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Avail of the Best Reliable Alienware Laptop Repair Dubai Services

Alienware laptops are a whole exclusive gaming range from Dell. They are appreciated for sturdy hardware, light-blazing performance, and awesome features. However, they can fall victim to internal hardware failure, software misconfigurations, and much more. Do you suffer from an Alienware repair issue?

Fortunately, Dubai Fixing got you covered with promising Alienware laptop repair Dubai services. As Alienware laptops are designed for gaming, they have to go through more stress on their hardware. Thus, daily wear and tear can make your gaming laptop vulnerable and prone to technical problems.

However, our Alienware-certified specialists have the potential to fix software glitches and hardware breakdowns no matter how hard the challenge is. Our technicians can keep pace with the quality repair your Alienware laptop requires for its powerful graphics and high-performance processors.

So, don’t take a chance with your Alienware laptop problems by executing DIY fixes. Instead, you can book our Alienware repair Dubai services to hire our experts and get your laptop fixed at your location. The most professional and dedicated Alienware laptop repair in Dubai awaits here!

Alienware Laptop Repair Dubai: Frequent Issues We Deal with

Undoubtedly, Alienware laptops deserve top ranks in the world of best gaming laptops for obvious reasons. Still, they can malfunction no matter how excellent engineering and solid build quality they exhibit. Are you looking for an efficient Alienware laptop repair Dubai service?

Then, you are at the right place as Dubai Fixing offers exclusive technical repair and support for Alienware repair Dubai. Our IT professionals are experts in resolving critical issues associated with Dell Alienware devices. Be it online lag, threats, or overheating – get proven and working remedies for your Alienware device from us.

Let’s check out some common troubles reported by Alienware users and how we can provide guaranteed repairs.

Quickly Depleting Battery

Gaming laptops should be powerful by all means of hardware, especially the battery. You might have wished for an Alienware gaming laptop that would last an entire day. However, many Alienware PC users have complained about rapid battery drain from such an impressive laptop range.

According to our special team of Alienware laptop repair in Dubai, these devices can afford intense gaming for 5 hours on average. On the other hand, the battery life can be reduced to a couple of hours over time. We know that it’s panicking but most laptop requires a battery replacement every 3 years.

If your Alienware laptop exhibits the following signs then it may need a new battery:

  • Your Alienware laptop dies sooner than it usually did.
  • The device shuts down unexpectedly.
  • You get battery failure warnings from your laptop.
  • The system takes longer to charge.
  • Most importantly, your Alienware laptop overheats.

Things can go out of your hands if your Alienware laptop’s battery gets damaged. They can bloat your device and cause more harm to other components. Additionally, damaged batteries can emit chemicals. So, contact our Alienware repair near me service experts to deal with your dying battery.

We offer genuine battery replacements for a variety of Alienware laptops. On a related note, our technicians examine your device for hidden reasons such as viruses, applications, etc. and execute the required solution. 


We think that every laptop has its share of overheating issues. Typically, a computer gets hot after operating for hours in a stretch or running resource-intensive applications. Overheating should go away if you close all stressing applications and allow the computer to rest for a while.

However, it can be a panicking sign if your Alienware laptop overheats rapidly. Frequent overheating has its toll on other internal components. Excessive temperature can melt down ICs or even wiring. Thus, your Alienware laptop might be on the brisk of irreversible failure at any moment.

As reported by our Alienware laptop repair Dubai professionals, the following instances can result in overheating:

  • Clogged vents due to dust and dirt
  • Too many applications running in the background
  • Dust accumulation on laptop fans
  • Broken or damaged fans
  • Outdated BIOS

Avail of laptop fan repair or replacement, thermal paste replacement, vents cleaning, BIOS upgrade, and more services from our Alienware repair Dubai pros. Furthermore, we offer OEM spare parts for long-lasting results. Contact our Alienware laptop repair in Dubai to eradicate unnecessary overheating from your gaming machine.

Slow Boot Time

You won’t believe that your Alienware laptop can even underperform though it has powerful processors and high-end hard drives. If you notice a slower boot time on your Alienware laptop then call in our expert assistance. However, the reasons below might be responsible for a slow boot time on Alienware laptops:

  • Multiple apps running in the background
  • Hard disk running out of sufficient space
  • Bad sector appeared in the hard drive
  • Hard disk or memory failure

Since Duai Fixing offers personalised Alienware repair near me, our engineers will assess your laptop condition first. Then, they will check out if your laptop’s hard drive has issues. Don’t worry because they can repair the hard drive or replace it if required.

After all, switching to a more efficient SSD will be a strong move for your laptop and your overall gaming experience. Additionally, we offer genuine HDD and SSD upgrades, RAM upgrades or replacements depending on what your Alienware laptop demands for proper functioning. Request an Alienware laptop repair Dubai service from us if you face slow boot time and sluggish performance from your PC.

Unexpected Shutdowns

Reportedly, selected Alienware laptops tend to shut down often and for no reason. Our Alienware repair Dubai expats have claimed that you can fix the problem yourself if it happens due to a Windows update. Therefore, you can check whether your Alienware system has any Windows update pending and install the update to get rid of the situation.

Otherwise, let our Alienware repair near me team tackle it for you. Your Alienware laptop can crash or freeze without giving out a hint due to the following reasons:

  • Outdated BIOS
  • Hard drive fragmentation
  • Outdated operating system version
  • Outdated drivers

Apart from mastering hardware repairs, our Alienware laptop repair Dubai technicians can troubleshoot software issues too. They can defragment your laptop’s hard drive, and update BIOS, operating system, or drivers to restore your PC’s functionality.

Moreover, motherboard problems can also be intimidating and cause frequent shutdowns. Get to the root of the problem with our Alienware repair experts. They are proficient in replacing motherboard ICs, sockets, and other components with the latest tools and techniques.

Furthermore, our professionals make sure that your Alienware laptop doesn’t face any kind of data loss during the repair. Since we send qualified and certified technicians to the field, you can retain the highest satisfaction with our Alienware laptop repair in Dubai. Hence, you can place a service request today by calling our helpline number.

Games Crashing

Expensive Alienware laptops are built to handle top-rated AAA games. Still, you might face issues with smooth and flawless gameplay on your Alienware system. Most probably, the outdated display driver is responsible for this.

Opt for our advanced Alienware repair Dubai and diagnosis services to find out what’s wrong with your device. They can update the video driver so that it can be compatible with your game selection. In addition, your device won’t lack any piece of software required for the instructions from the monitor to the game software.

On the other hand, our technicians will inspect your Alienware device’s graphics card. You can experience screen tearing and gam crashing more frequently if the graphics card is about to fail. We at Dubai Fixing offer genuine and competent graphics card replacement and upgrade services at competitive prices.

So, sign up for our Alienware repair Dubai services by calling our technicians right now.

Too Much Online Lag

Playing games online can be exhausting on your Alienware laptop because of excessive lag. The term ‘lag’ indicates the time taken by the server to process your actions in an online game. First, check your internet connectivity before you blame your Alienware system.

After all, online gaming can be bandwidth-intensive and you must have a powerful internet connection or Wi-Fi network for smooth functioning. If you don’t find a solution, get in touch with our Alienware repair near me experts. They can assess your device and tell you whether the laptop is responsible for the limitation.

In addition, they offer network solutions, Wi-Fi card replacement, and more to retain your connectivity game. You can call our technicians to get a robust Alienware laptop repair in Dubai at your doorstep.

Models Supported by Our Alienware Laptop Repair Dubai Pros

Dubai Fixing has earned a reputation in Alienware repair Dubai expertise. Our technicians and engineers have already fixed hundreds of Alienware laptops, so far. Moreover, they are experts in handling every model and series of the Alienware laptop range.

Here are some Alienware laptops that our experts have fixed recently:

  • Alienware M16
  • Alienware x16
  • Dell Alienware M18
  • Alienware m15 R7
  • Dell Alienware M16
  • Alienware 15 Gaming Laptop

So, connect to our Alienware laptop repair Dubai team regardless of your Alienware laptop model. We are pretty sure that our technicians and engineers can handle your Alienware gaming laptop no matter how grave the repair issue is.

Reasons to Pick Dubai Fixing for Alienware Laptop Repair

Dubai Fixing understands the requirement for professional expertise for resolving issues with your Alienware gaming laptop. The technical help should be on-point, fast, and reliable. That’s why Dubai Fixing brings you a golden opportunity to fix your Alienware PC at your home.

Apart from that, you can avail a plethora of advantages with our Alienware repair services:

Guaranteed Repair

Gaming laptops have to deal with more fuss due to more frequent and consistent usage. So, issues can reappear on your Alienware laptop even after getting it repaired. With Dubai Fixing, you don’t have to fear such chances. 

Our tech geeks can guarantee unfailing repairs for your gaming system. So, you don’t have to seek expert intervention again any time soon after an Alienware repair Dubai service from us.

Certified Experts in the House

We understand your concern regarding your precious gaming laptop’s well-being. That’s why we team up with Alienware-certified experts who have been in the industry for years now. They offer precise diagnostics along with perfect repair and replacements for your Alienware masterpiece. So, you can give your gaming laptop a chance by hiring our Alienware repair Dubai professionals.

High-Quality Spare Parts

Dubai Fixing never compromises on quality. We encourage the use of OEM spare parts for better efficiency and long-lasting solutions. Thus, you can ensure a few more good years in your Alienware laptop’s lifespan with our dedicated repair services. We stock OEM parts for different Alienware models and specifications. So, book an Alienware laptop repair in Dubai from us for sustainable solutions.

Fast Turnaround Time

We have set new examples in delivering doorstep technical assistance on our customers’ demands. Apart from that, we make sure that our customers can avoid downtime too. Therefore, we run centralised Alienware repair near me services. Our technicians can reach your location as earliest as possible or as scheduled by you.

Easy on the Budget

On-site services don’t have to be expensive and we have already proven that. At Dubai Fixing, we offer premium Alienware laptop repair Dubai services at reasonable rates. Forget hidden charges and overcharging with our customer-centric Alienware laptop repair in Dubai.

Flexible and Convenient

Getting a service quote for Alienware repair near you is not a hustle anymore. In fact, it’s a call away with Dubai Fixing. Now, you can book a service from our award-winning technicians by dialling our helpline number. Additionally, you can share your convenient timing and our professionals will serve you according to the slot.

Request an Alienware Repair Dubai Right Away!

Are you still stuck to visual glitches, cracked screens, battery issues, etc. on your epic Alienware laptop? Don’t wait anymore. Get in touch with our world-class Alienware repair experts and find a strong fix instantly. You can call us to place an Alienware laptop repair Dubai request and relax. Our technicians will see you with the right solution at the right time.



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