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Get #1 Reliable and Guaranteed Data Recovery Services Dubai

Welcome to Dubai Fixing’s renowned data recovery facility where we provide logical and physical information retrieval. We value your concern about missing or corrupted data and we cater to each of the requirements of our clients. Our data recovery services Dubai specialists already have achieved an enviable success rate in restoring data from worst-condition storage options and cases.

Thus, we believe that our data recovery engineers and technicians can handle any situation or storage device. As a matter of fact, we support a wide variety of data recovery cases and devices. Be it your old computer, failing hard drive, RAID, servers, memory cards, or anything else – Dubai Fixing got you covered.

Our amazing data recovery near me faculty can trace your data no matter how fragmented they are. Don’t let your data say goodbye whenever a storage or device fails anyhow. Instead, trust our advanced data recovery tools and the latest state-of-the-art techniques to retrieve your data in the safest way possible.

So, get in touch with us to avail of urgent and superior data recovery near me at competitive rates.

Best Data Recovery Services Dubai Offered by Us

Accidents can make your physical and logical data storage options vulnerable. As a result, your personal and commercial information might be on the brink of data loss. However, you can avoid such complicated consequences with our dedicated and premium data recovery services in Dubai.

Experience cutting-edge file restoration techniques and extraordinary success rates with Dubai Fixing’s data recovery near me services. Our specialised team of data recovery can retrieve your valuable information whether the corresponding device survives physical damage or it’s a human error.

In short, Dubai Fixing is your go-to data recovery destination in Dubai due to customised services. On top of that, we support a vast array of devices for restoring your precious data. Be it photos, videos, audio files, documents, and whatever their formats are – we are the best reliable company for data recovery in Dubai.

Hence, stop taking chances with your data or storage devices acting weird. Rather, choose our excellence and be on the safe side. Here are some award-winning expertise areas in data recovery services in Dubai:

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Have you lost data due to a failed hard disk of your computer? Don’t freak out and contact Dubai Fixing for a quick and result-oriented data retrieval service. Preserve your sweet memories and important information with our strong data recovery near me ethics.

Physical and water damage including overheating can lead to hard disk vulnerabilities. If you sense that your files and folders are missing from the storage media, immediately call us and book a data recovery right away. 

Our data recovery engineers will visit you soon with the best solution and restore your data from any kind of hard drive, such as HDD and SSD. furthermore, we support both laptops and desktops for hard disk data recovery. Windows, Mac, Linux, or anything else – you can trust our data recovery for any computer and its data-storing technologies.

Server Data Recovery

Believe it or not, servers can lose data due to hardware failure and more unfortunate incidents. According to our data recovery services Dubai experts, the following reasons are common behind server data loss:

  • Software corruption
  • Human error
  • Computer viruses
  • Power surges and failures
  • Natural disasters
  • Theft

Now, severe data loss can be devastating for your business. Not to mention, the overall incident can destroy your business reputation for years. Safeguard your business and its data with our 100% working data retrieval services for servers. Our technicians specialise in recovering data on failing servers, such as:

  • Web server
  • Fax server
  • File server
  • Proxy server
  • Database server
  • Application server
  • Virtual private server and more

So, revive your business server’s storing, sending, and receiving data capabilities by calling in our professionals. Our trained specialists will reach you soon.

External Drive Data Recovery

Nowadays, you can use various external devices to extend your device’s storage capacity and keep the overall data portable. For example, it can be an external hard disk drive, memory cards, USB drives, and more that you can connect to your electronics like a computer, printer, TV, camera, smartphone, etc.

However, they can also malfunction due to mishandling, software corruption, power surge, and so on. This doesn’t mean that you have to let your information go away. We at Dubai fixing hold the power to retrieve your inaccessible or lost data out of any storage media. 

Our technicians can also restore your secret or hidden files if you can’t view them due to password or format restrictions. So, unleash every chance to get your data back from any external drive. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to handle data recovery services in Dubai for any drive type. 

Therefore, lodge a service request at Dubai Fixing today if you can’t access files and folders on your external hard drive, USB drive, or any other portable media storage.

RAID Recovery

RAID arrays are known for delivering reliable storage solutions although capacity and speed limitations might be a concern for you. On the other hand, users have reported RAID failures and our technicians found out that the following reasons are common after a proper investigation:

  • Power surge
  • Missing partition
  • Malfunctioning controller
  • Malware
  • Numerous disk failure
  • Application upgrade
  • Wrong replacement drive
  • Reformatting or deleting data unintentionally
  • Registry or system setting errors

We recommend keeping a data backup for every RAID architecture so that you can prevent your operations from failing. Our data recovery experts can retrieve lost information from your RAID setup. 

In addition, they offer safe drive replacement services to keep your data more protected. Consult with our data recovery engineers and know the best practices to keep your RAID arrays functional.

Mobile Devices Data Recovery

The electronics industry has evolved beyond imagination in the last two decades. As a result, we all rely on mobile smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and more. However, these devices are not immune enough to prevent data loss and attacks on their own.

For example, viruses, malware, ransomware, and other forms of cyber attacks can turn out to be deadly for your personal and banking data stored on your mobile devices. On the other hand, you might have deleted something important accidentally. Be it a specific file, application data, or anything else, Dubai Fixing can retrieve your information on any mobile device.

In fact, our data recovery near me specialists hold expertise in retrieving information from Android and iOS devices. So, don’t lose hope no matter how damaged your device is. We believe that our brilliant data recovery pros can restore your data in the shortest time possible.

You can call us so that we can dispatch an emergency data recovery team to your service.

Brands Supported by Our Data Recovery Services Dubai Techies

Dubai Fixing has set trending examples of data recovery near me services. Our engineers and technicians are versatile and proficient in tackling any kind of storage media or drives. Furthermore, we possess a high success rate in extracting lost or corrupted data from the following brands of data storage options:

  • SanDisk
  • Kingston
  • Toshiba
  • QNAP
  • HP
  • Drobo
  • Samsung
  • Western Digital
  • Lacie
  • Apple
  • Seagate
  • Buffalo
  • Adata
  • Dell
  • VMware

Why Should You Pick Our Data Recovery Near Me Services?

Digital data recovery can be complicated and trusting free online tools can backfire on your affected storage device. Instead, you should only consider proven and efficient data recovery services Dubai. We at Dubai Fixing are leading the way in the data recovery sector with the following advantages:

Easy Booking Procedure

You can request a data recovery at ours and our IT professionals will visit you as soon as possible. So, call our helpline number and get an amazing diagnostics report along with safely retrieved data at your doorstep.

Guaranteed Results

Dubai Fixing has teamed up with highly professional data recovery engineers and technicians. They have years of experience assisting both individuals and businesses. Hence, get guaranteed data recovery services Dubai with our outstanding technologies and tools.

Confidentiality Maintained

Our technicians deploy the best and latest data recovery tools and techniques to extract your data. Meanwhile, they prioritise your data safety. Keep your sensitive data confidential and away from threats with our supervised data recovery near me.

Loyal Pricing

Ditch the concept of extra charges with Dubai Fixing’s transparent pricing policy. We like to surprise our clients and customers with stunning data recovery success rates and not with hidden fees. As a matter of fact, all our data recovery services Dubai and their prices are loud and clear. On the other hand, our experts will present you with an estimate before proceeding with the original recovery strategy.

Book Data Recovery Services Dubai from Us!

Data loss can be critical, no matter what. Moreover, downtimes can make the situation worse. Save yourself from worsened conditions with our leading data recovery services Dubai. You can call us and log your service request right now. We promise rapid data retrieval for all your encrypted storage solutions and media.



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Our company provides expert data recovery and backup services for external hard drives, SSDs, and desktop and laptop computers, offering free recovery for lost data without professional assistance.

Our company ensures privacy by not sharing personal information with anyone, ensuring complete trust in our expert team.

Dubai fixing offers personalized data recovery services at affordable prices, considering complexity and type of loss. Contact them for tailored solutions.

Dubai Fixing offers transparent pricing for lost data recovery, based on case complexity, and an accurate estimate can be determined after a free evaluation of your specific needs.

The data recovery process is highly confidential and secure, with strict security measures implemented to ensure the confidentiality of the client.

We offer regular updates on the progress of your data recovery case and are always available to answer any queries you may have.

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