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6 Expert Artwork Ideas & Perfect Painting for Your Living Room

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Are you bored with your living room scenario? Are the walls losing their charm? Then, how about revamping your living space view? The living room experiences the most traffic as you and your guests spend most of your leisure time in the living room. 

So, your personality and taste of choice should get reflected in how you decorate your living room. Top-notch painting services and expensive interior design and decor are not enough. You need to look past them.

Art is the natural way of relaxing your mood. Additionally, it is considered to be a visual pleasure with vibrant colours and multitude styles. Bring up the cosy and diluting feeling with the perfect wall paintings for your living room. The right painting would calm your anxiety and fill your mind with positive vibes. 

But, you can’t just hang any painting on your living room’s walls. You need to be selective when you are going to purchase any painting. Just like what you do at the time of buying home decor. You have to check what can complement the beauty of your living space. Wall painting is also like interior design and it should represent a classy yet trendy touch.

We have got six valuable tips on how to opt for the most suitable painting for your living room. Not any expensive painting can adorn the living room. Work on these following tips to decide which paintings are going to suit your living room’s ambience.

Tip 1: Consider Style and Theme of your Living Space

The wall painting should match with the existing styles and theme around your living room. For example, if you want to decorate your living room with antique furniture and decors then a traditional painting would suit the best. You can choose from any heritage paintings and hang them on the walls. 

For another instance, if your living room has got contemporary interior design then abstract paintings would match with the surroundings. In addition to this, you can put a realistic painting if your living space is not that large. 

Moreover, the painting should make sense with the theme and style of the living room. Contrast paintings with the living room style would seem out of place.

Tip 2: Paintings Should Balance with the Colors of the Living Room

Paintings should stay in harmony with the colours of the particular room. In case, the living room has been painted in cool colours then the paintings with warmer tones don’t go well. If you have painted the walls with warmer tones then the paintings can look well-fitted with warmer colours. Make sure the colours of the painting should not differentiate in colours from the painting colours of the wall. 

Besides this, ensure that the painting must blend with the bold, aesthetically pleasing colours. A living room will suit graphic and bright paintings if it has got a neutral colour. Take care of the colour and texture of your living room to decide the worthy painting.

Tip 3: To Frame or Not?

Frames covering the painting easily attract the attention of a viewer and make the viewer inspect the painting. Paintings in the art gallery need to be framed, but it is not necessary to frame any other painting. As already mentioned, paintings in the living room should blend with the theme of the living room. Hence, you need not frame the painting. 

Well, you can consider framing historical or heritage paintings with wooden or elegant golden frames. You need not follow any law for framing the paintings. By the way, you might frame those abstract paintings with a sleek frame. 

Tip 4: Size of the Painting

A large painting on a comparatively small wall won’t look smart. Optimize the space of living room walls by choosing the right sized painting for your living room. Decide on which wall you are going to put the painting. 

Make sure that the wall has received impeccable painting services. If you are looking for top-rated painting services in Dubai, contact Dubai Fixing for the professional and reliable painting services.

However, an over-sized or small-sized painting might seem odd. Thus, measure the walls and get the perfect sized painting for your living room decor. You can keep several paintings at optimized distances on a stretched wall of your living room.

Tip 5: Lighting of your Living Room

An illuminated painting will catch the attention of your guests. That’s why don’t place the painting at the dark corners of your living room. Rather, highlight your painting with moderate interior lighting. 

Also, check which light is going to suit your painting the best. Make sure the immense lighting on your painting shouldn’t invite unwanted reflection and shadows. You can cover your painting with a non-reflective glass frame to avoid such circumstances. 

Tip 6: Optical Stability

Optical stability should be maintained in your living room. Otherwise, the room and its interior design won’t seem appealing to your guests. Make sure that the colours of the paintings should go well with the colours of your upholstery. 

Additionally, placing the painting also plays an important role in visual balance. So, join with painting services in Dubai. You might get to refinish your entire living room for the right placement and view of the right paintings in your living room.


Now, you can find a suitable painting for the living room. However, an expert role can set things up more easily and can impart you with more sustainable ideas. DIY does not help when it comes to painting services. Make sure that the bright painting should not be placed on dull walls. So, why not leave all the hassles with the professional painters and interior decorators. Get prominent painting services from Dubai Fixing by calling at 042480518.

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