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Bathroom Renovation

Require Bathroom Renovation Service?

There are different kinds of problems that you might have to face with your bathroom. And, you must not ignore them for a long period of time. You will have to find a solution at some point. After all, the bathroom is such an important area in your house. It plays a crucial role in your daily life. 

Starting from leaks to layout problems, it would be best if you get an expert opinion, as soon as possible. Depending on the problem that you have, a repair might be enough, but a renovation would be the best option. On top of that, bathrooms need to be renovated once in around 5 or 6 years. So, if you haven’t had it done for quite a period of time, it might be time to go for it now. 

And, we here at Maid Agency Dubai are here to help you with impeccable service choice. No matter what your demands are, our trained team is experienced in handling every bit of it. We offer you a wide range of customer-specific renovation services in Dubai. 

Get In-Style Bathroom Renovation Dubai Services at Their Finest

Bathrooms are a functional sanctuary for rejuvenation and relaxation. After a hectic day, your bathroom is the space where you melt away all your anxiety and restore your energy. A luxurious, minimalist, or trending bathroom – whatever you have in your mind, Dubai Fixing is here to make it into reality.

With our inspirational bathroom renovation Dubai services, we are ready to transform your sanity space into an aesthetic corner you have always treasured in your imagination. We cover a vast array of design, layout, and style when it comes to bathroom and kitchen renovation dubai.

Be it a small upgrade or a fully-furnished remodelling, Dubai Fixing has got you covered with the best bathroom contractors in Dubai. Whether you plan to add a skylight to your bathroom, install a rainfall showerhead, replace tiles and light fixtures, including a jacuzzi, or level up the comfort by installing a heated toilet seat – everything is possible with us.

Apart from taking care of your design demands, we pay attention to materials details, functionality, budget, and more. Thus, you can count on us as one of the best bathroom companies in Dubai. So, connect with us and get the premium bathroom experience you deserve.

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Why do you need a Bathroom Renovation?

There can be many purposes to get your bathroom renovated. And some of them are more common than others. Here are some of the most notable ones that you will come across —

Deteriorating Conditions

This is arguably the most common reason why people get their bathroom renovated. You might have faced the problem of water leaks or mold growth in your bathroom. These problems get worse day by day, so you might want to do a renovation, as soon as possible.

Outdated Design

There are new designs for bathrooms coming up rapidly. And, for that reason, you might find your bathroom to be a little outdated. In such a case, there can’t be an any better solution than a renovation.

Unsuitable Layout

You might find the bathroom layout of your new house to be unsuitable for yourself. And, the only way to get out of such a situation is to find a good renovation service. 

To increase the Functionality

You might not be satisfied with the functionality of your bathroom. It could be due to low storage space or any other reason. If that is the case, then nothing would be more helpful than a renovation. You can simply enhance the look of your bathroom by adding essential appliances or storage racks and cabinets. 

To Increase the Value of the House

If you are looking to sell your house, then you must pay attention to the condition of your bathroom. It is a crucial aspect of the house that can have a huge impact on the resale value. So, it might be one of the best decisions to go for a renovation.

Endless High-Quality Bathroom Renovation Dubai Services We Offer

A luxe bathroom renovation Dubai doesn’t just happen. It takes years of knowledge, dedication, and passion for our renovators to provide you with premium design ideas. Alongside this, we equip our bathroom contractors Dubai staff with high-end tools and technology to make the complete project easy for you.

However, as a homeowner, you have to keep a few things in mind before planning a renovation, such as:

  • Your priorities and expectations for the big-picture
  • How fast you want the remodelling to be finished
  • Selection of a design style or colour palette
  • Sourcing your permits and materials
  • Anticipating obstacles
  • Setting a budget
  • Accessories Upgrade

We at Dubai Fixing value all your concerns and that’s why we encourage open consultation between you and our renovators. Our bathroom renovation near me team will configure the overall renovation based on your preference. In addition, they will let you slip your design ideas in the remodelling process too.

Therefore, you can expect a client-centric approach from our experts. Moreover, they will keep updating you about the progress of the bathroom renovation project once it starts. Meanwhile, let’s review what kinds of bathroom remodelling you can get from us:

Small Renovation

Perhaps, your bathroom doesn’t require reshaping and resizing. All you need is to refresh your shower or floor tiles for your small bathroom. At Dubai Fixing, we offer basic remodelling for small bathrooms as well. Here are some services you can get from our small bathroom renovation Dubai project:

  • Installing contractor-grade plumbing fixtures
  • Leakage repair
  • Vanity and basin installation
  • Replacing tiles on shower walls and floors
  • Refreshing lighting fixtures

You can now add a double vanity to maximise storage and space with the best bathroom companies in Dubai. This will help your bathroom accommodate multiple people using the bathroom simultaneously. Unleash such functionality ideas with Dubai Fixing’s intuitive minor bathroom renovation projects.

Mid-Range Bathroom Remodelling

Does your hallway bathroom need to be renovated? You can consider our medium or mid-range bathroom remodelling for outstanding results. Render white and bright style, sleek and modern layout, or stand out by incorporating a living moss wall design with our superior bathroom contractors Dubai team.

After all, the key to a successful remodelling is to choose the best bathroom companies in Dubai. By the way, Dubai Fixing offers the following services and features and they are only a part of what our professionals can achieve on a great scale:

  • Porcelain tile floor installation
  • Shower door kit installation
  • New accessories installation
  • Bathroom divider fitting
  • Ceiling leakage repair
  • Tub replacement
  • Solid surface wall installation
  • Walk-in shower installation
  • A built-in bench in the shower
  • Installation of a frameless glass shower door

Experience additional scopes and features to add to your bathroom experience with our bathroom renovation near you.

Major Bathroom Remodelling

Are you thinking about enlarging your bathroom space? On the other hand, you might be considering adding more entertainment to your entire bathroom experience. Anything is possible with our dedicated bathroom renovation and production team. 

From fixing water leaks to reconstructing your bathroom and expanding its stretches, major bathroom renovation includes the following options, as well:

  • Installing basins, shower screens, ceiling lights, and more
  • Shower base tile installation
  • Doors, windows, and ventilation incorporation
  • Moving fixtures and accessories to other corners
  • Customised plumbing and vanity cabinets
  • Jacuzzi installation
  • Smart bathroom realisation with voice-activated music, shower, and lighting system
  • Heated floor installation for more comfort
  • TV installation in the bathroom with every precaution required

Besides this, you can opt for a few add-ons for your personalised bathroom. For example, our bathroom contractors Dubai won’t mind putting up an accent wall if you demand. Talk to our bathroom renovation Dubai team to figure out what kind of additional features you’re looking for.

We at Dubai Fixing will help you find the best materials and design ideas within your budget. With every home renovation project, we offer a stress-free experience along with seamless communication and budget accountability. Our team manages integrity and excellence in every project and our coordinator keeps in touch with you all along the transformation.

Hence, join our exotic bathroom renovation near me and see the change for yourself.

Add-Ons with Our Bathroom Renovation Dubai Services

Quick remodelling is an effective way to update your bathroom’s overall look. Apart from handling critical bathroom remodelling, our professionals can deal with water leaks. Leaking ceilings and floors can be an eyesore. On the other hand, the overall plumbing system may crumble if you don’t take immediate action.

So, hire our bathroom contractors Dubai to fix water leaks, ceiling leaks, and much more before your plumbing equipment gets rusty. In addition, leaks can destroy your property if not treated correctly. Mould growth is a common problem when there is a leak.

However, our experts can eliminate mould from your bathroom and ensure that it never comes back. Additionally, our designers offer plumbing modifications, accessories installation and relocation, waterproofing, etc. to make your bathroom more secure and functional. Moreover, you can get slip-free flooring for additional safety.

In short, Dubai Fixing can assist you in every possible bathroom renovation project. If you can dream of it, our renovation and production team can realise it. Get all inspirational bathroom remodelling ideas, designs, and skills under the single roof of Dubai Fixing.


Bathroom Renovation Dubai Services Provide by Dubai Fixing

bathtub corian faucet

With a dedicated and experienced professional team, we offer you a vast range of bathroom renovation services. We offer our services for all the specific demands that our customers might have. Here are the bathroom renovation services you can avail from us-

Fixing Water Leaks

Our professional team is very much experienced in dealing with water leaks. If you observe water leaks through your bathroom floor, you can rely on us for fixing them. Water leaks through floors and walls are generally caused due to deteriorating conditions of the pipes or cracks. Our team will use all the professional methods to provide an effective resolution to the problem. They will also make sure that you won’t be facing this problem again any time soon. 

Mold Removal

Mold growth in your bathroom is capable of provoking serious health problems. Further, mold growth definitely doesn’t look good and renders a negative impact in front of your guests. So, you might want to get rid of it as soon as possible, and we can help you in doing so. Using professional mold removal equipment and methods, our team will ensure the complete elimination of mold from your bathroom. 

Bathroom Design Update

Are you looking to update the look or design of your bathroom to the latest style? Then, you needn’t look further. Using our customer-specific services, you can get all the modifications done, at the earliest, that you want in your bathroom design. Using this service, you can also get the layout changed to suit your needs. 

Also, if you’re looking to sell your house and looking for a way to increase its value, we recommend booking our explicit service to you. Till date, more than 100+ have had availed our services and reported to be totally satisfied with the assistance. So, you can totally rely on our professional team for this job.

Installing New Appliances and Accessories

Not satisfied with the functioning of your bathroom? Then, adding accessories and appliances to it would be a wise decision. You can use our services to add all the accessories that you want. If the problem is low storage, we suggest you add racks and cabinets. And not only that, you can use our services to install basins, shower screens, basins, ceiling lights, etc as well. Our professional team can provide you with all the specific additions you want. 

Plumbing Modifications

Sometimes, renovating your bathroom requires you to make modifications in your plumbing section, as well. And, you won’t need to look further for this service as well. Our experienced professional team will provide all the modifications details and do the needful changes required in your plumbing sector. 

Installing Doors, Windows and Ventilation

In the hot climate of Dubai, it is important that you have an adequate amount of ventilation facilities in your bathroom. And for this purpose, you might need to add windows to your bathroom. Also, you might want to install an additional door or simply change the existing door of your bathroom. We provide you with top-notch services in this regard. Our professional team will provide you with the exact installations you want or necessary. 

Waterproof and Slip-free Flooring

Bathroom floors often develop cracks and cause water leaks. And, this is not good at all for the health of the floor. If you are facing this problem, we offer you a high-end solution, and that is waterproofing. Our professional team will provide an optimal waterproofing to your bathroom floor that will last a long time. You might also be interested in getting a slip-free flooring. It is a very useful safety measure that everyone should incorporate. And, the demand for it is increasing with time. Our professional team is skilled in providing this assistance in every aspect possible. 

Smart Bathroom

Most of the homes in Dubai are opting for smart functions in their bathrooms. Smart bathrooms are the future, and you wouldn’t want to stay behind. So, we offer you our services in installing smart bathroom appliances, at a recommendable price. The most asked-for services include infrared sensors for switching the lights on and off, digital shower panels, and more.

Why Choose Us?

With a dedicated and experienced workforce, we offer you all the bathroom renovations services that you would require. So, you get all these different services, all under one roof. And, you get it within the minimum amount of time and at a very fair cost. 

How do we Proceed with our Services?

We try our best to make our proceedings as easy for you as possible. You can simply contact us and inform us about your problems. We send an expert to the location for inspection. After the booking and the inspection, our team will get to work and complete it as soon as possible.

How Does Our Bathroom Renovation Dubai Project Work?

Dubai Fixing is among the leading and best bathroom companies in Dubai. Our mission is to help you acquire the bathroom of your dreams. Well, here are the necessary steps to get your envisioned bathroom with our expert team:

Book a Consultation

Can’t decide where to start? Our bathroom renovation near me team will get you from there. Just call us and request an in-home design consultation.

Participate in the Planning

Our bathroom renovators and designers will present our portfolio and you can choose the bathroom layout from there. Or else, you can guide us to customise your bathroom in your style. Our team will recommend every fixture, equipment, lighting, and other materials to achieve what’s on your mind.

Enjoy Our Full-Fledged Bathroom Remodelling Service

After you purchase all the required items, inform our experts. They will reach your location with tools, permits, and everything else. In fact, they will take care of planning, measurement, installation, construction, and even post-project clean-up. Before leaving, they will also advise you on how to take care of your new bathroom fittings so that you can get long-term benefits from them.

Reasons to Choose Dubai Fixing for Bathroom Renovation

Do you find your bathroom style outdated? Then, the search for the best bathroom companies in Dubai isn’t daunting anymore. Dubai Fixing makes it easy to reach out to the greatest bathroom designers and production specialists. 

Now, you can get creative storage solutions, quick lighting and faucet upgrades, reliable shower stall installation, and more trending statements with our impeccable bathroom renovation Dubai services. So long, here are the perks of contacting our bathroom contractors Dubai staff:

  • A wide range of bathroom remodelling ideas and designs to choose from
  • Certified, licensed, and experienced professionals from the specialised industries
  • State-of-the-art techniques and tools
  • Time-saving renovation approach
  • Client-first priorities
  • Designed according to your budget

Call and Book a Bathroom Renovation Dubai Consultation Today!

Building a bathroom of your vision can be challenging. However, our bathroom renovation near me team likes to step on challenges and figure a way out with success. Our team works on space availability and budget accountability to bring out the best possible bathroom renovation keeping your cultural and traditional values intact.

In addition, they don’t violate building codes. So, what are you waiting for? Call our bathroom renovation Dubai team right now and request a consultation. We will send our experts as soon as possible.

How to Reach the Dubai Fixing Team?

Bathroom renovation is part of house maintenance. If you can keep your bathroom in proper condition, then you can easily bypass many potential problems. So, why not renovate it and give it a new outlook. With Dubai Fixing, renovating your bathroom gets the exact solution that it requires. So, call 042480518 to know more about our Dubai bathroom renovation and book a service today to witness a luxurious bathroom renovation, without breaking your savings.

FAQs of Bathroom Renovation

We use a range of materials for bathroom remodeling, including top-grade ceramic and porcelain tiles for flooring and walls, high-quality fixtures and fittings, and moisture-resistant drywall or cement board to ensure durability and longevity.
We provide comprehensive bathroom renovation services, including design, plumbing, tiling, fixtures installation, and more.
Yes, our contractors are licensed, experienced, and skilled in bathroom renovation work.
Yes, we offer bathroom design and planning services to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.
Yes, we provide guidance in choosing materials and fixtures that match your preferences and budget.
Before bathroom remodeling in Dubai, consider factors like budget, design preferences, functionality requirements, and compliance with local building codes and regulations.
The duration of a bathroom renovation varies based on the scope of work, but it typically takes several weeks to complete.
Porcelain or ceramic tiles are popular choices for bathroom flooring due to their durability and water resistance.

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