai Fixing. We help the customers to join hands with top-class professionals who have expertise in applying a vast array of designs and patterns on the wall. 

Read Reviews & Ratings

Online reviews and ratings provide an extensive idea about the quality of the service providers. So, find out why we are one of the recommended and suggested names across Dubai. Excellent rating and reviews from our customers make Dubai Fixing trustworthy. 

Call 042480518 & Clear your Queries Before Hiring

Without getting detailed information about the professional, you must not hire anybody. Dubai Fixing houses reliable and skilled professionals to paint the walls. And, we provide an opportunity to clear your doubt before hiring our professionals. Ask whether:

  • Do the professionals install any type of paints or wallpapers?
  • Are they authorized to do so?
  • Do you have any partake in the service?

Now, you get to compare quotes, request for a sample or reference, that can help you gather a clear insight in the process. Every aspect of the service is simplified to help you grasp the best-suited measure. So, ask more questions and get to know more about Dubai Fixing.

How to Find a Professional Near Me?

Dubai Fixing helps to choose the best and professional experts for wall painting Dubai. You get a plethora of advantages by just connecting with us. And, when it comes to delivering prompt service, seek help from our service professionals near you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get connected with professionals who will help you to select the right color. Dubai Fixing houses a team of experienced professionals who will put up a suitable color based on the location and purpose. 

The 60-30-10 rule helps to decor the house. Professionals follow this rule at the time of painting the wales. Based on this rule, 60% of the room will be provided with dominant color, 30% of it will be covered with any secondary color or texture or 3D paintings. And, lastly, the left 10% will be painted with an accent color.

Being one of the premium quality wall painting service providers, Dubai Fixing helps the customers with suitable interior wall color. Opt for colors like a white dove, chantilly lace, simple white, colored white, white heron, swiss coffee, and so on. 

Consider the paint color, surface preparation, and desired finish to ensure a successful wall painting project.

The cost of painting a room in Dubai varies based on factors like room size, paint type, and surface condition. For an accurate price, please request a quote from our company.

Usually, two coats of paint are recommended for a wall to achieve even coverage and a professional finish. However, this may vary depending on the paint quality and color.

The cost to paint a door in Dubai depends on the door size, type, and desired finish. Please request a quote from our company for precise pricing.

Wall paint typically dries to the touch within 1-2 hours, but complete curing can take up to 1 week days.


“Awesome high-quality wall painting was done by Dubai Fixing. And, the experts were quite friendly. I am satisfied and amazed by their service”.

-Samoa Khatun

“The whole painting job was done with extreme professionalism. And, they completed the entire painting job within a week. Happy with their service”

-Sachin Patil

“They have done a wonderful texture painting. I will recommend them to my friends and family.”

-Aman Siddiqui

“They have done a wonderful texture painting. I will recommend them to my friends and family.”

-Nazneen Arafat

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