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4 Easy Bathroom Upgrades for the Holidays

bathroom upgrade

Holidays are for relaxing, chilling, and enjoying with your friends and family. At the start of your holidays, when you invite your friends to your home, obviously you want to maintain a good reputation in front of them. Whatever happens, you need to keep your home hygienic, neat and clean, and mostly the bathroom. 

Upgrading certain items in the bathroom will enhance your bathroom’s hygienic level. In addition to that, your friends will also get an idea about your healthy lifestyle. Obviously, you will not be able to do it alone, make an appointment with the professionals of handyman service Dubai. They will help you in improving the conditions of the bathroom. 

The Plans for the Bathroom Upgrades

You don’t have to do too much to upgrade the bathroom. There are some vital items that you must upgrade to render a new look. So, let’s check them out, what those items are and know the answer why you should upgrade them.

  • Re-color the Sink 

The constant water flow over the sink can degrade its colour. And, when you buy and fix the sink, it comes with a dedicated colour. But over time, it deteriorates. That is why colouring the sink one more time will be helpful for you to return it’s glossy and shiny touch. It is your duty to choose the colour that you want to apply over the sink. After buying it, appoint the experts and get the task done. 

  • Brighten the floor tiles

Whenever someone enters your bathroom, at first look the floor comes into their sight. A well sanitized and hygienic bathroom must contain a well-maintained floor. It might be made up of tiles or some other kind of materials related to that. If the tiles lose its shiny touch, then the entire bathroom might look a bit dizzy. 

So, making it shiny just like before. Bring the floor cleaners and wash them off, but it is hard to understand the mixture of chemicals. So, take the help of handyman service Dubai, and they will do it for you. 

  • Take care of the showers

Bathing underneath the showers is most relaxing. It will extract all the stress and you will feel relaxed. As the holiday is for relaxation and enjoyment, therefore your friends might want to enjoy a good shower, and then have a good delicious dinner or lunch. If your shower’s water flow is a bit slow, then simply change it. 

You need to increase the water flow and it will be just fine. Diluted Hydrochloric acid will resolve the matter in the case of stainless steel showers. But, you must handle this type of chemicals with care. Otherwise, an accident can occur anytime. If needed, you can call the experts to help you out in this matter. 

  • Prepare warm towels 

After a good shower, who doesn’t want a fluffy towel to dry them out, right? In this case, the towels, at the time of buying, remain fluffy. With time, it gets thinner. So, you have to do something that will make the towels stay fluffy and look like new. Towel warmer racks powered by electricity are the perfect solution to make the towels fluffy. 

You can bring a towel warmer from the market but you might not know how to set it up. So, hire the professional experts of handyman service Dubai. They will visit your home and fix the machine for you. Before that, you also have to hire an electrician for setting up an electric socket board. 


After hiring the experts of handyman service Dubai, ask them about the materials that they will be using. It is better that you buy them from the outside. This will help you to save some amount of money. As the pandemic situation is still not over, never allow them in your home without wearing masks. 

So, if you are bothered about all these, then opt for the best service providers, Dubai Fixing, they implement the best tools and rigid policy while delivering the work.

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