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Get the Best Home Decor ideas during Ramadan in Dubai 2024

8 Innovative Decor Ideas for Ramadan in Dubai 2024 to Make Your Space Cosy

A classy and peaceful home decoration can enhance spirituality, especially around Ramadan and Eid-al-Fitr. The month of Ramadan is the most blessed time of the year and many of us will be spending most of the month indoors. 

Hence, a subtle home decoration Dubai for Ramadan 2024 will allow you to create a comfortable space while spending time with your family and holiness along with the celebration being around the corner. How can you transform your home for Ramadan and bring the holy spirit into your home?

Typically, multiple types of lanterns, illuminations, and ornamental papers are used to decorate homes, establishments, and streets in Dubai. Let’s learn more about this year’s trend for Ramadan 2024 in Dubai.

Special Home Decor Ideas for Ramadan 2024 in Dubai

Ramadan 2024 is expected to begin on 10 March (Sunday) and continue to sundown on 9 April (Tuesday). For those who want to get decoration services Dubai and get festive to prepare for the monthlong devotion and celebration, we have the following Ramadan decor ideas for your space.

We have discussed the decoration idea with renowned home decoration Dubai specialists and we are excited to share them with you:

1. Lots of Illumination or Lanterns

Ramadan is incomplete without a warm sense of illumination. Enlightened environments can swiftly elevate your mood and excitement. People in Dubai and all around the UAE prefer different kinds of lanterns to welcome the month of Ramadan.

So, you can opt for classy and elegant decorative lanterns powered by electrical tealights. Using lanterns with the crescent moon and stars carved or engraved is considered very auspicious. Besides lanterns, you can get string lights and wrap them around different surfaces like stair railings.

On the other hand, you can place a jar or bottle beside the lights on your mantle or tabletop to give it a more subtle effect. If you use string lights, you can hang them behind sheer curtains. Thus, the hard glow of those lights will be diffused by the sheer curtains and they will appear more delicate and crafty.

2. Ramadan Countdown Calendar

Want to give the home decoration Dubai for Ramadan 2024 a twist? Make a countdown calendar for Ramadan and it will help you properly celebrate the Suhoor and Iftar time every day.

How can you prepare a Ramadan countdown calendar? You can make your countdown calendar for Ramadan using a whiteboard. On the other hand, you can use different markers and draw flower patterns to make the calendar eye-catching. 

Mention Iftar and other celebration times on the calendar. Thus, you will never miss significant timing. Hang this customised Ramadan countdown calendar on your bedroom wall or wherever you find it suitable.

3. Modern Decorative Items

Are you looking for some trending decor ideas to light up your space this fortunate month of the year? Opt for banners that are particularly designed for Ramadan spelling out ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ or ‘Ramadan’.

Such banners are available in numerous colour palettes and styles to choose from. Besides banners, you can go for hangable decorations that feature specific texts for Ramadan. In addition, you can get hangable drawings of a crescent moon, lanterns, and other significant images that relate to Ramadan.

You can even create such Ramadan decorations at home in Dubai with your children and build some special moments, as well.

4. Floral Wreaths and Decorations

Who doesn’t love a home filled with fresh floral scents? We all do and flowers are nature’s colourful scent diffusers. They are enough to uplift your mood and enlighten your home. So, you can place a bouquet in a vase as a decorative element. The vase can be plain porcelain, glass, or crystal.

You can also opt for a printed vase or anything else as per your choice and interior decor. Another popular decoration for Ramadan is to arrange flowers in a wreath. You can make wreaths at home or get them done by decoration services Dubai online.

Where can you place a Ramadan wreath? You can hang a wreath in the hallway of your home. To keep it more welcoming, you can pair the wreath with a Ramadan Mubarak sign between the wreaths.

5. Decorative Candles for Ramadan

Are you looking for some minimal and warm illumination but don’t like artificial fairy lights? Decorative and lightly scented candles can be the best bets for you. Scented candles with a mild lavender aroma, floral notes of peonies and roses, etc. are a great way to uplift your mood and brighten up your space instantly.

Homemade scented candles are the best choice or else, you can order them online. Then, you can light a few in your home and enjoy the soothing aroma. On the other hand, Ramadan alphabet candles are easily available online and will suit your gathering or TV space. You can try it on the first day of Ramadan.

Just ensure that the aroma of your scented candles does not distract you from praying. Rather, select those candles that can inspire and re-energise you during prayer. Are you afraid that candles might pose a threat to your children? Then, you can avoid candles and choose battery-operated ones for safety.

6. Soulful Prayer Premises

Ramadan decorations are not limited to your living and dining spaces. Welcome Ramadan in the best way by beautifying your prayer space as well. Arrange the Ramadan mindset to work out your body, mind, and soul for the monthlong worship.

Hence, declutter and tidy up your prayer space. For instance, you can replace your existing prayer mat with a new one. Get rid of all the distractions of the prayer space. In other words, make every corner of your home cosy, warm, and welcoming this festive season.

You can also add a few more layers of carpets and rugs around your house to provide extra comfort for children and elderly ones.

7. Kitchen and Dining Decorations

The importance of your kitchen can’t be denied, especially during this holy month. During Ramadan, you need to prepare Iftar and Suhoor meals, bake cookies, and more. The entire family participates in the preparation so your kitchen should be the centre of attention. Thus, you should prefer some Ramadan decorations for your kitchen.

Start with the kitchen door. As a simple and quick decoration, you can hang a Ramadan sign on the kitchen door. On the other hand, you can add an Alhamdulillah sign to the counters. As a table decor, you can put your Ramadan cookies on full display. The rich aroma of freshly baked cookies will fill your home with festive cheerfulness.

Baking can be more fun during Ramadan if you use crescent-shaped cutters for dough. Pay attention to your dining area and its decorations. Amp up your dining table with Ramadan-themed napkins. Similarly, you can place Ramadan-themed jugs and glass sets, trays, and trendy water bottles.

Get some gold-patterned plates especially if you prefer placing gold lanterns and table decors. Don’t forget to keep your Ramadan drinks (like Qamar Aldeen, Jallab, Kharoub, etc.), dates, nuts, apricots, and more ready to serve on a tray on a side table. Additionally, make some space for Ramadan desserts and put them on another side table with a colourful tablecloth.

8. Ramadan Balloons

Balloon Ramadan decorations are getting more and more popular. Moreover, they can be your go-to home decoration Dubai idea if you are stepping into the decoration at the very last minute. Ramadan-themed balloons are available online and you can stick them on your walls of home and office.

On the other hand, balloon-based arrangements are perfect for walls, columns, backgrounds, centrepieces, entrances, and ceilings. Don’t worry if you can’t get Ramadan-themed balloons. You can use balloons of almost any colour and size and strew them across walls.

What’s More?

Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr are incomplete without treats and gifts. To make the gifting process more exciting, you can fill balloons with treats and gifts. As a result, everyone can enjoy a popping party. On a related note, you can prepare some artsy cards to wish your relatives with your art and craft supplies.

Try creating DIY Eid frames to gift to your loved ones. Make sure that you include your family in the overall Ramadan decorating process so all can witness the holy atmosphere. On a final note, choose only those ornaments that can uphold traditional Islamic principles and enhance spiritual joy around your home. Ramadan Mubarak!

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